The bet was on the survival of a family based in the imperial capital for hundreds of years, and the bet was only to buy her a meal.

Qiu Chan smiled and said, "Mr. Wang's courage really makes me flattered! I am afraid I will disappoint Mr. Wang."

"I have never tasted disappointment." Wang Ye smiled confidently.

"That's good! One month deadline, then you will be the winner!"

After Qiu Chan finished speaking, he took off the windbreaker and put it on the black long skirt, took a deep look at Wang Ye, and turned and walked outside the villa.

"Miss Qiu, I will see you off."

Murong Aotian hurriedly followed out.

As he walked, he was muttering something to Qiu Chan, obviously asking for the help of the Qiu family.

Although Wang Ye's bet made Murong Aotian feel confident about it, with the support of the Qiu family behind him, it was almost impossible to drive Murong family out of the imperial capital within a month.

After sending Qiu Chan away in person, Murong Aotian returned to the villa without noticing that the two of Cai Yingxin who had been waiting outside the villa had disappeared.

He returned to the lobby of the villa with a sarcasm smile.

"Mr. Wang, I haven't seen you for a while, you are swelling too fast! It just makes me very puzzled, it seems that Murong's family and Mr. Wang have not reached the point where water and fire are not tolerated, why should they bet with Qiu Chan? "

After seeing him come and go, there was a huge difference in expression, which was clearly confirmed by Qiu Chan, thus increasing his confidence.

Wang Ye sneered and said, "Actually, it's just to win a smile."


Murong Aotian roared, his old eyes staring at Wang Ye.

Was the Murong family's life or death bet with Qiu Chan, only to win Qiu Chan's smile?

Could it be that Murong's family was so vulnerable to Wang Ye?

Could it be that Wang Ye is not so greedy for the big cake of the Imperial Capital?

He doesn't believe it!

"Mr. Wang really can laugh and laugh. In my opinion, you have no purpose, right?"

However, his inquiry did not get Wang Ye's answer.

Murong Aotian squeezed out a smile and pointed to the tea on the table, "I wonder if Mr. Wang can tell, where do you get your confidence?"

"The three partners!" Wang Ye didn't even look at the tea on the table. From the corner of his eye, he glanced out of the villa. Seeing Cai Yingxin and two returning, he was no longer ready to stay.

But he still bluntly said: "The Murong family survives, it is the three partners of the Imperial Capital! If these three groups cut all cooperation with the Murong family at the same time, the Murong family will be in debt instantly. Uneven income coupled with the three-party suppression of Amano Group, Shanhai Group and Shuiyue Group, let alone January, you can’t hold it for half a month!"

After Wang Ye said, he turned and left, Murong Aotian staring at his back in a daze.

When he walked out of the living room, Murong Aotian slumped on the sofa with a thud, his expression indifferent and his eyes dead gray.

"No, no, no, no! You don't have this opportunity, those three old things absolutely dare not violate the Qiu family's meaning!" He muttered to himself.

At this time, the three Wang Ye had already boarded the car and headed towards Longwang Mountain outside the imperial capital.

"In January, expel Murong's family from the imperial capital! Wang Ye, crazy enough!" Liu Ruyan smiled happily.

Cai Yingxin, who was on the side, couldn't help but sneered: "The point is that there is more than that. You have to tell Murong Aotian your plan. This is a bit too crazy!"

Wang Ye smiled confidently, "It is indeed a little crazy! But then, Murong Aotian will notify Qiu Chan the first time, so that the Qiu family will take action! Only then can the identity of the Qiu family be gradually revealed, and the Qiu family will never Simple!"

"Xiangzhuang sword dance is intended for Pei Gong?"

Cai Yingxin and Liu Ruyan said in unison, and the two Bingxue cleverly guessed Wang Ye's intentions in an instant.

Because Wang Ye had already told them earlier that Qiu Chan smelled exactly the same breath as the old beggar Huazi.

It seemed that Wang Ye was so aggressively engaged, he was ready to dig out the relationship between the Qiu family and the old beggar.

"Okay! Tell me about your findings over there?" Wang Ye asked.

Qiu Chan's emergence was an accident, but Wang Ye did not forget that his original intention was the blood-drinking dagger in the grave of Murong's family ancestor.

Liu Ruyan frowned and said, "There is no special place. Behind the ancestral hall is a cemetery. I don't know that Murong's family lives there. I feel panicked at night."

"That should be a special custom, which means that you don't want to be too far away from your ancestors! But indeed, there are no special restrictions in the cemetery, and it is not clear where the blood-drinking dagger is in the grave. So originally I and Ruyan I plan to search the grave in the dark. It doesn't seem appropriate. Once the trouble is behind it will be difficult to handle."

Cai Ying deliberated over and over again, and felt that acting rashly is likely to ruin a major event.

Wang Ye quite agrees with this.

"I can't eat hot tofu in a hurry, so let it stay in the Murong family's ancestor's grave for a few more days! The top priority is to find out the details of the three groups that cooperate with the Murong family. Take a rest these two days, don't worry, hey!"

Wang Ye had already had a complete plan in his mind, otherwise he wouldn't be so stupid to tell Murong Aotian his plan.

Driving straight to Longwang Mountain, Wang Ye was in a mixed mood along the way.

The road overgrown with wild grass has been rebuilt, a wide, unfolding road leading to Longwang Mountain.

On Panshan Road, you can see a magnificent palace in the mountains and forests, Wang's family!

During the period of leaving, the rebuilt Wang Family Mansion by Shanhai Group and Shuiyue Group is far more glorious than 28 years ago.

The car stopped in front of the Wang family mansion. Wang Ye sat in the car and looked at the two Phnom Penh characters above the gate: Wang Family, with mixed flavors in his heart.

This is Wang Ye's ancestral business, where he was born, but he has only spent a month here.

Here, there are too many dead souls in the Wang family, and there are too many blood debts in the Wang family.

When the Wang Family Mansion was officially completed, when he was here, there was a sense of responsibility on his shoulders, the responsibility of revenge for the Wang Family.

Cai Yingxin and Liu Ruyan, knowing his dignity and did not disturb him, quietly got out of the car.

And Zhong Li and the others who came out to greet him, don't disturb Wang Ye for the time being.

Sitting in the car alone for a long time and thinking a lot, Wang Ye opened the door and got out of the car.

He walked in slowly.

The Chinese-style Wujin Siheyuan, with white walls and black tiles, reveals luxury in simplicity.

The decoration was extremely luxurious, and the servants were all carefully selected for him by Shan Qingwu and Shui Yuexi. This place was almost restored according to the original appearance of the Wang family.


Under an old locust tree, Wang Ye sat down. In the setting sun, he looked at the other old locust tree facing the mountainside.

It seems that the locust tree here is the current king's family, and the locust tree on which side is the deceased king's family, facing each other by a mountain!

"I knew you would be sad, but I didn't expect you to be so worried!"

A gentle voice sounded, and Zhong Xiaomo slowly walked over. She sat next to Wang Ye under the locust tree and followed his gaze over the mountainside, the locust tree of the same size.

"This tree was specially planted by me! This is a new tree, and this is also a new king's family!"