There were more than two hundred people in the Cai family, life and death were already in the hands of Wang Ye.

Although he was vowed, the pressure in Wang Ye's heart multiplied. If he fails, he will become the sinner of the Cai family, which will cause more than 200 people to be unable to survive and accelerate the tragedy of cannibalism.

Looking at the crowd, Wang Ye's heart was all tugging as he splashed the horse blood in the water bag on the ground as he said.

More than two hundred people were silent, they did not speak, they were all waiting quietly.

The dim space was soon filled with blood and a pungent smell of blood.

Some of the sticky horse blood stained the ground, one piece by piece, spreading around, everyone's eyes were looking for the place where horse blood could not be stained.

More and more water bags are empty, and there is not much horse blood left to sustain life.

The dim hinterland, a valley-like place, was covered with horse blood and was filled with the smell of blood.


"How could it not!"

"Hey, it failed!"

This place is like a cage. All the ground and stone walls are covered with horse blood, but there is no place that is not contaminated with horse blood.

Wang Ye frowned, which was beyond his expectation.

There was a touch of despair in Cai Fengchen's eyes, and Elder Cai also secretly sighed.

Cai Yingxin stepped forward and took Wang Ye's arm, but she couldn't say a few words of comfort.


This will cause the Cai family to aggravate to death.

In the dark hinterland filled with blood, more than two hundred people in the Cai family were silent, their eyes desperate.

"It doesn't matter, we still have a chance."

Elder Cai squeezed a smile and patted Wang Ye on the shoulder.

"It's just one failure, don't worry about it..."

"There was no failure!" Wang Ye's eyes flickered hot, and everyone suddenly raised their heads, staring at him expectantly.

Wang Ye Cancan smiled, obviously confident.

"Wang Ye, what do you mean?" Mr. Cai asked tentatively.

"In the air!"

Wang Ye pointed to the air with certainty.

"Remember when we appeared, we fell from mid-air! I had guessed early on that the exit of the dim hinterland was in mid-air, but in order to ensure the only exit from the space curve, we did this experiment."

He glanced across the crowd, and said: "The Cai family has a secret method. It can gather wings and fly in the air is not difficult! Who wants to take the lead?"

"I come!"

"I come!"


The Cai family screamed in fear.

Even if the mid-air may lead to a dead end, they are willing to give it a try.

Puff puff……

The voices of spreading wings sounded in the dim hinterland. This is the elite of the Cai family. Almost everyone has the secrets of the Cai family. Although there are still people who have not yet possessed wings, the people around them have already used them. Hold on.

"Wang Ye, you and I will be the first!"

Cai Ying smiled quietly, shaking his shoulders, and a pair of snow-white wings spread out behind him.

This is the first time Wang Ye has seen it. Cai Ying used Cai's secrets with his heart. These pure white wings are really beautiful.

She stepped forward to hold Wang Ye, and flew into the air with her wings flapping.

The others couldn't wait, one by one retreated to the stone wall, preparing to rush into the air after a short run.

Cai Fengchen beckoned to Bo Yu, they were ready to leave at any time.

While in the air, Wang Ye solemnly shouted: "Everyone, don't forget to leave here and do whatever you want! As long as you are in the Cai's family, you can leave here!"


When he finished speaking and was in the air, a faint spatial wave rippled around Cai Yingxin.

In an instant, a pale white brilliance emerged, and Cai Yingxin and Wang Ye disappeared from everyone's sight.

"It's done!"

"Hahaha, it really succeeded!"

"The Cai family is saved!"

The Cai family members cheered.

The old man Cai was full of joy, his eyes filled with tears, he shouted: "Cai's son, leave Caohai with me!"

After the conversation, Old Man Cai's shoulders shook, and a pair of black wings spread out and rushed into the air.

Immediately afterwards, an extremely gorgeous scene was staged in this dim hinterland.

Rows of Cai family members, after a run-up, flapped their wings into the air, white light emerged and disappeared without a trace.

One team after another, marching toward the space music realm in an orderly manner.

At this moment, Wang Ye and Cai Yingxin have appeared in a pure white space, looking up to the boundlessness, here is the space music scene in the sea of ​​grass.

The two looked at each other, and after nodding to each other, their eyes closed slightly and moved out as they wanted to.

I only felt that the surrounding space was turbulent, touching the body like a current of water, and they were quickly traversing the layers of spatial curvature, towards the edge of the Caohai.

In different spatial and musical realms, the Cai family followed this method, one after another, approaching the border of Caohai.

It's just that no one noticed that under the impact of more than 200 people many times, the space in the dim hinterland became more and more unstable. As everyone left, the space there began to peel off layer by layer, and a huge spatial black hole appeared.


There was a slight sound, and silhouettes appeared on the edge of Caohai.

One step back is waist-high withered yellow weeds, and one step forward is the endless green grass.


"Hahaha, we finally left Caohai!"

"Since ancient times, we are the first group to be able to leave Caohai alive!"

When they appeared outside Caohai, the Cai family laughed excitedly.

Elder Cai smiled and looked at Wang Ye with admiration. If it weren't for him, I'm afraid the entire Cai family would be finished.

Cai Fengchen put down the apartment, he clenched his fist, and said: "It's all the sins made by Cai Fengxiang, huh! This time we return to the old house of Cai's house, we must make this thing that kills the king and the father pay the price!"

"Yes! Drive him out of Cai's house!"

"Expelled from the Cai family, expelled from the Cai family!"


More than two hundred people shouted in unison, it was Cai Fengxiang's conspiracy that caused them to almost die in the sea of ​​grass.

Moreover, Mr. Cai endured three years of imprisonment.

"Thank you, Wang Ye." Cai Yingxin laughed softly.

Wang Ye rubbed her head, "Are you polite with me!"

"Hey, that's right! You are both a couple, why are you polite!" Cai Fengchen laughed.

Hearing this, Cai Yingxin was still a little shy.

Just as everyone was indulging in this excitement, a huge suction suddenly gushed from the sea of ​​grass.


The three people near Caohai seemed to be held by a pair of invisible hands, and they were swallowed by a scream under the suction.

Cai Ying's body trembled, and the suction grabbed her, and her body was already flying.


Just at the moment, Wang Ye grabbed her wrist, his eyes showed horror.

In the sea of ​​grass, a black hole emerged from which the suction was emitted, and the suction became stronger.

"The space song is broken! Get out of here!"

With a loud shout, Wang Ye awakened the shocked crowd.

They jumped out one by one, quickly moving towards the distance.

At this moment, the suction gradually increased, and Cai Yingxin flapped her shoulders and wings, but still couldn't resist the engulfing of the suction. It was Wang Ye who tried his best to drag her, but was also a little bit, towards the collapsed sea of ​​grass.