In the parking lot, Wang Ye smiled slightly, although he knew that the visitor was bad, he still clasped his fists.

"Underneath is Wang Ye, who is here to pay a visit to Mr. Liu."


The visitor pointed directly at the gate of the castle and spoke badly.

Wang Ye's smile froze slightly, then he looked at the visitors with interest, "Who are you?"

"Are you really blind! This is Young Master Liu Family, Liu Changchun! The Young Master tells you to get out, so you can get out quickly! Otherwise, you won't even have the chance to get out later!" The man beside Liu Changchun rebuked.

It seems that this person should be one of Liu Changchun's thugs.

"Is that what Elder Liu meant?" Wang Ye still poked a faint smile.

"I meant it! It was also what the old man meant!" Liu Changchun said coldly: "Wang Ye, don't you feel bad at all? The Liu family has suffered this way, it is not because of you Wang Ye! If it weren't for you, Liu Ruyan Can you fool around with you and make that person angry?"

"It's all because of you that you have offended that person, which made my Liu family implicated. Now you dare to come to the Liu family! If it weren't for the father's order, Lao Tzu would just leave you to that person!"

Liu Changchun's words were more than bad, he was spraying manure with his mouth full.

In his opinion, the culprit of the dignified Liu family was Wang Ye, who brought disaster to the Liu family, and Wang Ye came to the Liu family grandiosely.

When Wang Ye heard the words, he spread his hands and said, "Master Liu still knows to leave himself a way out!"

"What did you say?" Liu Changchun thought he had heard it wrong.

In the living room of the Liu family, the senior leaders of the Liu family gathered together, and they unanimously decided to capture Wang Ye and hand it over to that person in order to resolve the Liu family's crisis. It was the old man who rejected all the opinions and just planned to push him away.

Who would have thought that Wang Ye should have such a big tone.

"You are really crazy, thinking that you are the son-in-law of the Zhong family, and my Liu family dare not move you in the ancient city of the Western Regions?" Liu Changchun asked.

Wang Ye pulled out his ears, and he repeatedly tolerated it, but the other party's words were dirty words, which had gradually aroused his evil fire!

"Liu Changchun, right? Didn't the Liu family teach you what is parenting? It's better to be polite."

"I'm so polite to you!"

After Liu Changchun finished speaking, he waved his hand and shouted, "Throw this kid out for me!"


Around him, the two thugs couldn't wait for a long time, only waiting for Liu Changchun to speak before they rushed up.

One of them was very fast, grabbing Wang Ye's shoulder, and preparing to drag out.

But with a sudden force, he found that Wang Ye was motionless.

"You are so special, you can do some work!" The other person sneered, and hit Wang Ye in the chest with a punch.

The fist wind was fierce, and there was even a sound of breaking through the air. Seeing that the punch was about to fall on Wang Ye's chest, Liu Changchun sneered. The words he was going to be sarcastic were about to blur out.


But just when that fist was less than three inches from Wang Ye's chest, a fierce slap landed on the man's face.


The slap was heavy, and the thug was slapped away directly, and he spouted a mouthful of blood when he was in the air, with two molars intertwined.

As soon as his companion fell to the ground spurting blood, he grabbed the man on Wang Ye's shoulder and stretched out his hand to touch the weapon at his waist.


Wang Ye kicked out and kicked the man in the chest, his body flying towards the distance like a broken kite.

Within a few breaths, the two powerful men were already thrown to the ground by Wang Ye, and Liu Changchun's face turned pale.

"Wang Ye, are you really going to rebel? If you dare to move again, the bullet will be merciless!" Liu Changchun threatened, but his voice trembled a little uncontrollably.

Wang Ye smiled faintly. As early as when he was looking at the Liu Family Castle, his keen five senses had already noticed that there were two snipers hidden in the earth buildings on both sides of the explosion.

Although the Liu family has continued since ancient times, unlike the Zhong family, they did not practice much ancient martial arts, so they used modern weapons more.

"Just rely on those two bird eggs?" Wang Ye chuckled, and suddenly appeared in front of Liu Changchun, sealing his neckline.

At the moment, the standing position was just right, and the snipers on both sides of the tulou could not aim at him.

"You, what do you want to do?" Liu Changchun finally rushed to be scared, and his tone of voice softened. "You still want to kill me? Wang Ye, Liu Ruyan likes you so much and has worked for you for so long. Not to mention the disaster you brought to the Liu family, are you planning to come to the Liu family to make trouble?"

Wang Ye shook his head and sighed: "Liu Changchun, ah Liu Changchun, you really shame the Liu family! With this tone, you should stand up when the person holding the tiger charm came that day, but as far as I know, you are persuaded. Like a dog! The Liu family, like a dog! Only Liu Ruyan and Mr. Liu were present, arguing with that person for a while!"

Liu Changchun was speechless when he said this. After the man showed the tiger charm that day, the people present at the Liu family talked about the tiger's color and avoided it!Who would dare to come forward and theory.

Patting Liu Changchun's face, Wang Ye sneered: "So, dogs like you that like barking, once let go, they are often coerced and don't bite! Go, tell Mr. Liu that Wang Ye is here. , Let him come here to meet me personally!"

After Wang Ye said, with a slight push, Liu Changchun was thrown out by ten feet, and his body fell heavily to the ground.

He could hardly breathe, staring at Wang Ye bitterly. Seeing that his eyes were cold, he hurriedly got up and ran towards the house not far away.

In this tulou villa, there is a bright and large living room. In the living room, more than a dozen people are looking at Liu Changchun who is coming in panic through the glass.

"This Wang Ye is too defiant!"

"I think he is not here to help, but to make trouble!"

"Master, give the order! Let the ambushing sniper kill that guy!"

"That's right! Even if the Zhong family investigates it, let's say that the person holding the tiger charm did this. The Zhong family will definitely not dare to do it again!"

A group of people talked eloquently. In the living room, a vigorous old man who was over seventy years of age turned a deaf ear, just playing with the alcohol lamp in front of him.

"Grandpa, grandpa..."

Liu Changchun ran in with a crying voice, "That Wang Ye was too arrogant, and because of his own problems, he even uttered a rant and asked you to personally apologize to him and welcome him into the house."

"Changchun, don't add fuel and jealousy, Wang Ye is not that kind of person!" Liu Feiyan scolded beside Mr. Liu.

"Second aunt, do I seem to add fuel and jealousy? Look at what I was thrown into. The two of mine are even more miserable. They can't get up now." Liu Changchun, a big man, was already tearful when he said this. .

Everyone in the Liu family was angry and talked about it when they heard the words. Some people even suggested that Wang Ye should be killed and the hatred in their hearts resolved!

"Father, look..." Liu Feiyan leaned over and whispered.

Elder Liu ignored her and smiled at a rough man sitting in front of him.

"Mr. Guan, the Western Region is located on the edge of the desert, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is great! And the altitude is high, so this wine should be warmed up. The heat may change the taste of the wine. It is just right now! Mr. Guan, taste it. ."

Elder Liu, let's say, fill up the rough and brawny man himself.

"Then I Guan Kui, I would like to thank the old man for his kindness."

After Guan Kui said, he took the wine glass and poured it into his mouth.

Upon seeing this, many people in the hall showed disdain or even mockery. This was a wine tasting, it was a glass of wine.

It's just that these thoughts are secretly hidden.