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Chapter 371 Amethyst Stone Lock

Because of the backflow of the lake, the grottoes at the bottom of the lake were covered with moss, and the feet would be slippery.

It's hard to walk here, so everyone is cautious.

In this way, time passed by little by little, and after an hour, everyone still got nothing.

"The grotto is too big! And I don't know what the Liu Family Mingshi looks like. Maybe it's like ordinary rocks hidden under the moss. We can't find one stone by stone, right?"

"Yeah, I have to find out when, and once the lake overflows at dawn, everything here will be disrupted. Even if you wait until tomorrow night and look for it again, you have to start from the beginning!"

Gradually, everyone began to mutter, looking for the Liu Family's lifestone in this grotto, it was tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack.

Wang Ye was also looking for it, and he said solemnly: "The rumors of the Liu family's lifestone are related to the lifeline of the Liu family. This thing will certainly not be randomly discarded on the ground. There must be a hidden structure here!"

"Huang Lin, weren't you a tomb robber before! The ancestors of the Liu family chose such a good place to hide the lifestone here, and they will definitely choose a good place. Based on your tomb robbery experience, where do you think that thing will be hidden?" Zhong Ling asked casually.

When this remark came out, everyone agreed.

This is the place specially chosen by the ancestors of the Liu family. To put it bluntly, it is to find a proper cemetery for the life stone of the Liu family.

"Huang Lin, you regard this grotto as a tomb. Based on your experience, which is the most suitable location?" Wang Ye turned around and asked.

Huang Lin took a flashlight and took pictures around.

"If it is regarded as a tomb, the entrance is the tomb door. Generally speaking, the main tomb will not be placed in the direction of the tomb door, just left or right!"

Huang Lin's flashlight shone the ground on the left and right sides respectively, "It should be in these two areas."

After hearing the words, everyone approached where she pointed, searching confidently.

"Found again." Suzaku shouted, beckoning.

In front of her, there was a crack on the ground, which had been covered by moss, and it would not be easy to find if you didn't look for it carefully.

A stone was like a buckle. Suzaku held the stone and pulled it forcefully, and a slab on the ground was lifted.

"Sure enough, here!"

Everyone was overjoyed when they saw this, and there was this lock under the stone slab, which locked a stone box.

"Open the lock and see if it's my Liu family's lifestone inside!" Liu Ruyan said, ready to do it.

"Don't move!" At this moment, Mo Sanniang hurriedly stopped him, "This is not an ordinary lock!"

She took out a piece of cloth and gently wiped the moss-covered lock. As the moss was wiped off, the lock showed a purple-gold brilliance.

"It turned out to be the rumored amethyst lock!" Mo Sanniang frowned.

It is the first time everyone has heard of the amethyst stone lock, and they don't know what it is.

Mo Sanniang explained: "This kind of lock, I have seen in ancient books, is made of special amethyst. The amethyst has energy similar to a magnetic field. If an external force hits it, the amethyst It will burst! The power of the explosion is no less than a grenade!"

"Can you open it according to your ability?" Wang Ye asked.

Mo Sanniang groaned for a while, nodded and said: "It can be, but it takes time!"

"Then there are ink marks, hurry up!" Zhong Ling urged: "The days in the desert are long and nights are short, and the day will be less than five hours later. Once the sun rises, the lake will flow backwards. Hurry up!"

"Yes, Mo Sanniang, we believe in you! Hurry up and do it." Guan Kui also urged.

But Mo Sanniang furrowed her brows tightly, and she didn't do anything yet, and seemed very nervous.

"Amethyst lock, hahaha! It's doomed, you can't take away the Liu Family's fateful stone!" At this moment, Luosha, who was carrying Guan Kui's shoulders, woke up and sneered.


Guan Kui shook his shoulder when he heard the words and threw him directly to the ground.

"Don't talk cold words here!" Guan Kui shouted.

Rakshasa tried to get up, but his body was so stiff that he tried several times and all fell to the ground.

"Do you know why she hasn't done it for so long?" Raksha sneered, "because she only has one chance! Once the energy structure in the amethyst lock begins to change and cannot be opened, it will burst! Things will be ruined!"

"Hahaha, Wang Ye, you are doomed to not get a clue to the blood-drinking dagger! Your Wang Family and Zhong Family secret realm are doomed to miss!"

"Back then, the brilliant and prosperous Wang family tried to uncover the secrets in the secret realm guarded by the Zhong family, painstakingly looking for the key. It is rumored that the Wang family obtained the most mysterious key in the secret realm key! Even the Zhong family didn’t know the key. The name, let alone what it looks like!"

"Getting that mysterious key, the Wang family is already bound to unlock the secrets guarded by the Zhong family. Zeng also plans to send people to the desert of the Western Regions to find the life stone left by the ancestors of the Liu family, because the life stone hides a blood-drinking dagger about the key. The secret! It's a pity that my Luo family's army crushed the territory that night and wiped out the king's family in one fell swoop!"

Wang Ye stared at him with empty eyes, sneered and said, "Unfortunately, you left empty-handed."

Luo Sha was startled, his grinning smile a little stiff.

"What about returning empty-handed! Humph, your royal family was annihilated by our people for this reason!"

"Why do you still fall asleep more quietly!" Guan Kui put his foot on Luo Sha's neck and directly kicked him to faint.

"Should we take a long-term plan and come early tomorrow night?" Guan Kui suggested.

Wang Ye nodded in agreement, it seemed that it could only be so.

"It's too late!" Mo Sanniang's face was solemn, "It seems that after the slab was opened, the amethyst lock has been shaken, and the energy inside is changing. There is no way, you must try it today if you can!"

She said that she took out two hairpins from her tied hair, straightened them, and slid on the ground carefully and stuffed them into the keyhole.

The energy in the amethyst lock has begun to change, and this is their last chance.

"Everyone, step back, and wait for the entrance!" Wang Ye waved his hand, "Guan Kui, this is the two of us men, we will stay here and illuminate Mo Sanniang."

Guan Kui nodded without hesitation, holding the hand station to the side.

The bursting power of the amethyst stone lock would be like a grenade. It was not safe to stay here. Although everyone planned to advance and retreat together, under Wang Ye's insistence, they had to retreat to the entrance of the grotto.

Mo Sanniang lay on the ground, listening to the sound of the stone lock, trying to unlock the lock intently.

Wang Ye and Guan Kui stood beside her, holding flashlights to illuminate her.

Time passed a little bit, and the atmosphere was extremely tense. Mo Sanniang's forehead oozes big beads of sweat.

I don't know when the sudden change of energy in the amethyst lock will cause an explosion, but as time goes by, nearly four hours have passed, and the sky will be bright in half an hour.

At that time, the lake poured in. Without diving equipment, I had to leave here.

But leaving here, the amethyst lock will definitely burst, and the Liu family lifestone sealed in it will no longer exist, and everything will be abandoned.

Therefore, everyone placed their hopes on Mo Sanniang.

Whether or not the amethyst lock can be opened within half an hour is the key to obtaining the Liu Family's Lifestone!