After reopening a room in the Changxing Hotel, Wang Ye warmly called the report.

Soon a large number of police rushed here, and finished the casino opened by the golden dice.

The heinous golden dice, Wang Ye has already cleared his relationship through relationships. After he is well wounded, I am afraid he can only linger in prison until his death.

In the suite, Tang Shuai sat very uneasy.

Zhong Li played mobile games while leaning against him. Tang Shuai, who was always scared in his eyes, was not light, and the pants he had just changed almost got wet again.

The best person to seduce Wei Qing is undoubtedly Liu Ruyan, but Wang Ye can't bear his beloved woman and really seduce other men.

He called out his cell phone and opened the system warehouse. There was something called Mi Xin San inside.

It was rewarded by the previous check-in system. The effect of distracting the mind can make people lose their minds, be crazy about it, and give everything for the other party.

An hour later, Liu Ruyan, who had come from Wang's mansion, knocked on the door.

As soon as he came in, he became aggressive, first glared at Zhong Li and Tang Shuai, and then went straight to Wang Ye.

"Wang Ye, you really can do it! In order to have a meal with Qiu Chan, you would rather let me betray my hue."

Liu Ruyan seemed to be angry, but she was not so frustrated in her heart. She just wanted to complain a few words. She also knew that Wang Ye's bet with Qiu Chan was not just a meal in the superficial sense.

That is related to the secret behind the Qiu family, and may even be related to the old beggar.

Wang Ye smiled bitterly, and cast a blank look at Liu Ruyan of Wuwu scum.

"Almost done, and only you have this charm!"

Liu Ruyan chuckled, "If you have a vision, what do you want me to do?"

He handed a small medicine bottle to Liu Ruyan, and said: "It's very simple, you just need to sprinkle the powder on your body when you see Wei Qing, and he will be obedient like a dog, and will be obedient to you. !"

"So amazing? Try it with you first."

Seeing Liu Ruyan preparing to uncover the bottle cap, Wang Ye hurriedly hid behind.

The happy Liu Ruyan closed her mouth from ear to ear, "I am teasing you! Let's talk, then?"

With a drop of cold sweat on his forehead, Wang Ye was so frightened by her, that distraction was not so fun.

He swallowed hard, and said, "Next, let Wei Qing give you a gift, as long as he can do whatever he can, he can do whatever he can."

He pointed to the bag beside him.

Inside, there are thick stacks of checks, as well as a lot of equity and real estate certificates.

Liu Ruyan glanced in surprise, Tang Shuai who was dumbfounded.

"Good means, in just a few days, the Tang family has been settled."

"If I want to, I can handle the other two companies tomorrow, but that would be too boring. Without Qiu Chan's participation, it would be meaningless!" Wang Ye smiled slyly.

The Tang family was already quite stable, and since the Wei family started, they would really start to alarm Murong family and Qiu Chan.

Only when they make a corresponding counterattack can they see the details of the Qiu family.

I spent a few days playing with Tang Shuai with all my energy, but it was not just to monopolize Murong's house and let it go bankrupt.

After telling Liu Ruyan of the detailed plan, she curled her lips and gave Wang Ye a thumbs up.

"Speaking of the most despicable person in the world, Liu Ruyan only admires you!"

"This is called strategy!" Wang Ye emphasized.

"Despicable is despicable here, and it can be said that despicable can be justified and brave-sounding, sigh it!"

But Liu Ruyan, Wang Ye could only spread his hands.

Then we were here together, quietly waiting for Wei Qing to send him home.

Finally, before the evening, the obsessed Wei Qing took the initiative to call Tang Shuai and claimed that he had arrived in the lobby of the Changxing Hotel.

Seeing Tang Shuai look like Liushen Wuzhu now, Wang Ye reminded him, telling Wei Qing the room number directly, and let him go.

Liu Ruyan raised the fascination in her hand, and said with a smile: "Then, it's time for me to show my charm."

"Leave it to you, I can rest assured!"

Wang Ye made a cheering gesture.

Liu Ruyan gave him a white look, twisted the water snake's waist and walked out of the room and entered the opposite room.

Soon, an old man in his fifties suddenly appeared outside the door of the opposite room.

Through the cat's eyes, Wang Ye could see clearly that Wei Qing looked nasty, standing outside the door and stroking his hair, this scene almost made him laugh.

Ding Dong!

The doorbell rang, but no one opened the door.

Wei Qing pressed it several times again, and when he was so anxious, the door of the room opened.

Liu Ruyan stretched out one hand, placed it on the door frame, and looked at Wei Qing charmingly outside the house.

Wei Qing's eyes straightened when he saw Liu Ruyan, a stunning beauty. He rubbed his hands in excitement, and said softly, "Beauty, what do you call it?"

"Liu Ruyan!"

"Wow, what a name, what a misty name, it's like your beauty, like a fairy who is immortal..."

Wang Ye sighed at the words that made people get goose bumps.

Talking about slacking horses and flattering beautiful women, this Wei Qing can be regarded as an old world.

"Beauty, what is your relationship with Tang Shuai?" Wei Qing asked.

"Friend!" Liu Ruyan smiled charmingly, "Why are you talking about him now? Come in and sit down."

After that, she turned and walked towards the house, Wei Qing hurriedly followed, and leaned close behind her and sniffed vigorously.

As everyone knows, at this moment Liu Ruyan's body is already fascinated, and he sniffs a lot.

Wei Qing's body shuddered, and suddenly the look in Liu Ruyan's eyes changed.

It is no longer the previous obsessive look, but an incomparable loyalty.

He closed the door with his backhand and walked quietly, standing straight in front of Liu Ruyan.

Seeing his strange behavior, Liu Ruyan was taken aback.

Does that work?

Is it so fast?

Where did Wang Ye get such a good thing!Try him!

Thinking of this, Liu Ruyan said, "Sit down."

Upon hearing this, Wei Qing sat down directly.

"stand up."

Without thinking, Wei Qing stood up hurriedly.

"sit down!"

"stand up!"

"sit down!"


Seeing Wei Qing's incomparable obedient, Liu Ruyan was always happy, as if he was training a puppy.

After playing to the rise, Liu Ruyan ordered: "Go, kneel at the door!"

"Okay." Wei Qing didn't hesitate at all, turned and walked towards the door, then knelt down.

Sitting on the sofa in the living room, Liu Ruyan knelt down at the door, Wei Qing, who was still looking at him loyally, was shocked.

The effect of Mixinsan is amazing.

"I want you to give me things, gifts, bags, clothes, money, and house. It's best to transfer all the things you can get from the Wei family to my name."

When Liu Ruyan said this, she herself felt crazy.

The old man kneeling at the door, but the second son of the Wei family, although lustful but also a famous figure in the business world, how could he be so stupid.

But the fact is that Wei Qing was so fascinated that he did not hesitate at all.

Fufutietie asked respectfully: "Ruyan, when do you need it?"

Liu Ruyan shivered when she heard the words and swallowed her throat.

"Start tomorrow. Give me whatever you can."

"Don't worry, I will give you everything I can give you. Even my life belongs to you, Ruyan."

Wei Qing's words are still so nauseous, but they are loyal from the heart!