The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 359: Mo Sanniang

The woman who crawled out surprised everyone.

Especially Liu Ruyan and Suzaku are better than they didn't even notice it in advance.

The woman looks in her twenties, dressed simple, with a dark complexion, and looks full of wildness.

"Who are you?" Suzaku asked cautiously.

"I intend to go to the desert with you, I want to make money." The woman said with a smile.

Wang Ye stopped Suzaku from asking, he looked at this very capable woman.

"I'm very curious, how did you know to wait for us here?"

The woman smiled readily and said: "It's simple. I learned that the news of recruiting guides was late. When I went to queue, I was already in the back. It was obviously too late before the end! But I found out by accident. There are two excellent off-road vehicles parked here."

"On this basis, you can conclude that this is the car we want to use?" Wang Ye asked with interest.

"Of course." The woman smiled triumphantly: "As long as you have a little brain, you will guess it!"

"Is it so obvious!" Wang Ye looked at Liu Ruyan with a wry smile, it seemed that his thoughts were too simple.

Even this woman could see that the mysterious person with tiger charm must be secretly laughing at his stupidity!

"Your last name is Mo?" Liu Ruyan asked suddenly.

"Do you know me?" The woman said with a slight surprise: "My name is Mo Sanniang!"

"It's really you!" Liu Ruyan laughed and patted Wang Ye on the shoulder, indicating that he doesn't need to laugh at himself.

"Wang Ye, you may not know that this Mo Sanniang has some reputation in the ancient city of the Western Regions! She is like a hunting dog... Sorry, I am not comparing you to a dog!" Liu Ruyan smiled bitterly.

Mo Sanniang curled her lips, "My mother named me Mo Sanniang, which actually means three wolves. We have three sisters and I am the third child! The difference between a wolf and a dog is big."

Her words made everyone laugh.

From Liu Ruyan's introduction, Wang Ye learned that Mo Sanniang's reputation is not small.

Although in the ancient city of the Western Regions, Mo Sanniang was a thief who was good at unlocking and tracking, she was a tyrant in the thieves world.

Zhong Ling curled her lips disdainfully when she heard the words, "Sister Ruyan, you are so high-end, you are actually a thief!"

"It's a thief! But a thief who is also a thief!" Mo Sanniang said proudly, "I never steal those poor people!"

"Isn't this nonsense! What is the poor man worth stealing!" Suzaku sneered.

"Yes." Mo Sanniang scratched his head, but agreed with Suzaku's statement.

Wang Ye had been observing this Mo Sanniang. He was like a little wild cat, full of wildness, but somewhat similar to Suzaku's personality.

However, this person is good at unlocking and tracking, maybe this trip will come in handy.

"Leave me, I can help you. I can find food and water accurately in the desert." Mo Sanniang grabbed Wang Ye's arm and shook, "I am an 80-year-old mother, I have... …There are two older sisters waiting for me to raise, give me a chance to make money!"

Her expression was ostentatious, her words could not be limited, like a funny clown, making everyone laugh.

But Wang Ye felt that this woman had very extraordinary strength.

"You can bring you! But you have to take care of your hands during this trip!" Wang Ye said solemnly.

Mo Sanniang was overjoyed when she heard that, "Okay! I won't be guilty of stealing, thank you boss, thank you boss! One billion, I'm going to make a fortune!"

"If you have life to make money, you have to have life to spend money! This is not going to travel!"

Suzaku said, looking at one of the off-road vehicles, "Wang Ye, I will drive this car!"

"Okay, you and Liu Ruyan are also concerned about Kui and Zhong Ling's car. I drove with these three newcomers, and it happened to teach them a lesson on the way!"

Wang Ye threw the car key to Suzaku, and immediately rolled over onto the car with a big hand.

A group of eight people, two cars quietly headed outside the ancient city of the Western Regions.


In Cao's study, Cao Hongyu stood respectfully with a cane.

"My lord, Wang Ye has already set off, recruited three people, and one from the Zhong family to help."

He lowered his head, afraid to look at the man with a tiger-head mask sitting at the back of the desk.

"Very good! What happened to what I told you?" the man asked in a deep voice.

Cao Hongyu hurriedly replied: "It is done, my lord, the twenty elite soldiers and strong generals are all well-armed. They have set off three hours ago."

"Strong soldiers and strong generals?" The man with a tiger-head mask smiled playfully: "Some rubbish! I don't expect them to come in handy, but they are just cannon fodder to lead the way!"

The man stood up after speaking.

"Cao Hongyu, you did a good job this time! When I come back from the desert, the ancient city of the Western Regions will be yours!"

"Thank you, sir, and thank you for your support." Cao Hongyu, an age, continued to thank him on his knees.

But after a long time, there was no response in front of him. He looked up tentatively.

The mysterious man has long been gone.

Cao Hongyu, who got up, sat on the stool with excitement.

"Hey, the Liu family is going to end! Great, great! My Cao family will soon become the real master of the ancient city of the Western Regions!"

At the end of the talk, the excited Cao Hongyu couldn't help laughing.

Since the first battle to defend the Western Regions, the Cao family has gradually risen, but it has been suppressed by the Liu family. Cao Hongyu is unwilling to do so, and now he finally waited for the opportunity.

Taking advantage of the darkness, two off-road vehicles left the ancient city of the Western Regions and headed towards the endless desert.


Shortly after leaving the city, Mo Sanniang, the co-pilot, shouted.

Wang Ye braked to a halt, Mo Sanniang pushed the car door and jumped down, ran to the front of the car, and then the lights looked at the sand.

The car driven by Suzaku stopped accordingly.

"Find it again?" Wang Ye asked when he got out of the car.

"Yes! Two hours ago, at least four cars drove past here. There should be about 20 people in the car, and they are carrying heavy cargo!"

When Wang Ye heard the words, his eyes lit up, Mo Sanniang could see such accurate news from this seemingly indistinguishable yellow sand.

The coming Suzaku frowned and said: "She is indeed a veteran. Although the wheel prints here are covered by yellow sand, the traces can still be seen vaguely. It should be five cars, but she can see the number and configuration of the car. It's really not easy!"

As a soldier, Suzaku has a strong ability to observe, which is the basic quality of military scouts.

"Basic common sense, basic common sense!" Mo Sanniang smiled triumphantly.

"Speaking of your urine is high, you also said you didn't work hard!" Suzaku gave Mo Sanniang a disdainful glance, and immediately asked: "Those people should set up ambush, Wang Ye, what should we do next?"

Mo Sanniang curled his lips in disdain. Before Wang Ye spoke, he muttered, "If someone can set up an ambush in advance, they must know the route we are going. That means we are on the right track!"

With a wave of his hand, Wang Ye hurriedly stopped Suzaku. If her violent temper came up, she might tear it with Mo Sanniang.

"Mo Sanniang's words make sense. Ruyan only knows the approximate location of where the lifestone of the Liu family is located, and these people should be sent by the mysterious person. Since they are setting up an ambush halfway, over there explain our direction. , It is the hidden direction of Mingshi! If you meet on a narrow road, the brave will win! Go, go!"

After he finished speaking, he grabbed Mo Sanniang and walked towards the car.

Zhu Que glanced at Mo Sanniang, and this was turning into the car.