The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 399 Ice Fire Bone Wings

Leaving the cave and heading to Cai's house to explore Cai Yingxin's situation, this idea became more and more urgent as Wang Ye thought about it.

Because he can be sure that if it weren't for Cai Yingxin, she would definitely not miss the appointment!

The night is as cool as water.

Putting Liu Ruyan down in the tent and covering her with the only thin quilt, Wang Ye walked out of the tent and zipped up the tent.

There are only these rudimentary equipment in the mountaineering bag, and I can’t last long in this cave.

Standing at the entrance of the cave with his hand held, he felt the strong wind.

"If it doesn't work, just use the tent tarp to make a simple wingsuit."

Wang Ye muttered to himself, perhaps with the help of the wind in the mountains, he could drift down, but if he fails, he will be crushed.

As time passed by a little bit, Cai Zang's heart became more and more in danger. That was the person who was destined to have a baby relative to him, and her parents were also killed in those massacres and fell to save the Wang family.


He exhaled a long breath, and it was early morning before he knew it.

He called out his cell phone bored, and then tapped the button to sign in.

Today is Tuesday. As usual, the rewards of the system should be some wealth, so Wang Ye didn't hold much hope.

He looked at the dark night sky, and after a long period of daze, he glanced at the phone screen.

He wanted to click the collection button at will and put it in the warehouse temporarily, but the nearby fingers suddenly froze.


Seeing the text on the screen, he suddenly took a breath.

[Congratulations to the host for successfully checking in and signing in continuously, and get the system reward: Ice Fire Bone Wing!

"Bone wings? Great, the system can really sense what I need."

Excited heart, trembling hand, lightly tap on the function introduction button, and a line of writing pops up on the screen.

[Introduction to the Ice and Fire Bone Wings: The wings of the ice and fire mysterious crystal beasts are extracted after tempering, and can be integrated into the body with the help of the power of ice and fire. It not only has a strong flying ability, but also has a strong defense and attack power.

Wang Ye rubbed his eyes and made sure that he was not mistaken. Although he didn't know what kind of ghost the Ice Fire Profound Crystal Beast was, the flying bone wings were real.

He can't wait to click the extract button, waiting nervously.

After a few breaths, a small thing suddenly appeared in his hand.

"Uh... this Nima is the Ice Fire Bone Wing?"

The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. He originally thought it was a pair of extremely beautiful bone wings, but he did not expect to check in on the system's mobile phone screen. The actual picture was obviously P-passed, and even the beauty filter was turned on. Something like that.

The bone wings on the picture are so cool and domineering!

But the thing in his hand made him doubt life. It was a wing that was only four or five centimeters long and looked more like plastic.

"A kid's toy?"

Wang Ye couldn't wait to throw it off the cliff, but after thinking about it, the system seemed to have never fooled him.

But the question now is, how can this small, seemingly inferior-looking wing be incorporated into the body, and how can it become the mighty and domineering bone wing on the screen?

He was lost in thought.

Swallow it as usual?

This thing will definitely get stuck in the throat.

"Ice Fire Bone Wing, Ice Fire Bone Wing..." Wang Ye frowned and muttered constantly.

Suddenly, his eyes flashed, and a thought came to mind.

The introduction of the Ice and Fire Bone Wing mentioned that it needs the power of ice and fire to actuate. Simply put, an airplane needs gasoline to fly. This ice and fire Bone Wing needs to consume the power of ice and fire in his body!

That being the case, the way to integrate it should be Tinder and Bingxin.

But there is only one chance. If it fails, this thing will be discarded, so Wang Ye hesitated.

He looked down at the phone again, and slapped his lips. "The rewards of the system are the cast bone profound iron liquid with a special level and order and the subsequent diamond glaze body. Without the former, the latter cannot be used!"

"Now it seems that Bing Xin and Tinder's rewards are because they lay a solid foundation for this Binghuo Bone Wing!"

At this point, Wang Ye didn't think much anymore, holding the inferior-looking wings in both hands, flames and frost gushing out of his palms.

"It's over..."

When the flame and frost moved towards the wings at the same time, Wang Ye kept muttering.

The half of the wings burned under the flame for a few breaths, and then turned into ashes. The other half of the wings were directly frozen into ice cubes under the ice crystals. With the flames high temperature, the ice cubes shattered. The wings were also broken.

This thing, ruined?!


Just as Wang Ye was depressed, a tearing sensation suddenly came from his palm, and he took a breath and looked down.

A blood stain broke through the palms of both hands, and the burnt ashes and cracked ice cubes respectively moved towards the hands and merged under the broken skin.

All this was very fast, in less than a minute or so, his hands were completely empty.

At the same time, the broken skin was healing spontaneously, and Wang Ye clearly felt that there were two things moving up his arm, and then approached his back, and finally stopped there!

It's that ice and fire bone wings!

Wang Ye could feel their existence, and had a feeling that as long as he poured the power of ice and fire into his back, those wings should spread out.

Give it a try?

Wang Ye asked himself in his heart, but looking at the dark cliff outside the cave, if he failed, he would be crushed.

He tried to shake his shoulders, urging the ice and fire power into the ice and fire bone wings.


A pair of bone wings suddenly stretched out from behind him, and the two wings banged on the small cave wall, and two large pits appeared on both sides of the wall.

Improper control made Wang Ye startled. As the ice and fire retracted, the bone wings retracted into his body.

"Have there been an avalanche?"

Liu Ruyan opened the tent, probed out and asked suspiciously.

Upon seeing this, Wang Ye smiled bitterly and stretched out his hands, "No, there is no avalanche, I'm just studying the secret method that I taught me with my heart."

"What secret method?" Liu Ruyan looked confused.

"The secret method of making wings!" Wang Ye evasive.

He is not going to tell anyone about the existence of the check-in system!Once the Dragon King Mountain King's family, it was rumored that the fourth key to the secret realm, caused the disaster of extermination.

Every husband is innocent and cherishes his guilt, this is a lesson learned!

Liu Ruyan curled his lips, obviously not believing, "That is the secret method that the Cai family does not pass on. Without the approval of Patriarch Cai, she dare to pass it on to you! Alright, rest assured, you guy, without your arms. I can not sleep!"

"Can't sleep." Wang Ye joked. She slept soundly just now.

If it hadn't been for the first time I tried Ice Fire Bone Wing a little out of control, making such a big movement, I'm afraid she was still asleep!

But now, since the bone wings can indeed be used, Wang Ye is not in a hurry. He got into the tent and hugged Liu Ruyan, and said softly in her ear: "Then, go to bed obediently, and give you a surprise tomorrow."

"But now, I can't sleep anymore!" Liu Ruyan turned over, pressed him under her body, and smiled charmingly: "On the cliff, in the cave, I am afraid it has a different flavor."

"Uh, you are too..."

Before Wang Ye's words were finished, Liu Ruyan's red lips blocked his mouth.