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Chapter 432: The Real Ancient Martial Arts

The Cai family crisis has emerged, and Wang Ye is well respected in the Cai family.

Ben Cai wanted to host the wedding for Wang Ye and Cai Yingxin at Cai's house, but he met with unanimous opposition from Cai Yingxin and Wang Ye.

In a study, Master Cai sits upright, his eyebrows frowned.

"What do you two think?" he asked puzzledly.

Wang Ye and Cai Ying, who were sitting across from each other, smiled at each other.

Cai Yingxin said: "Grandpa, the wedding is just a situation. The marriage contract 28 years ago gave Wang Ye the name of a husband and wife. It is inconvenient to hold a wedding at Cai’s house. Once Cai’s house has just stabilized, Secondly, there is still Ruyan! She also has a marriage contract."

"Then invite the Liu family to attend together, wouldn't it be right to have double happiness."

"The key is..." Cai Yingxin murmured for a moment, and said with a wry smile: "Wang Ye has married Zhong Xiaomo! It's not because of our secular vision that we are afraid of falling behind, but the current situation is turbulent."

Wang Ye nodded and said, "Yes, grandpa! Now, in the imperial capital, I have begun to rebuild the royal family. Not only is there a group of forces secretly gathered. The Luo family must have a plan to reappear in the world. It was rumored that the Luo family was because the Zhong family guarded the secret realm. Let's start with the key, and now I have two keys in my hand..."

Elder Cai patted the table and said in a deep voice, "Although the Luo family is strong, my Cai family is not a vegetarian! If he disregards the rules and has to do it, my Cai family has inherited the ancient martial arts for thousands of years, and it is not a soft persimmon! Back then! I still remember her father's hatred!"

His personality is not subdued at all, which also requires confidence.

And the Cai family has such confidence. They not only possess the weird ability to refining wings, giving them the ability to fight in the air, but also the ancient martial arts with a long history.

The Cai family was reclusive in the depths of the northern grasslands. Almost all members of the tribe have practiced martial arts since childhood. Some talented individuals such as Cai Yong will accept the inheritance of the ancient martial arts of the Cai family.

Therefore, although there are only a few hundred people in the Cai family, the combat power should not be underestimated.

When Wang Ye heard the words, he smiled and nodded, but the words changed.

"Grandpa, the Cai family is not weak, but you can't underestimate the enemy! The point is that this matter is not as simple as it seems."

"I walked step by step from Luochuan, I feel more and more that all of this was arranged by the old beggar 28 years ago! The path I took was just the path he wanted me to take. That's it! Not long ago, on Tianmu Mountain, I saw the heaven of the heavenly clan again."

"God?! Hiss, did he comment on you?" Old man Cai suddenly stood up.

The Celestial Clan is the mysterious existence that maintains the order of the major families in China. Few people can see the Celestial Clan.

And that day, it was the patriarch of the current heavenly clan.

Mr. Cai was surprised that with the current identity of Wang Ye, how could he let the sky appear.

Hearing Wang Ye's story, after Tianyue saw his purpose, Mr. Cai shook his head frequently.

"No, no, it's definitely not that simple! Wang Ye, although strong, it's only the stage of transforming qi, let alone the heavens, even the rest of the heavens don't bother to see this level!"

"Oh?" This made Wang Ye a little puzzled. Tian not only met him, but also twice. The key was a conversation on Tianmu Mountain, which made him feel that Tian was helping him intentionally.

Father Cai got up and paced in the study.

"Wang Ye! The ancient martial arts have been passed down through the inheritance, and only a few ancient families have continued, so that the realm of ancient martial arts has gradually become blurred! But even so, it can still be divided into four major Realms, each realm is divided into nine levels."

"In the real ancient martial arts, the realm is divided into innate, transforming qi, breaking the mirror, and entering the void! After that, it is not even recorded in the ancient books of my Cai family."

Wang Ye listened attentively. This was the first time he officially heard about Guwu's most specific introduction when he came into contact with Guwu.

And he also wanted to know what level he currently belongs to.

Elder Cai went on to say: "The so-called innate has been distinguished from ordinary people, whether it is physical strength or speed. When it reaches the limit, you can enter the Qi, and this is the most obvious feature of the Qi state. You are currently in this state, in my opinion..."

After pondering for a moment, he went on to say: "It should be around the sixth layer of the qi realm!"

After the conversation, he felt unsure, and looked at Cai Yingxin, who nodded when he saw it.

"Grandpa's expectation is not bad. Even though there is no too strict division of Guwu, according to the current Wang Ye's strength, Huaqi Sixth Layer is similar."

"What about breaking the mirror and entering the virtual?" Wang Ye asked curiously.

The old man Cai looked longing, "Broken mirror is a manifestation of strength after the peak of qi. The person who breaks mirror can not only eat nothing but break the mountains and rocks easily! As for entering the void, it is no longer a manifestation of strength. It is because of its natural integration, the strength of prolonging life is unfathomable. Heaven is the one who enters the virtual power."


This was the only feeling that Gu Wu realm gave Wang Ye.

The realms seem to be distinct, but in reality they are vague. There is a clear watershed, but there is no clear qualitative change standard.

He frowned and groaned. Perhaps it was because of the gradual disappearance of Gu Wu over the past millennia that fewer and fewer people came into contact with it, which led to this situation.

Although he probably understood the realm of Guwu, it was far more complicated than he thought.

The improvement of the ancient martial realm requires not only talent and perseverance, but also superior exercises. Even the Cai family, the so-called ancestral exercises, in Wang Ye's view, are not as good as the diamond glass that the system rewards him. body!

At least, this diamond glass body is undoubtedly the best technique before breaking the mirror.

Regarding this matter, Wang Ye never talked deeply, so as not to involve the system and make people suspicious.

He turned the topic away and said: "The secret realm guarded by the Zhong family, what is in the secret realm, has always been a legend inconclusive! But the strange thing is that for thousands of years, the major families of China have looked at each other, but the Zhong family can be alone For the secret realm key, the bloody incident has not happened. However, the Zhong family seems to..."

Having said that, he did not go on.

Mr. Cai's expression became serious, and he muttered in amazement: "Do you doubt the Zhong family?"

"I have been to the Zhong family, and the strength is unpredictable! But what is doubtful is not the purpose of the Zhong family, but what the Luo family behind it is, maybe the Zhong family is just one of the pawns! To put it bluntly, the old beggar Huazi, Celestial Clan! It seems to be high and far away, but walking in China, I am afraid that all are ghosts!

"So, before the hidden conspiracy is uncovered, I think it's the best choice to put aside the marriage between me and Yingxin."

Elder Cai became stiff, and when he looked at Wang Ye, his eyes unconsciously showed gratitude.

This uncle has a long-term vision, sees very far and thoroughly, and this method also allows the Cai family to avoid some unknown troubles.

"Then what are you going to do?" Mr. Cai asked.

Wang Ye smiled faintly, "Continue to construct my power in secret, continue to search for the remaining two keys! When the secret realm's key gradually surfaced, it was the conspiracy of those strong men when they were exposed to the world!"