The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 365: The Test of Humanity

This formation is like a balloon, and they are like walking in a balloon.

Go in one direction all the time, no matter you change any direction, the balloon will roll and never go out.

But if everyone in the balloon separates in different directions and walks forward at the same time, it will cover the range of the formation, this limited space will be larger, until it reaches its limit, then they will go out.

Bystanders clear the authorities and are fascinated. After stepping out of the formation, they can naturally see this invisible mask at a glance, find the source of the power of the mask, and destroy it and the formation will naturally break.

Zhong Ling lowered her head awkwardly, "Brother-in-law, I was wrong! I was too arrogant."

Rubbing her head, Wang Ye smiled and said, "Reading ten thousand books is worse than traveling thousands of miles. You just came out of Zhong's house. What you have learned has yet to be tested by reality. Be humble in the future!"

Zhong Ling nodded silently.

Soon everyone stood back to back, and a total of seven people began to step at the same time, heading in seven different directions.

They walked in opposite directions.

On a sand dune a few miles away, a man stood with his hand behind, wearing a tiger head mask.

He looked into the distance, where there was a pale white light curtain. Seven people in the light curtain were walking in different directions, and the light curtain was getting bigger and bigger.

"A person who doesn't understand the formation can actually use this stupid method to break the formation, hum, he really deserves to be a descendant of the Wang family! What a pity, this desert is destined to be your grave! But, I I won’t let you die so easily, and I'm counting on you to help me find the Liu Family Lifestone!"

His voice fell, and he moved closer to the light curtain.


Huang Lin was the first to get out of the formation. She only felt that her body seemed to have broken through a layer of water curtain, and there was a slight fluctuating sound.


But before she could react, someone patted her on the neck fiercely.

Huang Lin only saw a shadow with a tiger head mask, and immediately fainted when his eyes blacked out.

Then it was Guan Kui who walked out of the formation. Like Huang Lin, he was knocked out as soon as he went out.

The same is true for Zhong Ling out of the formation!

When Liu Ruyan emerged from the formation, she quickly retreated in a flash, and a figure emerged and passed by.

"Not bad! There are even such skilled people in the Liu family!"

The man in the tiger-head mask sneered.

Liu Ruyan stared at him coldly, "It's you, threatening my Liu family?"

"Yes, it's me! The Dragon King Mountain King's family was also destroyed by my clan." He said and shook his head, "Don't be impulsive, I want to kill you every minute. Keeping your life is just for you to tell Wang Ye, I will In this desert, prepare him a good feng shui grave!"

With that, the mysterious man took out a mobile phone and a hairpin from his pocket and threw them in front of Liu Ruyan.

This is Liu Ruyan's cell phone and the blood hosta.

"Hold this thing and he will believe your words."

"I don't need this thing, he will believe me!" Liu Ruyan said affirmatively.

"That's not necessarily true. If you change it, you might have done it before, but when a person's heart is full of revenge anger, he will start to distrust anyone! That's why the man named glasses was killed by him because of this. !"

Liu Ruyan clenched his fists tightly, staring at the man, and could clearly feel that the strong aura of the other party was beyond her reach.

At this moment Liu Ruyan endured it. If something happened to him, it would be difficult for Suzaku and Wang Ye who were still trapped in the formation to leave.

"Hahaha, you still know the current affairs! Don't worry, you people, I will not kill! I will let Wang Ye, let him kill you one by one! Then let him feel the kind of personal harm The pain of dead relatives and friends!"

"You won't succeed!" Liu Ruyan shouted in a deep voice.

"Isn't it?" The man shook his head jokingly, "There is nothing that can't do for someone who is full of revenge in his heart!"

After he said, his figure flashed, galloping away, and soon disappeared from Liu Ruyan's sight.

She stared in that direction blankly, and a touch of terror surged in her heart unconsciously.

No wonder the Liu family was so afraid of this person. Not only did he have amazing strength, he was also good at figuring out people's hearts.

He tried to use Wang Ye's deep anger of revenge to make him lose his mind, make him feel suspicious, and split these people and even kill them with his hands.

"So vicious!"

Liu Ruyan clenched her teeth, and it took a long time to recover.

Seeing fixedly, only Wang Ye and Suzaku remained in the light curtain. They walked forward, and the light curtain rolled along with them, and they would never be able to get out like this.

However, on the edge of the light curtain, there is a fist-sized stone that exudes brilliance visible to the naked eye.

"That is the so-called formation eye, the energy stone that provides the formation energy?"

Liu Ruyan picked up the phone and hairpin, walked forward quickly, grabbed the stone in his hand, and violently cracked the special stone.


The light curtain of the formation dissipated like a broken rain curtain.

Wang Ye turned and looked around. Huang Lin, Guan Kui and Zhong Ling fainted not far away.

"Ruyan, what is going on?" Wang Ye asked.

She took out the mobile phone and the blood hosta from her pocket, and when Wang Ye saw these two things, there was a burst of coldness in her eyes.

"That person appeared?"

Liu Ruyan nodded, "He asked me to tell you, tell you..."

"Say!" Wang Ye shouted.

Liu Ruyan's body trembled as she looked at Wang Ye with extremely complicated eyes.

"He said he would kill you in the desert! But before he kills you, he will let you kill us, because the anger in your heart will make you lose your mind!"

"Ridiculous, extremely ridiculous!" Wang Yezongsheng laughed.

With a smile, he and Liu Ruyan looked at each other, as if they had reached a certain agreement quietly.

Zhu Que glanced at Wang Ye in surprise, then turned and ran to Zhong Ling's trio. She was surprised to find that the three men's packages had disappeared.

"Crap!" Suzaku turned his head and shouted: "The man took their package away! The remaining food and water may not be enough to support the next stop!"

The three of them gradually awakened from the shaking, but the current situation was worrying, and all of them looked solemn.

When I got here, I was already in a dilemma. If I continue to go deeper or leave, food and water are in short supply.

"Ruyan, distribute water and food equally! Plan your own food and drink separately!"

According to Wang Ye's instructions, no one on average only has three boxes of compressed biscuits and two bottles of mineral water.

This food can only last three days in the desert.

It is conceivable that the water source in the next earth city has been destroyed by the mysterious man, which means that before the food and water are exhausted, the oasis that exists in the desert of the Western Regions must be found.

And this also means that next is the real test of humanity!

Between life and death, the true side of mankind will be revealed.

Liu Ruyan and Wang Ye led the way side by side, and the others followed closely, and the atmosphere began to become a little depressed.

The night came soon, and the huge temperature difference made the night extremely cold, but in the limited time, everyone could not camp and rest. They continued to rush all night to try to find the oasis in the desert early.