The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 370: Guan Kui's Careful Thinking

Upon hearing this, Wang Ye dropped a drop of cold sweat on his forehead.

"Don't buckle the shit bowl, I didn't even say a few words with Mo Sanniang!"

"Luohua deliberately runs water and ruthlessly! This is the saddest thing. You didn't look at Mo Sanniang's eyes, and you can't wait to put yourself in your mouth!" Guan Kui complained bitterly, "It's all one eye and two Nose, people are really annoying than people!"

"I really have such a charm?"

Wang Ye smiled brightly, and Guan Kui couldn't help but curl his lips!

This is too narcissistic, and if you get cheap, you still behave!

Unable to help, Wang Ye turned his head and glanced. The five women in the lake, Chi Guoguo, each have their own merits!

Of course, except for Zhong Ling!

This girl is still young, and her brother is Zhong Li. Although Wang Ye has some thoughts in his heart, he has to take into account Zhong Li's feelings!

But having said that, Huang Lin's sentimentality and Mo Sanniang's carefree are both extremely personal, and there is nothing to say about the two people's looks.

Just as he was thinking of something wrong, Liu Ruyan in the lake deliberately shouted: "Wang Ye, do you want to wash it together!"

When several women heard this, they followed Liu Ruyan's gaze and saw Wang Ye was staring here, hurriedly sinking into the water one by one. Only Zhuque and Liu Ruyan were left "without fear".

This guy, really!

Wang Ye shouted: "Another day, another day!"

"Another day? Are you sure you want another day?" Liu Ruyan asked jokingly.

"Today there are too many people, I will talk to you another day..." Wang Ye just said here, and suddenly recovered.

"Fuck, this Nizi gave me a routine!" He exploded depressedly.

Liu Ruyan in the lake giggled. When she knew Wang Ye’s identity, she had already regarded herself as Wang Ye’s wife. After she and Cai Zhen found that Wang Ye had rescued him in the ruined temple, she gave herself to Wang Ye. She had already determined that she was Wang Ye's woman in this life.

After several women in the lake reacted, Liu Ruyan's cheeks were flushed and white.

Suzaku hugged Liu Ruyan's slender waist, "You have a marriage contract with Wang Ye.'Another day' is okay, but at least you have to ask our opinion!"

"Hey, hey, you are still pretending to be reserved. As far as I know, Wang Ye knows all the moles on your body!" Liu Ruyan smiled.

"Look, I won't let you drink a few sips of water and block your mouth!"

Suzaku hugged Liu Ruyan and pressed it under the water.

They were playing around, Wang Ye suddenly had a thought, turned his head and asked, "Guan Kui, what do you think of Zhong Ling?"

Guan Kui shuddered, "Brother, I beg you, can't I find a daughter-in-law!"

"Zhong Ling is so infiltrating?"

"It's more than infiltrating, it's horrible!" Guan Kui spread his hands, "I have a few kilograms, I know very well, that kind of big person is not something I can control! Big brother, don't let me go. In fact, I stayed in the Liu family for a few days, and I really fell in love with a girl who was a subordinate of the Liu family. He was also interesting to me."

"This matter is on my body, and when I return to the Liu family, I will be the master for you!"

Wang Ye slapped his chest and said with a vow.

Guan Kui grinned and nodded.

Although he has some talents, he was born as a bandit, and he has five big and three rough heads, so it's good to have a girl who would like him.

Listening to Guan Kui talking about the Liu family's servant named Xiao Cui, Guan Kui smiled from ear to ear when he talked about her. Although they had only known each other for two days, they seemed to have deep feelings for each other.

"What are you talking about? Look at how happy you two are!"

Suzaku was already dressed and came over.

Liu Ruyan on the side smiled with wet hair, "What else can we talk about between men? It must be a woman."

"You really got it right this time! Ruyan, does the Liu family have a subordinate named Xiao Cui..."

"Big Brother Big Brother, don't..." Guan Kui interrupted hurriedly.

Wang Ye smiled and said, "What's so embarrassing about this? Ruyan and I will go back when the time comes, and let you be the master, so that we will not be married like before. We are almost dead in the desert, and I regret not finding a wife."

"Yes, Guan Kui, the vision is okay!" Liu Ruyan smiled and said, "Xiao Cui is the maid of my Liu family. She is very smart and sensible. I didn't expect you to hook him up."

"It's not a hook-up, it's a happy relationship." Guan Kui was a little shy when he spoke.

When everyone saw these five big and three sturdy men, they were all shy and laughed.

Talking about Guan Kui and Xiao Cui, waiting for the passage of time and the arrival of night.

Glancing at the fainted Rakshasa, Liu Ruyan asked, "Are you planning to keep the Rakshasa and dig out the Luo family?"

Wang Ye nodded, "It's not a pity that a Rakshasa died! But the Luo family behind him is deeply hidden. Now that I know that I am a descendant of the Wang family, there will definitely be actions! We must first dig out Luo. It’s good to know where your home is!"

"Then you already have a plan?" Suzaku asked.

Wang Ye smiled cunningly, "Yes! Let the tiger go back to the mountain!"

"Hs, the master of art is bold!" Mo Sanniang gave a thumbs up and said, "When he sees with his own eyes, you get clues about the Liu Family's life stone and what dagger, and then let Raksha go, he will definitely return to the Luo family. You can find the Luo family by following the vines!"

Looking at Mo Sanniang's eyes, and thinking about Guan Kui's words before, Wang Ye was a little unnatural.

"Okay, don't talk!" Wang Ye interrupted and stood up, looking at the sun that was already sinking, and said: "This lake actually has tidal phenomena. You should look around the lake carefully. There should be a way The passage at the bottom of the lake!"

When talking about business, everyone smiled, and looked carefully along the lake.

Soon Huang Lin, who was not far away, shouted: "Boss, here, there is a passage."

Wang Ye's eyes flashed, and he signaled Guan Kui to pick up Raksha and gallop towards Huang Lin.

Sure enough, when the lake receded only about one or two meters, a passage emerged, which was a passage leading to the underground.

"This passage leads to the bottom of the lake! The Liu family's lifestone is definitely in it! But we only have one night, otherwise when the sun comes out and the five elements cycle, the water level of the lake will continue to rise, flooding this passage and everything inside. !"

After Wang Ye said, he should walk into the passage first. The time is limited and he must find the Liu Family's Life Stone, otherwise he must come out before dawn and wait for the next day to enter.

This passage leading to the bottom of the lake is only more than one meter wide and can at most accommodate two people walking side by side.

The steps of the passage were covered with moss and slippery, and one of them was dark.

Under the light of the flashlight, everyone walked down the passage, obviously feeling that they were always under the ground and the center of the lake was close.

About ten feet away, he finally opened up suddenly in front of him.

This is a grotto that exists under the lake. The grotto is not big, only more than ten feet in diameter. There is a dark river at the four corners of the grotto, which should be connected to the lake.

After a phenomenon similar to the tide, the water in the grotto was drained.

"Everyone, look around and see where the Liu Family Mingshi is hidden? But be careful, lest there are any hidden organs in this place!"

Under Wang Ye's orders, except for Guan Kui who had carried the Rakshasa, everyone began to look for clues in the grotto.