Walking in the desert, looking at the confident Wang Ye, Liu Ruyan approached him.

"The complexion is good!" She smiled jokingly.

After speaking, he deliberately glanced at Huang Lin behind him, his eyes were quite charming.

"Very good." Wang Ye stretched out his hand and squeezed her cheek. "It's a bit dry. Didn't you bring sunscreen or something?"

"Cut! Who uses that thing! Don't change the subject, ask you! In a good mood?" Liu Ruyan forced.

Wang Ye looked back at everyone. When they met him, Mo Sanniang, Huang Lin, and even Zhong Ling dodged their eyes.

Withdrawing his gaze, Wang Ye smiled faintly, "It's just you, dare to laugh with me at this moment!"

"Yes, I am in a good mood! Embracing Huang Lin deeply this morning made me suddenly understand a truth."

"What's the point?" Liu Ruyan asked.

The three people behind him also pricked their ears. Even Huang Lin wanted to know what he realized.

Wang Ye smiled slyly, "When you have a flower fold, you only need to fold it. Don't wait for a flowerless fold!"

Upon hearing this, Liu Ruyan was startled.

"Saoqi!" Mo Sanniang's casual words made everyone even more surprised.

Then she shrank her neck hastily.

"Hahaha!" Wang Ye laughed, as if he hadn't heard anything.

Huang Lin was a little embarrassed. She obviously didn't happen to Wang Ye, why did he say that.

But the atmosphere is much more pleasant because of this, and it seems to relieve the heat.

In the uninhabited desert, a group of people walked slowly, except for the quicksand, there is no danger at all.

Five hours later, they joined with Suzaku and Guan Kui. In the desert, one could see the corpses lying all around, some of which had been swallowed by the wind and sand, only the corners of their clothes were exposed.

Glancing at the corpses indifferently, Wang Ye and Liu Ruyan took the lead and continued to walk forward.

As the midday heat is unbearable, the sand is as hot as it is, and the hot high temperature can penetrate into the soles of the feet from under the feet.

After walking forward for more than an hour, Wang Ye's footsteps suddenly stopped.

"Something's wrong!" Liu Ruyan frowned.

She beckoned and Mo Sanniang walked forward quickly.

"Mo Sanniang, how far is it from the next Tucheng?" Liu Ruyan asked.

Mo Sanniang replied without hesitation: "If you follow the picture you gave me earlier, it should have arrived now!"

But looking at the yellow sand in front of me, there is no sign of abandoned city.

"I've been here before. It was not like this before." Guan Kui stepped forward and said, "Don't say it is here, even in the hinterland of the western deserts, I have been there. There are three abandoned cities nearby, which are the most supply water sources. Good place! But it doesn't seem to be right now!"

"Mission formation!" Huang Lin said suddenly.

Everyone glanced at it, and Huang Lindai frowned, and said, "The so-called maze of sand formations are also called mystical sand formations! This is a very powerful formation method that creates not an illusion, but a real existence! With this kind of formation, perhaps Miss Zhong Ling has more say."

"After learning a little bit of fur, I dare to make an axe in front of me!" Zhong Ling walked forward proudly.

"It is indeed a maze of sand that was laid by people here! It is with the help of the power of the five elements, but such a large maze of sand cannot be completed simply by layout! The change in the orientation of the five elements is used to confuse or create illusions, That is the basis of the formation! Like the maze formation here, it is a more advanced formation. Such a huge one must be supported by energy!"

Regarding these mysterious things, let alone Mo Sanniang and others, even Wang Ye was confused.

He smiled bitterly and waved his hand, "I don't want to know the principle of this sand formation, you just say, how can you break the formation and go out!"

"It can't be broken!" Zhong Ling shook her head and said: "I have found it since I walked into the maze. We have been around here for more than half an hour. I have been observing it and did not find any clues to break the formation."

"Can't break it?!"

Guan Kui and Mo Sanniang's eyes widened.

"If it can't be broken, and can't get out of the sand formation, don't we have to die here?"

Zhong Ling nodded very directly, "It's okay during the day, but when the temperature drops sharply at night, I'm afraid it will be even more difficult!"

"There is a way to break the formation! You can't break it, but you are not good at learning!" Huang Lin said.

Zhong Ling's face sank when she heard the words, and she stepped forward and asked: "Then please tell me, how can I break the maze?"

Facing her gaze, Huang Lin said: "Find the eye that drives the formation, destroy that thing, and the formation will be able to break without attack."

"It's ridiculous, it's simple!" Zhong Ling sneered disdainfully: "If I can find the formation, I will tell you that this formation can't be broken? Ignorance!"

"If you can't find it, it means you are not good at learning!"

"Then you are looking for it!"


The two were fighting against each other, but the point was that they couldn't find a way to break the sand formation.

The scorching sun was so hot that it was strange that Wang Ye didn't even have a trace of sweat on his forehead.

He smiled at the two of them without disturbing their quarrel.

"Don't sell it!" Liu Ruyan tugged quietly by his arm, "If you don't speak, these two will really be pinched!"

"Let them noisy! If the noisy can break the formation!" Wang Ye deliberately raised his voice and said.

Hearing this, the two people who were arguing stopped, and both were a little embarrassed.

"No more noise?" Wang Ye asked with a smile.

Seeing the two people bowed their heads and said nothing, he smiled faintly, "Huang Lin made sense. The formation is the same as the disease. There is a cure for a disease, even if it is a terminally ill cancer, anyone who says there is no cure. , That's just a quack who is not good at medicine! The same is true for the formation!"

"Although I don't understand the formation method, it is always changing. Listening to what you said just now, it is obvious that the formation method is based on the five elements and gossip, changing the principle of the five elements cycle. Advanced formation requires special Energy-driven, which is what you call the front of the eye."

"Brother-in-law!" Zhong Ling said unconvinced: "I mean, it's not that there is no way to break through the sand formation! It's just that we can't find the formation eye."

"Then what Huang Lin said is correct! I can't find it, but you are not good at learning!"

Zhong Ling was ashamed of what he said, and Liu Ruyan pulled him secretly.

To say that Zhong Ling in public really made her faceless.

But if nothing happened, Wang Ye continued: "In my opinion, this formation is not difficult to break."

"Brother-in-law, tell me!" Zhong Ling poked tears of grievance, still reluctant to admit defeat.

"Don't believe me, Nizi, I really have a way to break the formation! It's just..." When he said this, he changed his words: "I just don't know if I can trust you."

"Wang Ye!" Liu Ruyan yelled and glared at Wang Ye, "Be serious! Say, everyone just do what you say!"

This is Wang Ye's smiling face. He looked around and said, "Leave apart. As long as one person walks out, he can easily break this formation from the outside, right?"

Upon hearing this, Zhong Ling and Huang Lin's eyes flashed.

"Yeah!" the two said in unison.