"Outrageous! Mr. Guan is so outrageous!"

Mr. Liu praised him intentionally, and Guan Kui laughed at the words.

Mr. Liu stood up and clasped his fists very politely: "Mr. Guan, here is my Liu family's imminent time, I can come to help my old bone, thank you first."

"Master Liu, you don't have to be polite." Guan Kui clasped his fists in return, saying: "I was born in Guan Kui as a gangster, thanks to Master Liu for giving me the opportunity to cleanse me, thank you so much!"

"Okay! Mr. Guan is bold, but now there is a difficult person outside the door, and he hopes that Mr. Guan can help solve it. You don't need to kill him, just push him away." Old Master Liu said.

Guan Kui glanced out the window, and immediately laughed, "That stinky kid? Okay, I'll be there when I go!"

With that, he picked up a glass of wine, waited to drink it all, but put it down.

"Which and what? In ancient times, who did Yun Chang kill when he drank? Who did it?"

Guan Kui looked like a rough person, but it was this rough person, no one in Liu's daring community.

Guan Kui, a fierce bandit who has dominated the Western Regions for many years, is said to be able to tear camels with his hands.

Liu Changchun heard the words and hurriedly took over the conversation, "Mr. Guan, it is called Wenjiu Zhan Huaxiong. It means that Guan Yunchang went to battle to kill Huaxiong before Wenjiu had cooled down. It was so beautiful! Mr. Guan happened to have his surname Guan. Being able to kill Wang Ye is just like the reappearance of Guan Yun Chang Wen Jiu and Hua Xiong back then!"

When Guan Kui heard it, he laughed excitedly.

Liu Feiyan hurriedly stepped forward and said: "Mr. Guan, Shicai's father said that Wang Ye can't be killed, he just needs to expel him."

She was also forced to have no choice. This time she originally brought Wang Ye to see the old man. Who knows that almost everyone in the Liu family proposed to capture Wang Wild and give it to the person holding the tiger charm to exchange for the Liu family's peace.

She was so persuasive that the old man only signaled to expel Wang Ye because of the Zhong family.

Seeing Wang Ye come and take Liu Ruyan away is impossible, but at least his safety must be guaranteed.

Guan Kui smiled and waved his hand, and said: "Don't worry, I will show mercy to my men, but if he is in good health, no one will tear him up, please forgive me."

Having said that, he strode towards the outside of the house, and as he fell to the ground, it seemed that the ground was shaking slightly.

Upon seeing this, Liu Changchun poked a vicious smile at the corner of his mouth, "Wang Ye, let me see how you died!"

"That kid is suffering now!"

"Maybe that kid has some abilities? Or Zhong Wuji can want him as a son-in-law?"

"You look down on him too much! Zhong Wuji was forced to be helpless. If the wedding were not for the Liu family and the Cai family, Zhong Wuji had taken care of him early!"

"Yeah, Zhong Wuji is all about picking up the face of our Liu family and Cai family. Do you think it is the little white-faced Wang Ye's ability?"

"Don't say it's him, even if Zhong Wuji is here, I'm afraid he will shake in Guan Kui's hands!"

A group of Liu family talked unscrupulously, and they were full of confidence in Guan Kui one by one.

In the Western Regions over the years, Guan Kui, a fierce bandit, existed like a myth. There were people who were robbed of goods and paid a high price for Guan Kui's life, but in the end all the people sent out never returned.

Half a year ago, the Liang family in the ancient city of the Western Regions was robbed of goods and spent ten million to invite more than a dozen professional assassins, but they were torn in half by Guan Kui one by one. That night, Guan Kui came to the ancient city of the Western Regions to destroy Liang’s family and let The strength of the ancient city of the Western Regions has changed.

This man is extremely brave and powerful, and he is said to be able to withstand bullets in an iron shirt with a golden bell.

"Hey, Feiyan, you shouldn't bring him here!" Old Master Liu sighed, "Now that the big enemy of the Liu family is now, he is here, but that person still hasn't changed his mind. We have to hand over Liu Ruyan. The purpose is obvious. It's not just him that has other ideas."

"He comes to the Liu family, no matter whether he stays or stays in the Liu family, it won't be good for my Liu family!"

Liu Feiyan said with a bitter face, "Father, isn't the Liu family's fateful stone that the Liu family is afraid of! Wang Ye Ruizhi, if Ruyan is handed over to him, send her two to find the fateful stone, once the fateful stone is held in our hands , There is a bargaining chip with that person!"

"It's easier said than done." Old man Liu shook his head and said, "The Liu family has always sent people to the deserts of the Western Regions to look for lifestones, but they are all going to have no return! Just rely on them? I think that kid, if you take Liu with you. Ruyan ran away, and our Liu family really called for losing their bargaining chips!"

"Grandpa is right, you are confused, Auntie Er, whether the lifestone exists or not has yet to be verified! How can you believe that Wang Ye's nonsense." Liu Changchun interrupted, and he wanted to cut Wang Ye thousands of times.

Liu Feiyan sighed softly when he saw this. Although the Liu family lived in the ancient city of the Western Regions, although they were well-versed in external affairs, only her Liu Feiyan had seen Wang Ye's fierceness and wisdom.

"Never mind! I can only rely on him!" Liu Feiyan sighed in her heart and looked out the window.

Guan Kui was like an iron tower, walking towards Wang Ye, his footsteps calmly and quietly.

"Hi, kid! Two ways for you..."

When Guan Kui came, Wang Ye chuckled as soon as he spoke, and waved his hand to interrupt him.

"Just now, Liu Changchun and those two men also gave me two paths, and they all got down in the end."

"Hahaha, crazy kid, dare to do this in front of me Guan Kui!" Guan Kui sneered disdainfully, and walked towards Wang Ye as he said.

He only wanted to make a quick fight and didn't put Wang Ye in his eyes.

"Since you won't go, that fist doesn't have eyes, don't blame me for killing you!"

After Guan Kui said, he punched Wang Ye.

The fist exploded with air, and it came at an astonishing speed.

Wang Ye violently raised his fist to block.


The two fists bombarded together, and Wang Ye only felt a powerful force pouring in, and he flew out without standing unsteadily.


The body hit the body not far away, and the glass of the car was shattered to the ground.

Seeing Wang Ye shook his fist to stand firm, Guan Kui was a little surprised, and most people couldn't catch his punch.

It's just that in the living room, the Liu family who looked from a distance didn't think so. Few people could see Wang Ye's toughness. Seeing his watch, they recognized Guan Kui and could easily knock Wang Ye down.

"Strike the stone with the pebbles, I am afraid this kid can only crawl out of Liu's house today!"

"I hope that after he gets out of the Liu family, he can be captured by that person, so he will come to my Liu family less trouble in the future!"


Listening to these words, Old Man Liu's face gradually became gloomy.

"Enough, shut up!" He shouted violently, and the court instantly became quiet!

"The Liu family has been at ease for too long, so that you have become cowardly rat generations! Look at you people, can the Liu family rely on you? Huh?! The ancient martial arts techniques that Ruyan brought from the Zhong family since childhood, How many people have practiced in the Liu family so far?"

The old man said more and more angry, everyone bowed their heads and dared not speak.

"Usually I am afraid of hardship, so I am spoiled! Now, the Liu family has no wonder this, which one! Is it useful? If you are one by one, you will be where you are today? The shotgun and bird cannon that you usually boast about is showing up for me. Let’s see how it fends off the enemy!"

Elder Liu held back the fire in his stomach, and reprimanded him with hatred of iron and steel.

"Hi, look!"

At this moment, the field didn't know who it was, and he stretched out his voice and shouted, and everyone looked out the window.

Suddenly, everyone's eyes widened.