The forbearance of killing intent rolled in Wang Ye's heart.

As a young foster mother told him that he was adopted by the Wang family.

Soon after he was adopted by a poor family, his adoptive father died violently. The adoptive mother pulled him up with one hand. Although he was not his own, his adoptive mother treated him better than his own.

So Wang Ye doubled his mother's care. He once complained about his biological parents, but gave birth to him but didn't want him!

He also once admonished himself that he was fortunate to have such a good adoptive mother and no longer pursue his own life experience.

But without investigating it, things just surfaced on their own.

The resentment once toward his parents has turned into anger toward the enemy now. It is not that the parents don't want him, but the parents have fallen.

Looking at Wang Ye who was trembling slightly, Old Man Liu sighed.

"Longwangshan Wang Family, the famous name of the Patriarch Wang Zhenyu I, is a hero of the world! He has always served people with morality and has never been associated with others, and his son Wang Cangshan inherits the character of the old man, not only has both morals, but also an ancient Wuqing who is better than blue! At that time, all the major families were talking about the fact that within 20 years, the Wang family will dominate all the major families in China!"

"That night, it was your full moon wedding wine. The big families in China will go to celebrate at that time. The scene is so spectacular. It just happened that Ruyan's mother gave birth to her. After pushing a cup for three drinks, I chatted with Mr. Wang. This marriage was decided in time, and the Cai family in Northern Xinjiang was also very excited, and they did not hesitate to marry their granddaughter to you Wang Ye, and the two daughters will serve the same husband together. This shows our family's respect for the Wang family!"

Speaking of this, Mr. Liu also poked mist in his eyes.

"During the banquet, your father, Wang Cangshan, wrote the marriage letter on the spot with a pen. This seems to be a good story! However, that night, we went to congratulate everyone after they dispersed, and we saw the fire in Longwang Mountain was flourishing! Ruyan's parents were also the same. A man of temperament, with a marriage certificate in his hand, is already acknowledging the royal family's affair, and he immediately returned to the Longwang Mountain King's house! The same is true of the Cai's family in the northern border, and the parents of Cai Yingxin!"

"Child, do you know how stressful it was to return to the Wang family in that situation! If someone dared to do something to the Wang family, that would lead to an extermination! But Ruyan’s parents, Cai Yingxin’s parents, By then, those who have a higher friendship than the sky will leave without hesitation! But, but... the dead body is on the spot!"

"Longwangshan Wang's house, the fire burned for three days and three nights! No one came out of the mountain, and no one dared to enter Longwangshan again! At that time, I went to the Dragon King Mountain with death, and the Wang's family had no chickens and dogs, and corpses were everywhere! I dug the graves and buried the deceased Wang’s family. On the wall, I saw the mark of the tiger charm! From then on, the tiger charm has been a taboo of the major families in China, and it is a thing that can make people feel scared!"

After a conversation, Wang Ye had tears in his eyes. Only now did he know that his biological father was Wang Cangshan and his mother was Bai Qingyou!

"For many years, the Liu family and the Cai family have been looking for descendants of the Wang family. It was not until the matter between you and Zhong Xiaomo gradually attracted our attention that we followed the vine and found the clues of the year before knowing that you are the year. The son of Wang Cangshan and Bai Qingyou, Wang Ye!"

"Your adoptive father is a member of the Wang family. He saved you from the fire. He is loyal! He didn't dare to change your name, so he still called Wang Ye!"

Everything about the life experience finally surfaced, but until after all of this, Wang Ye, there was only a monstrous killing intent in his heart.

Who is the one holding the tiger charm?Which family belongs to, the methods are so cruel!

"Why did that man destroy my Wang family?" Wang Ye asked with suppressed anger.

Elder Liu silently shook his head, "The specifics are unknown, but for many years I have communicated with Laogui Cai, and there have been some speculations. First, it may be that the family fears the king's power is getting bigger and bigger, so get rid of it quickly! Second! , Maybe it has something to do with the Zhong family secret world key!"

"It's the secret realm guarded by the Zhong family again!" Wang Ye frowned.

The grudges and grievances decades ago, as well as the various things today, are inseparable from the secret realm guarded by the Zhong family.

Old man Liu nodded and said, "The Zhong family's internal turmoil that year, the only secret realm key was lost! The Zhong family guarded the secret realm with four keys, namely the blazing blood jade pendant, the black iron lotus, and the blood-drinking dagger! But only the fourth one! The key, even the Zhong family has no clue! But according to rumors, the Wang family got the fourth key!"

"Is that the reason for the catastrophe!" Wang Ye sneered.

In Yangyang Huaxia, there are hundreds of hidden families, and they are all peeping into the secret realm guarded by the Zhong family.

It seems that it has been passed down from generation to generation, making the secret realm of the Zhong family more and more covered with a veil of mystery. The more so, the more endless greed and desire!

Seeing the sadness behind Wang Ye's sneer, Old Man Liu expressed regret.

"The world's greed is the original sin! For so many years, the Zhong family has been able to live in peace and seclusion in the Zhongnan Mountains. It is indeed fortunate that the four keys have been lost, otherwise the Zhong family would have been destroyed!"

Wang Ye nodded in agreement, recalling that the Zhou family, the capital of the magic city, was destroyed because of the destruction of the Blazing Blood Jade Pei family!

The Luo family is even more because of the profound iron lotus, and only the two brothers of the Patriarch are left in the world.

That unknown fourth key made the Dragon King Mountain King's family, which was at its peak, annihilated for this.

"Huh..." Wang Ye let out a long suffocating breath, trying hard to keep himself calm.

He asked calmly: "Dare to ask Mr. Liu, have you found out in these years, which family is the holder of the tiger charm?"

"Ashamed! There is no clue." Old man Liu sighed: "Don't say it's us, as far as I know, the old beggar seems to be investigating this matter over the years, and only a little bit of eyebrows! But..."

At this point, Mr. Liu turned his words, "Twenty-eight years later, the tiger charm reappeared. The person holding the tiger charm and wearing a tiger head mask has already come to my Liu's house, but in my opinion, this person is at most old. Thirty-five-six, it should be the descendant of that family! If you can capture him, you might know from his mouth, the family behind the tiger charm!"

Wang Ye touched his chin with one hand and paced back and forth in the hall.

This person led him to come here for the key and for his life, and the calculation was precise. Patriarch Cao revealed that the wind was nothing but to help him find the Liu Family's lifestone, and this was probably what the mysterious person meant.

That being the case, why not just follow the path.

At this point, Wang Ye clasped his fists in both hands and said, "Master, do you trust me?"

When Mr. Liu heard the words, he got up and smiled: "If I don't believe you, I won't tell you what happened back then! And I won't tell you about your marriage contract with Ruyan."

Today, Wang Ye is the only one left in the Wang family. The marriage contract is only a disaster and can only bring endless danger to the Liu family. Father Liu can show this, and it seems that he is planning to stand on the same front with Wang Ye.

Wang Ye clasped his fists in his hands and bowed and said, "Thank you for your trust. In that case, I plan to take Ruyan to the deserts of the Western Regions to find the hidden and buried objects of the ancestors of the Liu family, the life stone!"

"Okay!" Mr. Liu agreed, "Twenty-eight years ago, my son and daughter-in-law returned to Longwang Mountain. The virtues accumulated for this death have finally paid off today! Wang Ye, I believe you can do it. When it arrives, not only will it be able to bring the Liu family through this disaster, but also seize the black hand behind the scenes and pay the Wang family's blood debt!"