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Chapter 369: Swimming in the Lake

Wang Ye touched his chin with one hand, looking at this oasis, and muttered, "The Liu Family's Mingshi should be related to the secret realm, if it is a blood-drinking dagger!"

"How did you know?" Luo Sha finally couldn't help but asked in shock.

"Thank you very much," Wang Ye said casually, "Remember the character you wrote on the table of the Cao family that day! Blood!"

"Cao Yuhong, this old thing, has actually submitted to you?" Luo Sha's eyes widened.

"You are wrong again, Cao Yuhong didn't submit to me!"

Wang Ye retracted his gaze and looked at him contemptuously, "Cao Yuhong wants to monopolize the ancient city of the Western Regions, he is very ambitious! But when he was thinking about the ancient city of the Western Regions, some people were thinking about the position of the Patriarch of the Cao family! He wanted you, secretly. Help you lead me! Can't his son and grandson help me secretly?"

"When I learned that you appeared in Cao's family and wrote a word of blood, I had already guessed your purpose, because I came to the depths of the Western Regions to search for the Liu Family's lifestone in order to find the key to the blood-drinking dagger! Raksha, you are so proud!"

After Wang Ye said, he ignored him, and waved at Zhong Ling and Huang Lin, "Now, it's time for you to show your strength. Look at this oasis where the ancestors of the Liu family are most likely to hide their lifestones."

Zhong Ling and Huang Lin had been looking at this place a long time ago. They looked at each other and discussed each other in a low voice.

At this time, there was a touch of despair in the eyes of the captured Rakshasa.

When he looked at Wang Ye again, there was a little more fear in his eyes. He looked down on this man too much. The other party knew his purpose from beginning to end, and seemed to be used by him, but in fact he became his guide stone!

In Raksha's heart, there was a sense of fear involuntarily.

"Brother-in-law, I passed through Huanglingou. In ancient times, people valued Feng Shui very seriously. On the whole, this oasis was one of the largest Feng Shui treasures! It can exist in the depths of the Western Desert for thousands of years, which shows that Feng Shui is superior. "

Wang Ye nodded slowly when he heard the words.

Zhong Ling went on to say: "In this oasis, woods are surrounded by trees! A lake is surrounded by trees, and the lake is water! Outside of this oasis, there is a piece of yellow sand that wraps it, and the yellow sand is gold! "

"Golden water, water, wood, wood, fire, fire, soil, and native gold! Only this way can it become a cycle! The five-element cycle can make the geomantic treasure land endless! Now only fire and earth are the only thing I can't figure out for a long time. ."

Wang Ye stood with his hands in his hands and groaned. After a while, his eyes suddenly brightened and his eyes were directed at the lake surrounded by trees.

The scorching sun is in the sky, and the scorching heat is like a stove.

"This sun, isn't it just fire!" Wang Ye pointed to the lake, "The scorching sun is like a fire, reflected in the water."

"Right!" Zhong Ling and Huang Lin suddenly realized.

Wang Ye smiled faintly, "Imagine how the lake is preserved if there is no soil at the bottom of the lake! Therefore, the bottom of the lake is soil! Among the five elements, gold, wood, water and fire are visible, only the soil is hidden under the water. If I am not mistaken, then the Liu family The life stone is..."

"The bottom of the lake!"

Wang Ye, Zhong Ling and Huang Lin said in unison.

The two women who were proficient in Qimen Dunjia looked at Wang Ye's eyes full of awe, and his wisdom was impressive.

"Suzaku, Ruyan! Take a Rakshasa to see!"

After Wang Ye finished speaking, he headed towards the oasis, through the grass, through the woods, and came to the lake.

The circular lake is very regular, and the clear water can be seen from the sand and gravel at the bottom of the shallow water.

"Boss, shall I go in and explore?" Mo Sanniang pointed to the lake.

Seeing Wang Ye smiled faintly, Mo Sanniang took off his coat and walked towards the lake.

"This diving into the bottom of the lake, I'm afraid it won't work!" Liu Ruyan muttered.

"I didn't say that I wanted to swim and dive down." Wang Ye spread his hands.

Zhong Ling and Huang Lin also laughed when they heard the words, which made Liu Ruyan even more confused.

"Then why are you letting her go down?"

"She wants to go down by herself!" Wang Ye smiled bitterly, "Just take a shower after walking for so many days!"


Zhuque and Liu Ruyan glanced at each other, silently looking at each other.

"Brother-in-law was teasing her on purpose!" Zhong Ling couldn't help but said, "This lake is special, there must be no caves! Here is the cycle of the five elements of Feng Shui, and one flaw is missing! As long as the sun goes down at night, the fire in the five elements is gone. , The cycle will be difficult to continue, and the way to enter the bottom of the lake will naturally emerge!"

"But it's okay to take a bath!" Huang Lin smiled.

Mo Sanniang, who entered the lake soon, emerged. She gasped and shouted, "Boss, the bottom of the lake is too deep to be touched at all."

When everyone heard it, they couldn't help laughing.

Suzaku smiled bitterly and said: "Don't get to the bottom! Your boss is fooling you! Wait till the evening, I have a way to go down!"

"You, why are you so bad!" Mo Sanniang curled his mouth, holding the back of his head and feet in both hands, and then floated on the water on his back, "I'm not going up yet!"


Liu Ruyan slapped Luo Sha on the back of his neck, and immediately knocked him out.

"What's this?" Wang Ye asked in amazement, puzzled.

Liu Ruyan pointed at Guan Kui, "You turn me around, our sister has been walking for so many days, wearing a stinky sweat, and it happened to take a bath!"

Guan Kui spread his hands and turned around, but quickly turned around, "Does the boss need to turn around?"

"It depends on their opinions, he has already seen me anyway!" Liu Ruyan smiled.

Guan Kui heard the words and looked at Wang Ye enviously, "People are more popular than others! Or you can go for a while, let me watch this Rakshasa."

Wang Ye scolded with a smile: "Look at him! He's all over his meridians and muscles are frozen by me. Even if he wakes up, he doesn't run as fast as you can crawl. Do you still need to watch it!"

Having said that, Wang Ye also turned around. After all, Zhong Ling was still in the group of women, so she had to be more careful.

Seeing the only three men here, one of them fainted, the two turned around, Liu Ruyan and others looked at each other, and began to undress and undress and head towards the lake.

It was a luxury to be able to take a bath in this desert. Wang Ye slapped his lips as he listened to the sound of playing and playing in the lake behind him.

"Guan Kui, didn't you think about finding a wife?"

Guan Kui smiled and said, "Think about it! When I was a bandit, I also snatched a few ladies from the village. There were Zhenlie and others who were greedy for money. But the life in the desert is bitter, and there is nowhere to spend money. Run away! Otherwise, how could I change my mind and prepare to be a new person."

Honestly speaking, Guan Kui, who is very honest, said the truth. Although it is a transportation hub in the Western Regions, there is only the ancient city of the Western Regions within a radius of hundreds of miles. They occupy the mountains as king in the desert, but they have nowhere to spend the money they robbed. If you enter the ancient city of the Western Regions you will be wanted.

That's why Guan Kui planned to join the Liu family and live a peaceful life.

"How about a matchmaker for you?" Wang Ye asked with a smile.

"Who?" Guan Kui rubbed his hands excitedly.

"Mo Sanniang!"

Upon hearing Mo Sanniang, Guan Kui fainted in an instant, and he smiled bitterly: "A blind man can see this way along the way. Under your charm, which of these women is not surging towards you, how can I have my share!" "