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Chapter 423: Rules of the Strong

The old man's name is Tian, ​​and he has the aura of heaven.

He didn't speak, and Cai Fengxiang and the Naluo family dared to interrupt.

After staring at each other for a moment, Tian explained: "It is inevitable that there will be many contradictions between the big clans. Our heavenly clans will not interfere, but we need to resolve the contradictions with each other in secret! Wang Ye, you know that China has continued to be peaceful for a thousand years. What is the reason? ?"

"Under the control of your Celestial Clan." Wang Ye smiled disdainfully.

Tian Wenyan shook his head.

"No, it lies in the system! The water-powered pontoon can also overturn the boat. Billions of people in China have been living in peace. There are countless strong people among the hundreds of races. If the rules are not taken into consideration, only the common people will be the victims. ! And what the Celestial race shoulders is the balance among the hundred races."

"Cai Fengxiang, you two will withdraw temporarily, I have something to say to Wang Ye."

Tian waved his hand and said.

Hearing this, Cai Fengxiang was taken aback, and hurriedly bowed and said: "God, this time Wang Ye has secretly learned from my Cai family..."

"That's not the Cai family's secret collection! Get out!" Tian Yi saw through, Wang Ye's ice and fire bone wings were not Cai family's unique skills.

Seeing that the two of Cai Fengxiang were unwilling, Tian Huo Ran turned around, and the two of Cai Fengxiang with scared eyes backed away one after another.

"The junior retire, the junior retire!"

Not daring to stay, Cai Fengxiang jumped, his wings spread out and hurried away. The Luo family flickered and quickly moved up and down the sky.

That's the Celestial Clan, God!

People like them can't disobey!

When the two of them left, the sky flicked his fingers, and Po Yu fainted with black eyes.

Turned and sat on the boulder on one side, the sky looked out into the void.

"Now I will answer your question! Twenty-eight years ago, because of the rumors of the fourth key of the secret realm, the Luo family disregarded the rules among the strong and violently destroyed the king's family overnight! The heavens have been punished, and the Luo family has been punished within a hundred years. Don't leave Luoshan!"

"Luoshan?" Wang Ye muttered. That Luoshan should be where Luo family's lair is.

Although Tian did not look back, he clearly saw what Wang Ye was thinking.

"Do you want revenge? But you are far from the Luo family's opponent! Perhaps, after gathering the four keys to unlock the secret realm guarded by the Zhong family, you can still have the power to fight against the Luo family."

Wang Ye heard this and said, "But didn't the seniors say that the strong have the rules of the strong?"

"I did say it! But I also said that each race has a way to resolve grievances between each race! As long as it is not known to the world."

When Tian said this, he turned his head and smiled at Wang Ye.

His smile made Wang Ye's heart cold.

In his opinion, the Celestial Clan who maintains the order of China should be quite jealous of the Luo Family!Tian's words are not enough to encourage him to Wang Ye, but it is obviously intended to help him secretly, only to target the Luo family.

In the same way, Wang Ye felt the horror of the Luo family.

"Wang Ye, as your strength gradually rises, you should have seen it. The Huaxia in the eyes of the world is far from simple! This Tianmu Mountain is high, and there is something higher than Tianmu Mountain! There are people outside the mountain, and my two warnings are also for your own good. I don't want the only blood of the Wang family to be killed in the cradle by your high profile!"

Hearing this, if Wang Ye doesn't know good or bad, he would be stupid.

This mysterious and powerful Celestial Clan, God!

Exhausting words and talking about this is nothing more than maintaining the rules of the strong, letting him Wang Ye know the seriousness of the matter.

At this point, Wang Ye clasped his fist and said: "Thank you seniors for the bumps, juniors keep in mind! In the future, they will be low-key.

"Haha, it's not to keep you low-key, just don't expose your strength to the world too conspicuously! Just as you said, if someone wants to take your life, in desperation, do you have to wait for death? Nothing!"

Speaking of this, he pointed to the distance, "Caohai."

Wang Ye stepped forward and looked down under the clouds and mist on the sky. There was a huge area there, looking down from the sky, it was out of step with the grassland.

It is densely covered with weeds, covering only tens of miles.

"Caohai is a space and music scene. Have you ever heard of Xumi hiding the universe? This is the truth of Caohai! Although it is a dead place, there is also a way to live! To get out of Caohai, I need what I want. I can only I got you here."

After all, Tian stood up.

Wang Ye hurriedly said, "Senior, please stay. There is one more junior I would like to ask senior to call."

Tian turned around to look at Wang Ye, his expression slightly kind.

"The identity of the old beggar?" Tian asked calmly.

Wang Ye nodded his head seriously. Wang Ye has always been curious about the identity of the old beggar. Step by step, Wang Ye feels that everything is following the layout of the old beggar, which seems to be a chess piece of the old beggar.

Perhaps the Celestial Clan can give him the final explanation.

But it is a pity that Tian slowly shook his head, "Heaven Clan, never intervenes in the disputes of the hundreds of races in the world, and the only responsibility is to maintain the order between the strong. But I can tell you a little."

"Senior, please make it clear." Wang Ye bowed and saluted.

"The Luo family had to bow down when they saw the old beggar!"

"Is it so strong?" Wang Ye trembled in his heart. He didn't expect the old beggar to be so terrifying.

Just a Luo Yongchang, Wang Ye has seen that the real powerhouse is so powerful, and that is not just a concubine from the Luo family!

It is hard to imagine how strong the strength of the Patriarch of the Luo Family will be, and such an existence would have to bow down in front of the old beggar?!

"What is the purpose of the old beggar?"

Wang Ye asked Huo Ran raising his head.

But there was nothing in front of me, and the mysterious sky had disappeared without a trace.

Looking around, there were no footprints on the snow and no figures in the air.

"What a weird guy!" Wang Ye sighed inwardly, and the sky disappeared silently, probably only the time-space bracelet in his hand could do it.

But unfortunately, his time and space bracelet can only be used three times, so far Wang Ye is still reluctant to use it!

He slowly stepped forward, sat on the boulder in the previous day, and looked at the endless sky.

The higher he climbed, the more he felt his own insignificance.

Recalling that when I was just a small boss, my eyesight was so narrow. Have you ever thought that in this Chinese land, someone could control a beast? Ever thought that there really exists a soul in the world, and how did you ever think that there would be someone Have wings soaring above the void.

Now, standing at this height, I have been exposed to all of this, but is it not like him at the beginning, and above, there are those that I can't touch or imagine?

The seemingly calm and unremarkable world is actually bizarre, but his own strength is not enough to allow him to contact them.

"There is a sky outside the sky, and there are people outside the world! Where is the peak?"

He raised his head and looked at the sky, standing on the top of the sky, the sky is still that piece of sky, far away!

With a lot of emotion in his heart, Wang Ye just shook his head for a long time, and put those fanciful assumptions behind him.

Holding the fainted Po Yu with one hand, he leaped forward, the ice and fire bone wings spread out, and dived toward the sea of ​​grass behind the sky.

Only by constantly getting stronger can we gradually see what secrets are hidden in this unknown world!