In the desert, the trekking became more and more tormented, and everyone's pace became slower and slower!

"Huang Lin, Zhong Ling! You two follow closely, we don't have much time, no one will be delayed because of you!"

A day later, Wang Ye shouted in a deep voice on the way forward.

This is not the first time he has reprimanded the two so angrily.

"Wang Ye! They are in poor physique, and it is not easy for them to walk all day and night!" Suzaku advised.

"Poor physique, should you be held back?" Wang Ye asked.

Suzaku frowned, "How can you say such a thing!"

In just one day, she felt that Wang Ye had changed.

Guan Kui tugged at her and whispered: "Don't fight, what is needed at this time is unity. Without water and food, it is equivalent to telling everyone that everyone's life is only two days at most, and he won't die. Terrible, the process of waiting for death is the most terrible!"

Suzaku sighed secretly, she still didn't believe Wang Ye was such a person.

But in the following time, she became more and more desperate and more distressed.

Wang Ye's desire to survive was too strong, and his determination to revenge was too strong. He kept urging everyone, and repeatedly deducted the food and water that he had distributed!

It took two days hard like this.

Everyone has the last compressed cookie left in everyone's hands, the water at the bottom of the bottle!

"Can't go out!"


After Guan Kui finished speaking, he sat down on the ground, his lips chapped and collapsed.

One person sat down, as if the pillar of spirit collapsed instantly.

Huang Lin and Zhong Ling sat down one after another.

"Let's take a break!" Liu Ruyan panted and sat down slowly.

Suzaku was waiting to sit down for a rest meeting, but Wang Ye suddenly turned and roared: "Get up all for me, go out, we must go out! Once I sit down, we can't stand up again!"

"Such excessive consumption is unreasonable!" Suzaku explained: "Maintaining the critical point of consumption can better save water and food, and let us go further."

"Nonsense!" Wang Ye scolded angrily.

At this moment, everyone sitting on the ground was hot but their hearts were cold.

What they fear is not the water and food that are about to run out, but Wang Ye's unfeeling.

Suzaku stared at Wang Ye, and suddenly she smiled sadly, got up and handed the only food and water left to Wang Ye.

"Wang Ye, instead of everyone dying here, it's better to let those with better physique survive."

The hand she stretched out trembled slightly, and her heart was extremely contradictory. She expected Wang Ye to take the food and water and go out alive, but she did not want Wang Ye to take the food and water and hurt her heart. .

Liu Ruyan also walked over, and also handed Wang Ye food and water.

She smiled openly, "Wang Ye, I can't accompany you down!"

Immediately afterwards, it turned out to be Huang Lin who climbed up. She came over and smiled with tears in her eyes.

"I should call you the boss! Do you remember the experience I told you that night? Perhaps this is the return of trust. This is my food and water. I hope you can go out and find the Liu family's life stone. Stay behind the scenes! Revenge for the glasses, revenge for, revenge for us!"

Zhong Ling got up, she smiled bitterly, "Brother-in-law, I'm afraid my practice can't continue! Remember to live well and take care of my sister!"

Mo Sanniang came and spread his hands, "In this desert, I can also find something to eat. Don't worry, you can take this thing!"

"You are so righteous, and you are all righteous?" Guan Kui got up and stepped forward to stare at Wang Ye, "It's all so special, what's the use of leaving this thing? Give it to you. Right!"

Wang Ye looked at these people blankly, and he took a deep breath.

"I will live, and find the Liu family's lifestone, pull out the person holding the tiger charm, find his family and uproot it! Trust me!"

As he said, one by one took food and water from everyone.

And filled the water bottle into a bottle, holding the only half bottle of water left.

There were smiles on everyone's faces, and their hearts were cold. They looked forward to Wang Ye's rejection and how much they looked forward to Wang Ye's encouragement and support for everyone to go on together.

But the reality makes them desperate!

"Ruyan, can I hold you for the last time?" Wang Ye asked after putting food and water into his backpack.

Liu Ruyan walked forward with a smile upon hearing this, and offered Wang Ye a big hug.

Holding her in both hands, Wang Ye put one hand on the backpack behind Liu Ruyan.

In the hug, Liu Ruyan's body trembled slightly, and tears suddenly flowed out.

"Everyone, take care!"

Wang Ye pulled Liu Ruyan away, then turned around resolutely, and walked away.

Seeing his drifting back, Suzaku stepped forward and wiped the tears from Liu Ruyan's face.

"Ruyan, don't cry! Although Wang Ye is unfeeling, perhaps this is the only way to survive! Why do we love him so much!"

"You love him too?" Liu Ruyan squeezed out a smile with tears.

Suzaku has a hearty personality and never hides it. She smiled: "I almost dedicate myself to him, but that guy is pretending to be reserved! Now that I think about it, I regret it. I should have pushed him forcibly! "


Huang Lin laughed, "Sister Suzaku, you are unrestrained."

"I am unrestrained? I have a real temperament, okay." Suzaku sat down lazily, "Don't tell me the night before, when you gave your arms to Wang Ye, didn't you have the same thoughts as me?"

When Huang Lin heard his cheeks flushed, his eyes were a little evasive.

"My brother-in-law is really merciful!" Zhong Ling lay down in all directions, "but he is more comfortable when he is gone! No one urges us anymore!"

Mo Sanniang pouted, "Fortunately, I have been in contact with him not long ago, otherwise, as you say, wouldn't I have to fall in love with him too! If I don't fall in love with him, there seems to be a sense of incompatibility?"

Upon hearing this, several women smiled bitterly at each other.

"Hey, it's a pity that I'm Guan Kui, what a heroic man, who has been riding in the desert for more than ten years, but will eventually die here. So far, there is not even a daughter-in-law!" He finished with a look of extravagant hope: "I will die. , Can some beautiful women verbally promise me to be my daughter-in-law! Let me die and die happy too!"


The five women said in unison.

After speaking, they laughed sadly at each other, they turned their heads and looked into the distance, Wang Ye's figure had disappeared into the distance.

"Regret it?"

A voice came from one side, and everyone turned to look. It was a man with a tiger head mask.

The man's pity eyes turned away from them, and immediately sneered: "This is human nature. Between life and death, those affectionate things seem worthless! It was Wang Ye who killed your lives!"

Liu Ruyan and Suzaku abruptly got up and made a fighting pose.

"Come on! The big deal is dead, the net is broken!"

"Hahaha, the fish is dead and the net is broken? Stupid!" The man waved his hand in disdain, "I once said, I want Wang Yeqin to commit suicide for you, if you die in my hands, then I will break my promise! You said , If Wang Ye knows that he can reach the oasis only two days from here, how much he will blame himself by then? Hahaha..."