Staring at Luo Yongchang in horror, Wang Ye's heart was extremely longing, if one day he could have such strength, how strong it would be!

At this moment, he finally realized.

Perhaps money is just a way and a bargaining chip used by the hidden families to weigh the world.

In the eyes of families such as the Luo family, money has no meaning.

Because of Xeon's strength, it can have everything it wants to have.

"This kid is at the end of the battle, I beg my master, let us capture this kid! Don't let him die too happy!"

Someone clasped his fist and suggested!

The remaining few people agreed, claiming to capture Wang Ye alive, and then tortured to death in order to avenge the young master Rakshasa!

Luo Yongchang poked a grin and nodded in agreement, and several people walked quickly.

Wang Ye's expression was determined, his fists clenched, and he shouted: "Since there is no way out, let's die together!"

As soon as these words came out, everyone stopped abruptly, and after looking at each other, they laughed disdainfully.

Wang Ye had suffered internal injuries, and he died alone with them.


But suddenly, Wang Ye looked up to the sky and roared his voice like thunder in the air.


The snow-capped mountains oscillated and slightly snow rolled down.

"No! This guy wants to cause an avalanche!"

The crowd did not know who exclaimed, and together with Luo Yongchang, they all raised their heads and looked up the mountain.

The steep mountain wall was covered with a thick layer of snow. Under the echo of the long howling, the snow cracked a series of cobweb-like cracks.

More and more snow began to fall, and when they collided with each other, they gradually crushed the straw that maintained the balance.


A quake-like sound came from the top of the mountain, and then everyone was horrified to see that layers of snow fell off and rushed down, like a wave faster and faster.

"Avalanche! Run away!"

The avalanche caused the entire Reis Snow Mountain to tremble. Although Guwu could hardly resist the horrible impact, it was buried later. Some people roared in panic, turned and ran towards the direction of the mountain.

Luo Yongchang's cheeks were twisted, and he hated that he could personally smash Wang Ye into pieces.


He gritted his teeth and suddenly turned around, only a few people left and fled in a hurry.

While galloping, Luo Yongchang turned his head to look back from time to time. As the snow rolled, Wang Ye was faintly visible in the snow and mist, and the snow was about to come like a wave.

That kid is dead!

Luo Yongchang thought so in his heart.


Just as the avalanche was approaching, Wang Ye dashed to the side of the mountain and jumped under the cliff without hesitation.

When his body fell quickly, he grabbed the rope on the cliff, and then in a cave on the cliff, Liu Ruyan's arm reached out and pulled him in.


The snow fell down, like a waterfall of water, venting from the cave on the cliff, and fell to the bottom of the mountain that is a hundred meters below the clouds.

The heavy snow tumbling down, like a wave hitting, some of Luo Yongchang's men who ran slowly were impacted by the tumbling snow, and their bodies were thrown into the air like an arrow from the string.

The huge impact instantly shattered his internal organs, and he died in mid-air.

Galloping all the way, approaching the foot of the mountain, the power of the avalanche gradually weakened.

If so, Luo Yongchang and the remaining five people were all flew out by the impact of the snow, and finally fell heavily on the grass at the foot of the mountain.

Luo Yongchang got up, with a smear of blood hanging on the corner of his mouth, and looked up at the misty Snow Mountain in amazement.

Except for the one who had been dealt with by Wang Ye before, there were still ten, but half of them fell into the avalanche.

At this moment, the remaining five people climbed up with difficulty and wiped blood from the corners of their mouths!

They stared bitterly at the snowy mountain, "This damn guy, even if he is dead, he is going to pull us back!"

"It's a pity that kid died in an avalanche, otherwise he wouldn't be frustrated and his hatred would be hard to solve!"

"Master! Snow mountain avalanche, I'm afraid it will soon attract many people in the north, let's leave quickly!" someone suggested.

"No!" Luo Yongchang clenched his fists and shouted: "Then Wang Ye! I must live to see people and corpses!"

The five of them frowned.

One of them said with a bitter face: "How can anyone survive such a severe avalanche! Even if your strength is the master, I am afraid that you can't resist it, let alone that Wang Ye."

After the man finished speaking, he glanced at the corner of Luo Yongchang's mouth, where there were still blood stains.

Imagine that even if Luo Yongchang, who was hit by the avalanche, was injured when he fled to the foot of the mountain, let alone Wangye who was halfway up the mountain.

Another person also murmured: "Master, the snow cover is more than ten meters deep and the range is large. It may be difficult to dig out Wang Ye's body!"

Luo Yongchang, who was silent, suddenly laughed grinningly.

"Raksha, I finally avenge you! Then Wang Ye has died in an avalanche!"

He laughed madly, his expression grew colder, suddenly turned around and killed the five people beside him without warning.

One of them fell to the ground, with blood flowing in his mouth and a breath, and asked in confusion: "Master, you, why are you..."

"Why? Hahaha!" Luo Yongchang grinned and said, "Wang Ye has the secret key in his hand. He died in an avalanche. If the Luo family knows that I did it, he will definitely not let me go! Only you are dead, this No one will know about it!"

As he said, he pulled the man's leg and threw him towards the snow-capped mountain with a vigorous flick. His body was smashed into the snow, covered by the snow still rolling down.

The other four people were also dealt with in the same way, and then Luo Yongchang turned and walked towards the highway, and burned the two cars, destroying all the evidence.

What he hadn't noticed was that there was a person hidden on the other side of the snow mountain, with tears on his face at the moment.

"Wang Ye, dead, dead?"

She stood up, staggering a bit, looking at the snow-capped mountains with remaining snow rolling down.

Cai Yingxin!

This person is Cai Yingxin who came to meet, but she heard Luo Yongchang's words in despair!

Although Cai Yingxin was extremely unwilling to believe that Wang Ye would fall into such a terrible avalanche, the reality made her have to accept it!

"The Luo family? Which Luo family is it? I want your lives to avenge Wang Ye!"

Cai Ying gritted his teeth and ran to one side of the grassland like he was talking crazy, and his speed gradually increased and his figure jumped, and there was a pair of pure white wings spread out behind him, and galloped towards Cai's house in northern Xinjiang like a falcon. .

She wants to assemble the Cai family to avenge Wang Ye!

However, at this moment, in the cave on the cliff, Wang Ye and Liu Ruyan happened to stand in it, enjoying the snow tumbling down like a waterfall outside the cave.

"I don't know if Luo Yongchang and others are dead or alive!" Wang Ye smiled brightly.

Liu Ruyan wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said softly: "But at least you can keep it. Luo Yongchang must have thought you are dead! So, this trouble is temporarily eliminated! After the avalanche has completely disappeared, I will wait for my heart. Sister came to pick us up!"

"I want to feel the feeling of flying in the sky."

Wang Ye said expectantly.