The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 450-Demon Cave Mountain Range

Jiang's villa, Jiang Yilong and Wang Ye talked happily.

After talking deep into the night, Wang Ye and Zhong Li left.

Zhong Li didn't say a word on the way to the Wang Family Mansion.

Seeing what was on his mind, Wang Ye smiled and said, "Why, have you been hit?"

Zhong Li didn't conceal it, nodded, "I only found out now that I have fallen too much! I don't deserve to be with you anymore."

He knew he no longer had the strength to protect Wang Ye, so he felt quite inferior.

Patting his shoulder, Wang Ye smiled bitterly: "You and my brother, how can you talk about that! But do you know what I have experienced when I entered the Western Regions and then went to Northern Xinjiang! Only the tempering of blood and fire can improve Greatly stimulate your own potential!"

"Jiang Yilong is not my one-in-one general! But as you know, on the snow-capped mountains, I was never the Luo family and Luo Yongchang's one-in-one general! On the curtain of the sky, the sky is strong It is the pressure of the breath that can damage my internal organs! There is a sky outside the sky, and there are people outside the person. What you and I can see is only the ability! Strength is the key to determining a person's eyes!"

"Looking at all sentient beings, those ordinary people who are busy in the market, they respect those who practice martial arts! And those who practice martial arts respect those who are more powerful like you, and look up to each level. Goal! You can feel inferior, but you can't abandon yourself. In fact, in a sense, you, I, and the Luo family are all the same. They are all overlooked by the stronger!"

"If you want to look up, you can only make yourself stronger!"

Wang Ye finished these words in one breath, and then closed his eyes and said no more.

Zhong Li, who was driving, slowly wondered, and gradually the inferiority in his eyes turned into an unyielding fighting spirit.

"Brother! I understand!" Zhong Li said solemnly.

"Just understand! Concentrate on driving! You can have a good sleep tonight, and go straight to Murong's house tomorrow!"

There was a gratifying smile on Wang Ye's mouth. Zhong Li was an old disciple of Huazi. He was very savvy and talented, but after following him, he felt like he was in a greenhouse, accustomed to that kind of ease.

Returning to the Longwangshan Wang Family Mansion, Wang Ye, Zhong Xiaomo, Cai Yingxin and Liu Ruyan discussed in the house until late at night, and then left to sleep.

The next day, the seemingly peaceful imperial capital was actually undercurrents.

In the afternoon, Wang Ye left for the imperial capital. Everything was ready. Today is the time to close Murong's home.

Why not take half a month, this is only about ten days back and forth!

"Huh, where is Zhong Li?"

Wang Ye asked curiously, seeing Liu Ruyan and Cai Yingxin, but not Zhongli.

"After being hit, I want to be more aggressive!" Liu Ruyan sneered.

Cai Ying gave her a blank look, "You are embarrassed to gloat, but the road you showed him is a bloody road!"

"I just said casually, the final decision is up to him!" Liu Ruyan curled his lips.

Wang Ye frowned slightly, and he was confused by what these two people said.

"What's the blood path? What is going on?"

Liu Ruyan replied first after hearing this: "I watched Zhongli's morning exercise with sister Ying Xin this morning, and we went over to chat for a few words, only to know that yesterday you made a move, he was hit!"

"What is it that he was hit as soon as I shot!" Wang Ye smiled bitterly, "What then?"

"Then Ruyan told him that if you want to improve yourself, you must sharpen it between life and death."

"There is nothing wrong with this!" Wang Ye mumbled.

Liu Ruyan immediately looked at Cai Yingxin braggingly.

"But do you know, where did she let Zhong Li go?" Cai Yingxin asked.

"He left here?" Wang Ye seemed to feel a little bad.

"I left early in the morning! Let me tell you, and I will come back after the breakthrough, so you can rest assured! But he got it, that is the Devil's Cave Mountain Range!" Cai Yingxin glanced at Liu Ruyan once again. It’s unknown whether we can live or not!"

"Hiss, so terrible?" Wang Ye took a deep breath.

But when he heard Cai Yingxin's account of the Demon Cave Mountain Range, he unconsciously cast a reproachful look at Liu Ruyan.

The Devil's Cave Mountain Range is the northern border of China. One hundred thousand mountains are ups and downs. The primitive jungle is full of many weird things. According to rumors, there are hundreds of clans in China, most of them living in the Devil's Cave Mountain Range.

Anyone who rushes in has to face not only harsh environments, beasts in the mountains, but also tribal races with special abilities.

Liu Ruyan obviously regretted a little too, she mumbled: "I just said that, who knows he really went! Or else, I will drive to chase him now, anyway, he can't walk far on foot!"

"No need!" Wang Ye waved his hand and smiled: "I understand Zhong Li's personality. No one can change what he decides! It's okay to experience it, but I am very interested in this Demon Cave Mountain Range!"

He touched his chin with one hand and thought, the forces he formed secretly were in the suburbs outside the imperial capital, and led by Suzaku to recruit many capable people and strangers.

But that place, on the one hand, is too conspicuous, and on the other hand, it does not have a strong experience effect.

At this point, Wang Ye made an amazing decision.

"Yang Xin, this time you go to Murong's house, don't go! Help me go to Jiji and bring a message to Suzaku! Let her take everyone to the Demon Cave Mountain Range for training!"

"I'm not going!" Cai Yingxin resolutely refused.

Seeing Wang Ye frowning, she explained: "Firstly, I am not familiar with Suzaku, secondly..."

She did not go on!

The careless Liu Ruyan curled his lips and said, "Let me go! I'm afraid that Wei Qing will also be at Murong's house today, and I don't bother to see that annoying guy! It's just that I will do this thankless thing! But I'm sorry. Sister, this is getting more and more mundane!"

"Don't talk nonsense." Cai Yingxin stared at her.

"Am I wrong!" Liu Ruyan laughed and said, "Magic Cave Mountain Range, that's a terrible place. I mentioned it. There is a beginning and an end. Sister Xinxin doesn't want to end up being infamy."

Cai Yingxin did not excuse, but just stretched out his hand and made a tickle gesture.

Liu Ruyan smiled and took a few steps back, and the sisters felt very close.

Wang Ye finally couldn't help it, and said: "Ruyan, you are saving the belly of a gentleman with the heart of a villain! Zhixin is not that kind of person. Besides, going to the edge of the Demon Cave Mountain Range to experience is my decision! If they have complaints in their hearts, they won’t blame Yingxin! If I'm not wrong, Yingxin will not go because of Qiu Chan!"

"Qiuchan?" Liu Ruyan was puzzled.

"Yes! Qiu Chan!" Wang Ye said with confidence: "The Liu family has been silent for these years, but the Cai family is still among the ranks of hidden families. She knows more about the affairs between those big families! Qiu family's Behind it, it might have something to do with the old beggar Huazi, which involves a lot of things, including the Celestial Clan and the Luo Family, and she is better able to distinguish the true and false words of Qiu Chan."

"Hang Xin, can I guess right?"

Facing Wang Ye's question, Cai Ying nodded earnestly. Among these people, she had more contact with the big families.

"Yeah, it's all covered! Have pity on me, doing thankless things!" Liu Ruyan curled his mouth, turned and waved his hand, and walked to another car.

Wang Ye and Cai Yingxin looked at her like this and couldn't help but smile at each other. They also turned on the car and headed towards Murong's house.

Today is the day to subdue Murong's family. As long as he is expelled from the imperial capital, Murong's residence will be obtained!Murong's family ancestor's grave is not guaranteed, and the blood-drinking dagger is naturally in the bag!