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Chapter 419: As You Wish

Rumor has it that Caohai is a forbidden area in northern Xinjiang. It is said that there are dangers in Caohai.

From the outside, Caohai is just an area with more luxuriant grassland than ordinary grassland, and it is said to be more like a reed swing.

But since ancient times, it has been the place where everyone in northern Xinjiang talked about tigers, because no one knows the situation in Caohai, because no one has ever been able to leave from Caohai alive.

"You plan to enter the Caohai, just that old thing and Cai Yingxin that bitch?" Cai Fengxiang asked suddenly.

Wang Ye's eyes chilled slightly, "Caohai, I am definitely going to go! It's just that you should be polite, otherwise don't blame me..."

"Want to do it to me?" Cai Fengxiang sneered disdainfully, "Then you have to think carefully! There are more than one hundred people in the Cai family outside this room. Do you believe what Wang Ye said, or what Cai Fengxiang said?"

Wang Ye sneered, Cai Fengxiang looked at himself too highly!

Whether those people in his tribe trust him Wang Ye or Cai Fengxiang, it doesn't make any sense to him.

Now, the only way to rescue Cai Yingxin and Elder Cai is to enter the sea of ​​grass, and the danger of the Cai family should be relieved!

Seeing Wang Ye passing by, Cai Fengxiang shouted, "Stop!"

"What? Do you think you are my one-in-one general?" Wang Ye turned his head and smiled contemptuously.

Although Cai Fengxiang is strong, Wang Ye is quite confident because he is not his opponent at all.

Obviously, Cai Fengxiang knows this too well. He sneered and said, "Don't you want the other half of the broken picture of the blood-drinking dagger!"

Wang Ye's footsteps slammed, and his brow furrowed. Isn't the half of the broken picture in Po Yu's hands?

"Huh!" Seeing what Wang Ye was thinking, Cai Fengxiang snorted coldly, "Really, I'm Cai Fengxiang just a decoration? How can the things that Bo Yu does not escape my eyes!"

"She grew up with Cai Lanxin, and had always served by Lan Huixin's side before. I already knew that Lan Huixin had told Po Yu about half of the broken picture, so I pretended to gradually trust her and arrange her related affairs! Imperial Capital, she communicated with you, hehe, I already knew about this!"

"Then why have you waited until now?" Wang Ye asked suddenly, turning around.

"Because that bitch's mouth is very hard!" Cai Fengxiang sneered: "I originally planned to let you get half a broken picture and then wipe it all out after you contact her. Now it seems that it is unnecessary!"

"At this moment, Bo Yu has been brought to the top of the Tianmu Mountain by the dead server I trained. If you rush to go before you see me, they will kill it without hesitation! I, Cai Fengxiang, would rather break this line. I will also make you Wang Ye pay the price!"

When Wang Ye heard the words, he stood with his hands behind him, his eyes flashing.

Cai Fengxiang worked so hard to do all of this, is it just to persecute him to participate in the ceremony of sacrifice to heaven?

Compete with it in flying competition?

Obviously, Cai Fengxiang has another purpose.

"Stay and participate in the flying competition?" Cai Fengxiang asked playfully.

After hesitating a little, Wang Ye spread his hands and said, "Okay! As you wish, then I will stay and let the Cai family see what a real wing is!"

"It's so good! If you have the opportunity to reach the end of Tianmu Mountain in the flying competition, maybe the mooring can be saved!"

After that, Cai Fengxiang turned around and said as he left the house: "See you at the ceremony of offering sacrifices to the heavens in an hour! Don't play tricks, or the mansion will die! The blood-drinking dagger will be buried in the ground, and there will never be a chance to live!"

Seeing his back with a sneer and leaving, Wang Ye was thinking.

Cai Fengxiang wants to lead him to Tianmu Mountain. What is the purpose?

He clearly knew that he was not his Wang Ye's opponent, even if he went to Tianmu Mountain, it was still the same!


Had Cai Fengxiang found a helper and tried to kill Wang Ye on the Tianmu Mountain without knowing it?

However, Cai Hao did not contact Luo's family!

For a while, Wang Ye couldn't figure out why Cai Fengxiang made a mystery and led him to Tianmu Mountain.

But regardless of Cai Fengxiang's conspiracy, Wang Ye must participate in the flying competition of the ceremony.

The secret realm guarded by the Zhong family, four keys!Wang Ye has already got two of them, and the third key is about to emerge.

It is not because of Cai Fengxiang that the clue of this third key is cut off.

The soldiers came to cover the water and soil, and Wang Ye made up his mind and turned and sat on the bed.

Fortunately, Liu Ruyan, Cai Yong and Cai Yu have secretly transferred Cai Lanxin and Lan Huixin away, and Cai Fengxiang has nothing to threaten him except Po Yu.

The sky was getting brighter, and loud noises began to ring outside the camp.

Wang Ye walked out of the camp and looked at the grassland. The rising sun cast a bright sun, and the grassland seemed to wake up again.

A hundred meters away from the camp, more than one hundred people from the Cai family gathered, cheering and shouting.

The memorial ceremony is very simple, even a little primitive, but in the early morning some incomprehensible tones are shouted, like some kind of ancient spell.

After that, it was the most lively part of the ceremony.

Horse riding, archery!

This is the survival skill of people on horseback on the grassland.

Everyone cheered, and some people gradually discovered that Cai Yong, who was known as the first warrior, was missing in this competition.

Wang Ye stood outside the crowd with his hands in his hands, glanced at the equestrian competition, showing no interest in it.

Before he turned to look at the crowd, Cai Fengxiang stood proudly.

Nothing seemed to happen to him, he was in this kind of celebration.

"Huh?" Suddenly, Wang Ye frowned slightly and his eyes fell on the person next to Cai Fengxiang.

This person is in his early thirties and looks very energetic, but Wang Ye can be sure at a glance that this person is not the Cai family!He had never seen this person before.

Just at this moment, the man turned his head to look at him, the two eyes facing each other.

The man gave a cold smile and nodded.

This look made Wang Ye frown.

Luo family?!

Luo family!

A sense of hostility stemming from instinct made Wang Ye completely certain that this person is the Luo family!

It seems that the friend Cai Hao mentioned has already contacted Luo Yongchang!

No wonder Cai Fengxiang had a showdown at this time, it seems that he caught the Luo family line.

However, Wang Ye guessed that Luo Yongchang had been out of Luo Yongchang and violated the instructions of the Luo Family Patriarch and secretly shot him Wang Ye. That incident has already caused Luo Yongchang to be severely punished!

This trip is probably just Luo Yongchang's cronies!

"The third link, flying competition, to participate in the competition, please come forward and prepare!"

At this moment, an old priest in front of the crowd shouted.

There were bursts of cheers, and more than a dozen people stepped forward, including Cai Fengxiang.

When everyone saw him, a pair of eyes hurriedly searched around, and finally landed on Wang Ye outside the crowd.

Cai Fengxiang said last night that today he will replace Cai Hao in the flying competition, and he will undoubtedly compete with Wang Ye.

"Wang Ye, why are you still stunned?" Cai Fengxiang shouted loudly: "Cai Yingxin has secretly passed to you the secret method of my Cai family, and it is said that you have also condensed a pair of wings. Today I will fight for Cai Hao. Finish the gambling agreement with you, come on! Let my Cai family see if the secret method of the Cai family is in your hands, is it better than I wait for the Cai family!"

As soon as Cai Fengxiang said this, more than ten people on the field cast hostile eyes!

This secret method of condensing the wings of the eagle for personal use is a secret book not passed down by the Cai family. Everyone felt that Cai Zangxin's self-reliance was a blasphemy against the Cai family.

As everyone knows, Wang Ye's ice and fire bone wings are quite different from his Cai family's secrets!