The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 358: Zhong Ling Coming to Support

At the door stood a woman in her early twenties, wearing a beautiful dress, obviously because she didn't know how to dress up, so the makeup looked a little awkward.

"Brother-in-law!" The woman smiled.

Wang Ye quickly stepped forward and pulled her into the house, "I am correct, you guide! Zhong Ling, when did you come out of the mountain?"

The person here is Zhong Ling, Zhong Li's sister.

Zhong Ling is good at formations, and Wang Ye had personally experienced the strange formations in front of Hukou Cliff.

The five-element formation is all-encompassing, and its geomantic omen is just one of them. With Zhong Ling's assistance, this trip to the deserts of the Western Regions is just as powerful as a tiger.

"I have been out of the mountain for half a month. I first went to the magic city. I met my sisters and brothers. I knew that you were coming to the Western Regions, so my sister asked me to come here to help."

The sister she said was of course Zhong Xiaomo.

Wang Ye smiled and nodded, chatting with her in the room. As for Liu Ruyan, she had already left and continued the assessment.

Since he left Zhongnanshan and has been talking until now, Wang Ye learns that Zhong Ling is the Zhong family who has completely "graduated" and left.

During their seemingly enthusiastic conversation, Wang Ye's eye corners were always paying attention to Huang Lin not far away.

She was also looking at Zhong Ling, her colleague.

"By the way, Zhong Ling, let me introduce you to this young man called glasses." Wang Ye got up and introduced.

The glasses stepped forward quickly, wiped one hand on the body, and then stretched out.

"People call me the nickname, glasses."

The glasses were a little silly, and he said with a smile.

Seeing his cautious look, Zhong Ling chuckled and shook hands with him.

"Zhong Ling."

"I'm a few years older than you, so I will call you Sister Zhong Ling from now on." When the glasses talked to the girl, his face was a little red.

This shy big boy made Zhong Ling and Wang Ye couldn't help laughing.

"This is called Huang Lin, and he's a company with you." Wang Ye introduced.

Before Huang Lin stepped forward to speak, Zhong Ling glared at Wang Ye.

"Brother-in-law, I learned the shocked Qimen Dunjia Five Elements Formation. I don't go with those who are good at Feng Shui tomb robbers."

This made Wang Ye look a little embarrassed.

However, Huang Lin didn't matter. She smiled and said, "Sister Zhong Ling is right. You are from a famous family and everyone has never worried about their vitality. It's like us. Mastering this skill is to make ends meet."

"You and I are about the same age. It would be a disadvantage to call my sister to make you look old! From now on, we will just call each other names."

After Zhong Ling finished speaking, she turned her head to look at Wang Ye, "I think Sister Ruyan and Sister Suzaku are very tired, I will replace them, let them rest and rest, then I will have enough energy and set off."

Without waiting for Wang Ye's approval, Zhong Ling had already walked towards the door after saying that, even Huang Lin didn't even look at it.

Although colleagues are enemies, Zhong Ling's rejection of Huang Lin is too obvious.

Wang Ye spread his hands, "Huang Lin, don't forget to feel like this, Zhong Ling is so outspoken, but don't look at her unforgiving, but she is very kind in her heart."

"It doesn't matter." Huang Lin smiled and nodded.

It would be embarrassing to let him stay here again. Wang Ye told him, "Glasses, you go to rest in the inner room. Huang Lin, go to rest in the next suite with Ruyan and Suzaku. They have been sitting all night. Very tired."

Hearing the words, he didn't think much about his glasses, turned around and ran into the house, lying on the bed and slumbering.

Huang Lin walked out of the room, glanced at Zhong Ling at the elevator entrance in the corridor, and then followed Liu Ruyan and Suzaku into the next room.

Until then, Wang Ye walked towards the elevator entrance and looked at Zhong Ling with a smile.

"Let's talk about it, what do you find wrong with that Huang Lin?" Wang Ye asked with a smile.

Zhong Ling shrugged, "I didn't say she had a problem, I just saw her upset!"

"Since you are here to support me, can't you tell me the truth?" Wang Ye looked at her deeply.

People and things they like or dislike will be shown, but they also have their own principles for liking and dislike. There must be special reasons for Zhong Ling's rejection of Huang Lin.

Zhong Ling hesitated a little, and said: "Brother-in-law, when I first saw her, I felt a sense of disgust. The breath on her body made me feel very upset! Maybe it was her occupation that kept her in the grave all year round. Contaminated with the smell of carrion."

"Oh, I smell her fragrance." Wang Ye said almost subconsciously.

Upon hearing this, Zhong Ling poked her nose.

Wang Ye hurriedly explained: "I don't know Qimen Dunjia. Naturally, I don't know the kind of breath you mentioned."

"In short, it is the difference between righteousness and evil spirits!" Zhong Ling said straightforwardly.

Touching his chin with one hand, Wang Ye muttered. Although he couldn't feel the aura that Zhong Ling said was surprised, when he first saw Huang Lin, he felt that this woman was very special, maybe she was the one he was waiting for.

The recruitment guide held this time is not so simple on the surface.

Fanfare recruiting guides went to the deserts of the Western Regions, looking for the life stone of the Liu Family. The ancient city of the Western Regions was full of wind and rain, and there were as many as 10,000 applicants.

Wang Ye's purpose is to draw out the person holding the tiger charm, or his accomplice.

If you want to, when you enter the desert, it will be even more difficult for the mysterious person to control their whereabouts. The only way is to keep the eyeliner by their side.

Now that he knows the rigorous recruitment, he will definitely send top masters.

At this moment, there are only two candidates, glasses and Huang Lin!

In Wang Ye's view, Huang Lin is more likely to be related to the mysterious man.

"Thanks for your hard work, Zhong Ling, according to the release time, we will end the recruitment and application on time!"

After Wang Ye said, he turned around and returned to the room until the recruitment was officially ended at 7 o'clock in the evening. There were hundreds of people in line outside the hotel, and he could only leave with regret.

In this suite, Wang Yeduan sat on the sofa and looked at the people standing neatly in a row in front of him.

Liu Ruyan, Zhuque, Zhong Ling, Guan Kui and the recruited glasses and Huang Lin, plus Wang Ye and his party of seven.

"How are things prepared?" Wang Ye asked, raising his head.

Liu Ruyan replied: "It is ready, and both cars are full of food and water! They are parked on the side of the road three streets away."

"Very good!" Wang Ye stood up, "Leave now alone, gather in front of the car, remember to hide!"

"Boss, why are you sneaking?" Glasses asked puzzledly.

Wang Ye smiled faintly and patted him on the shoulder, "Just do it!"

Everyone nodded and walked out of the room in batches, or took the elevator down, or quietly walked down the corridor, toward the two cars prepared three streets away.

Everything here is under the supervision of the mysterious man.

During this trip, Wang Ye wanted not only the lifestone of the Liu family, but also the mysterious man!

The most important thing is to draw the snake out of the hole and pull him out of the darkness, otherwise he will hide in the dark, like a thorn on his back.

A quarter of an hour later, on the side of the road three blocks away from the hotel, the people in front of the two off-road vehicles had gathered.

"You can go now." Liu Ruyan said with a smile.

But Wang Ye waved his hand, "Wait!"

After that, in the eyes of everyone's doubts, he stepped forward and kicked the footboard of the off-road vehicle, "Hey, are you going to lie down and enter the desert with us completely?"


Upon hearing this, Liu Ruyan and others instantly became alert.

"I was discovered by you." A woman's voice came from the bottom of the car.

Immediately sticking out a head, a woman crawled out of the car.