In the early morning, Zhong Li sent a copy of the information to Wang Ye's room.

This is the information of the three most important partners of the Murong family in the imperial capital.

"Interesting!" Looking at the information in his hand, Wang Ye was happy from ear to ear, "Who checked it?"

"Sister Xiaomo checked this. When she received your message yesterday, she began to send people to investigate the results." Zhong Li also smiled brilliantly.

The three major partners of Murong's family, the Wei family, the Tang family, and the Jiang family!

There are not only three detailed business network relationships in this information, but also the characteristics of each of the three, which are clearly marked.

"Xiao Mo's efficiency is really high!"

Wang Ye took the pen and circled the three names in the personal list of the three families.

"Brother, what do you mean? Almost all of these three people are abolished!" Zhong Li asked with a little surprised looking at the names of the three.

Wang Ye marked the second son of the Wei family named Wei Qing.The above introduction is very clear, Wei Qing's status in the Wei family is not high, although he is more than 50 years old, he is lustful.

The other is the Tang family. Tang Shuai, the eldest grandson of the Tang family, is a standard stubborn child. His father takes over as the head of the family because he is a gambler, because he has been affected.

The other one is the Jiang family, this person is the next to the Jiang family, the planned successor, named Jiang Yilong!But this person has been practicing martial arts since he was a child, and he is extremely competitive.

If you want to start with the three, seize their handle, or discuss cooperation, choosing these three is undoubtedly not the best candidate.

But Wang Ye caught them at a glance.

"Zhong Li, to urge these three companies to cut off all business contacts with Murong's family and turn their backs, don't necessarily give them enough temptation to buy them! Controlling them for their own use is the best policy. You see!"

Wang Ye happily pointed to the list and explained: "The three have their own hobbies, and we can do what we want! This Tang Shuai is a good gamble, starting from him, this is not Xiaomo's detailed investigation, the owner of this underground casino Jin Dice, is the person Tang Shuai trusts most! Hey, go meet him today first."

Although Zhong Li was confused when he heard it, he seemed to understand something faintly.

"Prepare one million cash, one hundred million cheques and one hundred, one billion for hundreds of billions, this is a good deal! Let's go play."

After some preparations, Wang Ye and Zhong Li left the Wang family and headed towards the imperial capital.

The eighth floor of Changxing Hotel is a special floor, which is a casino opened by gold dice.

When approaching the door, there are many levels of checkpoints, here are some rich people in the imperial capital, and there are not a few who spend big money.

Wang Ye and Zhong Li, who were here for the first time, had trouble entering the casino.

First, at the elevator entrance on the eighth floor, a few strong men stopped him, carefully interrogating who introduced him, and only allowed the two to enter after the capital verification.

As soon as he entered the casino, it was filled with smoke and the noisy shouts made Wang Ye frowned.

Many people sitting at the gambling table swallowing clouds, tens of thousands of thousands, without blinking their eyes.

"The two are very face-to-face, this is the first time?" A beautiful croupier came over.

Wang Ye frowned, "The first time I came, the environment here is terrible! Is there a private room?"

"Yes, but there are, but only VIPs can enter there." The beauty dealer smiled and said, "My name is Miao Qing. If the boss is interested, I can help you introduce it."

"No need to introduce." Zhong Li said carelessly: "Isn't it a VIP? How much does it cost to upgrade to VIP?"

As the most outstanding croupier here, Miao Qing knows that Wang Ye has an extraordinary temperament after reading countless people.

But the so-called VIP is actually a regular customer here, so Miao Qing can't tell why he came. After all, I can't tell people that VIP means regular customer.

Seeing her silent, Wang Ye waved his hand in disgust, fanning the smoke that filled his nose.

"The environment is too bad, let's play and leave!"

After he said, he turned and walked to the side of the gaming table.

After beckoning, Wang Ye said, "Buy it all."

Zhong Li didn't hesitate, holding the suitcase in his hand, he put it on the gambling table and bet it on Hehe.

As soon as the suitcase was opened, everyone in front of the gaming table was stunned, and then subconsciously looked at Wang Ye, because the suitcase was full of money, a full one million in cash, and Zhong Li was very casual to put it in. , A check for ten million was drawn back.

"Who is this? You are so lavish, you lost crazy, right?"

"Maybe someone is a master!"

"The master fart, there have been three openings in a row, how can it be opened and closed!"

Several gamblers were talking, poking mockery in their eyes, believing that Wang Ye was a loser.

Buying the banker and player, one-third of the winning rate, but at least you have to look at the trend.

Miao Qing on the side, his eyes gleaming, stepped forward and said in a low voice, "Sir, I advise you to buy a dealer, so the winning rate can be higher."

As soon as she opened her mouth, the gamblers who had originally bought to leave were immediately transferred to the dealer.

But Wang Ye just said calmly: "It's boring, I won or lost, I just didn't bother to let my brother withdraw money, it's too heavy!"

"It's so awesome! Fuck, you don't even blush."

"This wave of force, I give full marks!"

"Hey, I'm afraid he will lose later, but he is not so calm!"

Several gamblers gloated.

When Wang Ye heard the words, he ignored them and sat there waiting leisurely.

Soon the gambling started, and the gamblers screamed frantically: "Zhuang! Zhuang! Zhuang..."

Look at Wang Ye calmly, but frowning in disgust from time to time, fanning the smoke in front of his nose with his hands.

The ending is out, Zhuang wins!

"Wow, win, win!"

"As soon as Miao Qing Jin's mouth opens, there is no reason to not win!"

"This kid is really unlucky!"

Several gamblers laughed unscrupulously, but seeing Wang Ye not changing his face, he seemed to lose a million, just like losing a dollar.

He got up without hesitation and walked toward the casino door.

Miao Qing hesitated, looked up at the monitor in the room, and said something into the headset.

When the two Wang Ye were about to go out, Miao Qing chased them up.

"Mister just left?"

Wang Ye ignored her, Zhong Li had already stepped forward to open the door for him.

Seeing this, Miao Qing hurriedly said, "Mr. I think the environment here is bad. Why don't I pay for him and go to the private room upstairs to play a few."

"Isn't it a VIP to go?" Wang Ye frowned and asked.

Dealer Miao Qing smiled and said, "Mr. spends a lot of money. He is already our VIP here, sir, please come with me. The environment of the private room is guaranteed to your satisfaction."

"Brother, let's go take a look?" Zhong Li asked.

Seeing Wang Ye nodded, Zhong Li said, "Lead the way."

Miao Qing made a gesture of asking, and immediately walked towards the casino. There was a staircase in the interior of the casino, leading to the ninth floor of the building.

Here, there are a handful of six or seven rooms.

Miao Qing led them into a room. Indeed, the environment here is much more elegant than the hall.

"It's okay." Wang Ye sat down, "changing chips."

Upon hearing this, Zhong Li handed Miao Qing a check for ten million, holding the check, Miao Qing smiled and gestured and walked out quickly.

In an office on the ninth floor, a man with gold teeth smiled and looked at the check.

"It turned out to be the chairman of the Amano Group, which has just entered the imperial capital. No wonder it is so generous!"

Miao Qing asked, "Boss, what do you mean?"

"Normal gamble, don't scare him away, the water flows long!" The boss called Jin Die with a sly smile.