The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 446 The Stubborn Wei Huan

Wronged by Liu Ruyan, Wang Ye felt guilty.

This time the Wei family didn't need to go, but since Liu Ruyan was ready to bear an infamy for this, she had to make her contribution in exchange for a greater return.

The three major partners of the Murong family, the imperial capital, are different from the Tang family and the Jiang family.

According to Wang Ye's investigation, the Tang family was timid and fearful, and now that Tang Shuai has lost all of his family's wealth to his hands, the Tang family should not worry about it.

As for the Jiang family, the Jiang family was originally a martial artist, and the quasi-patriarch Jiang Yilong is even more a martial idiot, fierce and fierce!It's easy to win him.

Only the Wei family is very cunning, and the internal structure of the family is quite complicated. Wei Qing alone is not enough to shake the Wei family, so Wang Ye needs to add fire to the Wei family.

Early in the morning, Wang Ye and Zhong Li drove to the Wei's villa.

"The strength is not big, the style is not small!"

Outside the sentry box, Zhongli muttered calmly in the Knights XV car.

They have been waiting here for nearly half an hour since the security was notified.

Wang Ye was sitting in the co-pilot leisurely, playing with his mobile phone, and smiled without raising his eyelids: "Good things are too much trouble! The current Wei family hasn't realized the seriousness of the matter, so wait."

As the time passed by one minute and one second, the security guard in front of the gate looked at the two people in the car with disgust in his eyes.

In his opinion, these two have been closed doors, but they are staying here.

After waiting for an hour, Zhong Li's good temper was almost finished.

Finally, a person came from the Wei's villa and came slowly.

"Brother, someone is here." Zhong Li shouted.

Wang Ye's gaze was still on the phone screen, and he casually said: "Go in later, don't get out of the car!"

"Oh." Zhongli, who didn't know why, responded.

Walking to the window of the car was an old housekeeper. He glanced into the car and immediately put a kind smile on his face.

"Let the two of you wait for a long time, I'm really sorry, Mr. Gang is entangled in trivial matters, and can't get away for a while. Please also two of you with me." said the old butler.

Zhong Li raised his head at him, and the old butler waved his hand for the security to open the entrance gate.

The old butler was walking in front, Zhong left the car and followed him unhurriedly.

In the parking lot in front of the villa, Zhongli did not open the door and get out of the car after turning off the fire, but instead closed the window glass.

Standing outside the door and waiting for a while, the old butler seemed a little worried.

"Wei Huan is such a big air. Brother, when you came in person, you made us wait for an hour."

"Hehe, it doesn't matter, then wait another hour!" Wang Ye smiled slyly, flattened his seat, and closed his eyes slightly, "Well, didn't you say you want to go to sleep! Let's sleep in the car !"

Zhong Li was indeed sleepy. He was tossed by Wang Ye last night and didn't have much rest at all.

These two were in the car and went to sleep like that.

After going around the car, the old housekeeper had to stand at the front of the car, looking through the windshield, watching Wang Ye and the other two sleeping, he kept rubbing his hands anxiously, and then turned and ran towards the villa.

"Master is not good, that Wang Ye fell asleep in the car."

The old housekeeper rushed into the villa and yelled in a panic.

The man pacing back and forth in the lobby of the villa, his face suddenly sank after hearing this, "Put on airs with me, huh!"

His name is Wei Huan, Wei Qing's brother, the eldest of the Wei family.

The old Patriarch of the Wei family retreated to the second line. Although he did not give way, the business of the Wei family has been in the hands of Wei Huan over the years.

An hour ago, he got the news that Wei Qing, who had returned home in the morning, was sneaky. After eyeliner investigation, he discovered that Wei Qing was transferring assets.

Relying on the relationship with the Wei family, he quickly found out that Wei Qing transferred his assets to a woman named Liu Ruyan, and this woman was the woman of Wang Ye, chairman of the Amano Group.

Coincidentally, at this moment when Wang Ye visited, Wei Huan naturally knew what was going on.

"Then let him sleep." Wei Huan gritted his teeth and muttered.

The old housekeeper showed a sad face and said with comfort: "Master, it is not time to be angry. The second master has transferred half of the Wei family's assets. Now the Wei family is already broken. Since Wang Ye can come, it means that this matter can be discussed Now, if you miss it..."

"Huh!" Wei Huan snorted coldly, and said, "If you are soft now, that Wang Ye will definitely take the opportunity to eat my Wei family! Besides, Miss Qiu Chan has already said that she will be strong as the three of us. Backing."

The stubborn Wei Huan didn't intend to be softened at this time.

But what he didn't know was that when Wang Ye was sleeping, under the covert operation of the Amano Group, many of the Wei family's partners had already started to cut off business with the Wei family.

After waiting in the lobby for half an hour, Wei Huan's phones began to ring one by one.

It was all from the senior executives of the Wei family, and without exception, it was the news of the partner's divestment.

After answering a phone call, Wei Huan stubbornly sat down on the sofa.

"It's over! It's over!" He kept muttering.

Suddenly, he turned his head and looked outside the villa, then stood up abruptly, "Call Miss Qiu Chan, I will go to see Wang Ye now!"

Only half of the morning, the Wei family was already in danger, and Wei Huan’s stubbornness paid a heavy price. He didn’t dare to hesitate. While the butler called Qiu Chan, he rushed out to the Knight XV’s car. before.

He knocked on the glass of the car, and since Wang Ye hadn't left, there was still room for discussion.

No one bothered in the car.

Wei Huan knocked on the glass of the car again, and then continued to wait.

After a retreat to sleep, Wang Ye sat up straight and glanced at Wei Huan, who was pacing back and forth outside the window, with a smile on his mouth.

"Get up, Zhongli!"

The bewildered Zhongli opened his eyes, "I feel comfortable sleeping this time!"

"You are comfortable, some people have turned around in a hurry!" Wang Ye grinned.

Glancing at Wei Huan outside the window, Zhong Li smiled gloatingly.

Opening the door and getting out of the car, Wang Ye stretched lazily in the sunshine.

Wei Huan squeezed a smile and leaned over, "Wang Dong is here, there is a miss, please..."

"Has Qiu Chan not come yet?" Wang Ye interrupted him.

Wei Huan looked embarrassed. Although he was stubborn, he was not stupid. Otherwise, would the Wei family's inheritance be handed over to him.

He smiled and said: "Wang Dong, your grievances with Murong's family and Miss Qiu Chan, why bother with my Wei family in the middle! My Wei family is just a second-rate family in the imperial capital. Please also ask Wang Dong to raise your hand."

"Second-rate family, Mr. Wei is humbled!" Wang Ye smiled.

Zhong Li said disdainfully: "Since I know myself, how can I be so brave! I have been waiting outside for so long."

This straightforward remark made Wei Huan's expression even more embarrassing.

Although he was angry, he had to bow his head. After all, this matter was related to the life and death of the Wei family. Although Qiu Chan promised to help him, the fact was that Wang Ye had already done it.

He arched his hands and said, "Two, please talk in the room."

Wang Ye was also welcome, and walked out to the villa, smiling: "It's time to have a chat, Mr. Wei has to think clearly about standing in front of the team, so as not to regret it!"

"Yes Yes Yes."

At this moment, Wei Huan, who is not as stubborn as he was at the beginning, has already begun to bow down.