Jiang Long's prestige in the military is quite high, so he can help him.

The two had a chat, to see that more than an hour had passed, and Qinglong and others had not yet returned.

I don’t know what happened to Xiaowu!

Jiang Long was a little worried, and he raised his glass and sighed, "That Xiaowu has a very high aptitude, and his performance in championing the three armies in these years is extremely outstanding! The key is that this little guy has never been a good man, which shows his talent. I originally planned to introduce him to you when I met Brother Wang Ye again, and I hope you will include him under the sect! But now it seems, ah!"

Jiang Long regretted that Xiao Wu had amazing talent, but his mind was too weak.

If he couldn't bear even this small blow, let alone Wang Ye, even he would be extremely disappointed by it.

Knowing the meaning of his words, Wang Ye smiled open-mindedly: "Brother Jiang Long is too worried! From my point of view, Xiao Wu is not only highly qualified, but also extremely powerful! This matter will definitely not let him Depressed."

"Oh! Brother Wang Ye, why do you believe so firmly?"

Jiang Long was puzzled.

With a faint smile, Wang Ye got up, "Brother Jiang Long, please come with me."

He walked out of the room slowly, Jiang Long followed closely.

Standing on the balcony outside the room, with the help of the faint moonlight, it can be seen that in the mountains and forests not far away, there is a person kneeling on the way out of the mountain, and the three Qinglong people are nagging beside him.

As far as he could see, Jiang Long's expression was startled. It was Xiao Wu who was kneeling, and there was a hundred feet away, Wang Ye could perceive such a distance in the room.

He was a little bit ashamed, clasped his fists and smiled bitterly: "Brother Wang Ye, although I haven't formally practiced ancient martial arts, but the keenness of these five senses is beyond my reach, Jiang Long! Your talent, no one before or after!"

"Brother Jiang Long praised."

Wang Ye smiled in return.

He can have all of this today, all thanks to the check-in system.

There are countless miracles rewarded by the system, and they are all magical medicines that can improve the body. Not only that, the fire and ice heart and the diamond glaze body rewarded by the system, although they are involved in ancient martial arts, they are already a master of ancient martial arts.

Wang Ye also guessed in his heart that if the hidden powers such as the Luo family and the old beggar Huazi, the ancient martial line that has been passed down for thousands of years, if they have practiced since childhood, how strong should they be!

Very weak things are beyond imagination!

Just like myself, when I was a small boss in the busy city, it was like no matter how wild my imagination was, I would never think that I would have the achievements and strengths I have today.

Many things and many phenomena can only be discovered after gradually contacting them. They far exceed the results that can be imagined in the previous limited level!

"Brother Wang Ye, look at this?" Jiang Long's address to Wang Ye at this moment has inadvertently changed a little more respectfully.

Looking at Xiao Wu who was kneeling on the road away from the mountain, Wang Ye showed a smile. He also liked this kid especially, especially when Jiang Long proposed to accept him as an apprentice. Wang Ye unconsciously remembered the ancient city of the Western Regions. Guan Kui.

Once Guan Kui tried to worship him as a teacher, but he never did so until he died.

Feeling ashamed, Guan Kuinai died because of him, Wang Ye sighed: "Since Brother Jiang Long intended, then I should respect my fate! You and me, let's go and see."

"Okay! Please!" Jiang Long smiled.

The two walked side by side towards the forest, and Qinglong ran over quickly.

"General, this kid doesn't know what he's mad, so he has been kneeling here without talking! Could it be a mental breakdown?"

When Jiang Long heard the words, he laughed and said nothing.

The two walked in front of Xiao Wu, and he looked up at Jiang Long and Wang Ye.

"Xiao Wu, tell me, what are you doing here on your knees?" Jiang Long asked.

Xiao Wu looked firm and said: "My teacher! Xiao Wu is at fault."

"Oh? What's wrong?"

"Xiao Wu is ashamed of his teacher! I know there is a mistake, but I have to do it. I will worship Mr. Wang Ye as my teacher again!"

As soon as these words came out, Qinglong's complexion changed greatly.

This is not a trivial matter, to switch to someone else's school is tantamount to betraying the teacher's school!

Moreover, Xiaowu is a soldier, so soldiers should have firm beliefs and beliefs.

"Xiao Wu, are you crazy!" Qinglong scolded.

But Jiang Long waved his hand, interrupted Qinglong, smiled and asked, "Why?"

Xiao Wu looked resolute and knelt on the ground respectfully, "Xiao Wu dared not conceal anything from his teacher. This is the result of the teaching of his teacher during this period! But the previous fight with Mr. Wang Ye opened my eyes! Please! My teacher allowed me to worship Mr. Wang Ye at the same time."

Seeing that he was pious, Jiang Long was about to inform him of the discussion with Wang Ye, but Wang Ye said first.

"If you want to apprentice a teacher, then I have to agree to it!"

"If you don't accept me, I won't be able to kneel here forever!" Xiao Wu said decisively.

But such sincere words made Wang Ye chuckle, "Why, threaten me? You kneel on your knees and chant, what's your relationship with me! It's a big deal when I go away, you won't see it!"

"Then where are you going, where will I go!"

"This is still entangled with me!" Wang Ye grinned, "Then I ask you a little, what was your original intention to become stronger?"

"Original intention?" Xiao Wu was silent after hearing this.

After a while, he said sincerely: "I have been an orphan since I was a child, and I have been bullied by others. When I was very young, I was thinking that I must become strong enough to make people scared so that I can protect myself! Who cares!"

"Vulgar!" Qinglong scolded.

Soldiers should take the responsibility of protecting their homes and the country, and the goal of protecting the country in Anbang. I am afraid that even a soldier will not listen to what Xiaowu said.

But who had thought, Wang Ye laughed with satisfaction.

"How can you sweep the world without sweeping a house! Xiaowu, you are right! If a person can't even protect himself, how to protect the person he cares about! The life of a person is only a love word, and this love word divides? For family, friendship, and love! It seems small, but it includes everything! Simple talking is harder than doing it!"

He took a step forward, rubbed Xiaowu's head, and said admiringly: "Yes, very good! Grand ambitions need to be built on the simplest ideas! Qinglong is right, it sounds a bit vulgar. , But this world is a piece of vulgarity!"

Qinglong felt embarrassed for a while when he heard the words, but then he also gave initiation.

What is Anbang to protect the country?If you can't even take care of Xiaojia, talk about'everyone'!

Jiang Long smiled and nodded, "Xiao Wu, don't hurry up and apprentice!"

Xiao Wu was startled when he heard the words, and then ecstatic, "Thank you for your mentor for perfection, and thank you, Mr. Wang Ye..."

"Huh?" Wang Ye frowned.

Seeing this, Xiao Wu hurriedly changed his words, "Thank you, teacher!"

Immediately, Xiao Wu worshipped three times and nine knocks on this road, worshiping Wang Ye as his teacher.

This was the second person after Guan Kui to apprehend Wang Ye. Perhaps because he felt ashamed of Guan Kui, Wang Ye readily accepted Xiaowu.

Not only that, Wang Ye has great expectations for this new star in the future.

In the future, when dealing with Luo Family, Xiao Wu will bring him unexpected surprises.