After such a disturbance, the oil lamps in Cai's camp were lit, and people began to walk out of the camp to hear the news.

Seeing things getting worse, Po Yu in the corner stared at Wang Ye suspiciously.

"Aren't you leaving?"

"Go? Why do you want to go?" Wang Ye smiled faintly, "You have your plan, and I also have my plan. I just take this opportunity to push the boat along the river!"

"But you, this, this will hurt me!" Po Yu frowned.

Her status is just a servant of the Cai family, and Wang Ye is still a guest of the Cai family temporarily.

If things really make a big deal, no doubt it will be her humble servant who will eventually be unlucky, and she may also expose everything about her!

Po Yu was a little anxious and worried, but Wang Ye was secretly excited.

I was worried that I had no chance to lay the foundation for Liu Ruyan!It's a good thing that Cai Hao's dog legs followed behind to make such a scene.


After Cai Zhong left, the first person who opened the curtain and walked in was Cai Lanxin.

At the first glance, she saw the apartment curled up in the corner with shabby clothes and pale appearance, and she guessed what had happened.

"I didn't expect you to be such a nasty guy! Shameless, nasty!"

Chua Lam cursed, and ran forward quickly to help the mooring house and tidy up her clothes.

"Isn't he just a servant?" Wang Ye said indifferently.

"Are you still a human!" Cai Lan stared at Wang Ye with a vicious look. If he hadn't realized that he was not his opponent, he would have already tried to teach him.

More and more people were watching outside the house, and they were talking about it.

Wang Ye got into the Cai’s servant’s tent at night and tried to get rid of it, and the incident spread quickly.

Many Cai family members pointed and pointed, one by one resented.

And those single maids, at this moment, feel that everyone is in danger.

Looking at Wang Ye again, he looked indifferent, sitting calmly on the side of the bed, which made these people feel angry.

"Wang Ye!"

After a while, Liu Ruyan rushed in first.

Looking across the tent, and then facing Wang Ye's eyes, Bingxue's cleverness instantly understood Wang Ye's plan.

Immediately, she stared at Wang Ye with an angry look, and asked: "How can you do such a thing! I, I have a marriage contract with you, and here, this is the Cai family, and sister Yingxin is also having a marriage contract with you. People, but you are here with a servant, you... hey!"

At the end of the talk, Liu Ruyan almost burst into tears.

Wang Ye shrugged, "Drunk and messy, why take it seriously, Ruyan! You are not just a servant!"

"That's the servant of my Cai family! How can you be defiled!"

A cold shout came from outside the house, and Cai Hao strode in.

He glared at Wang Ye coldly, and immediately looked at Liu Ruyan, who was in tears, and he actually stepped forward to comfort him: "Miss Liu, how can such a man with flowers and grass be worth your tears for him."

Liu Ruyan wiped away tears, "Wang Ye, I am so disappointed with you!"

Wang Ye pretended to explain, "Ruyan, haven't I done anything yet!"

"What else do you want to do?" Liu Ruyan roared.

"Let me explain!" Wang Ye said, walking towards Liu Ruyan.

"Don't come over, don't come over!" Liu Ruyan backed away.

Seeing this, Cai Hao thought that his opportunity had come, and he took a step forward to block Wang Ye.

Looking at him with cold eyes, "Miss Liu has already said that you don't come over! Wang Ye, your filthy character is not worthy of being my uncle of the Cai family!"

"Cai Hao! You don't deserve it, it's not your turn to have the final say!"

"Huh!" Cai Hao flicked his sleeves and said: "You know that my Cai family values ​​integrity more than life! You are in love with Bo Yu, okay, okay, I give you this opportunity!"

As Cai Hao said, he pointed his finger at Po Yu: "How about I bet you. If you can beat me in the flight test of the day after tomorrow's sacrifice ceremony, then my servant of Cai family Po Yu is yours!"

Seeing Wang Ye's silence, Cai Hao continued: "Lan Xin could have said that you stole my Cai family secrets from Cai Yingxin! There is also a pair of wings, is it possible that you dare not?"

Cai Hao wanted to find an opportunity to target him and subdue Wang Ye at the ceremony of sacrificing the heavens, but he has been suffering from no excuses. Today it happened to be the case of Po Yu.

As everyone knows, in the middle of Wang Ye's arms.

Wang Ye pretended to ponder a little, and asked, "What if I lose?"

"Hmph, you know you know it! But don't worry, even if you lose, my Cai family will treat you with courtesy! But, that apartment will be a sacrifice to heaven! After all, this is about my Cai family's name festival. !"

"Sacrifice to heaven!"

"Living people sacrifice to heaven, the Cai family hasn't done this for hundreds of years!"

"Yes, the ancestors of the Cai family have already banned the abolition of living sacrifices to heaven!"

The Cai family members outside the camp murmured in shock.

Living people’s sacrifice to the sky is too cruel, and it has been abolished for many years. I didn’t expect that this time, because of this incident, the man would want to sacrifice to the sky.

But to everyone's expectation, Wang Ye smiled heartlessly and said, "I won this bet! Anyway, I won, and I can get a beauty. Losing will have no effect on me!"

"Beast!" Chua Lan scolded first.

Cai Hao sneered with disdain, turned his head to look at Liu Ruyan, "Miss Liu, see you! This is the person you chose, hey, Ms. Liu is really unworthy!"

"Wang Ye, I didn't expect you to be such a person!" Liu Ruyan cried and turned and ran out.

The goal has been achieved, Cai Hao waved his hand and said: "Everyone has heard it, and be a witness by then! Okay, it's late at night, everyone is gone!"

A group of Cai family members who held hatred for Wang Ye disperse after Cai Hao's orders.

Wang Ye walked out of the camp, stood at the door and turned his head to look around. He glanced at the angry Cai Lanxin, then smiled deeply at Bo Yu before turning to leave.

Chua Lan hugged Bo Yu, and comforted: "You can rest assured that Wang Ye won or loses, he is not qualified to hurt you, and I will not allow Cai to use you to sacrifice to heaven."

"Thank you, Miss." Po Yu cried.

"Bo Yu, we both grew up together when we were young. You helped me take care of my mother for so many years. How could I forget your kindness. Don't worry, everything will be fine with me."

Chua Lanxin is a kind-hearted and innocent girl. She has been by Po Yu's side all night.

Liu Ruyan did not return to the camp, but instead lived in a camp alone under Cai Hao's arrangement, and Cai Hao comforted her for a long time in this camp.

As for Wang Ye, he felt quite heartless. After returning to the camp, he fell asleep, as if nothing happened.

Throughout the whole incident, Cai Fengxiang never showed up.

It wasn't until late at night that after Cai Hao left Liu Ruyan's room, this was the end of the report to Cai Fengxiang's room.

"Father, God helped me too! We were a little afraid at first that Wang Ye and Liu Ruyan would join forces, but now Liu Ruyan is obviously disheartened to Wang Ye! By then, only Wang Ye will be left. No matter how powerful he is, he won't be able to beat the sky!"

On the seat, Cai Fengxiang poked a smirk.

"Young man, after all, I can't resist the temptation! Hey, good thing! Cai Hao, tomorrow morning, let the words go out and try to make the clansman hate Wang Ye, the more we can do things right when we start!"

"Father don't worry, everyone knows about the trouble tonight. Tomorrow I will let Cai Zhong and the others add oil and jealousy. It won't work if Wang Ye's reputation is not stinky!"

After Cai Hao said that, the father and son laughed in vain.