Under Qiu Chan's repeated questioning, Wang Ye's heart trembled slightly.

Few people knew that there was a blood-drinking dagger in Murong's family ancestor's grave after Murong's residence, but if Qiu Chan had to investigate it, she might not be able to hide it from her.

"Hahaha, my Wang Ye must have a purpose in doing things! One of them is to know why Miss Qiu Chan is so hostile to me?"

He deliberately changed the subject.

But Qiu Chan stood up and walked outside the hall upon hearing the words.

"Miss Qiuchan, our betting meal?"

"I didn't say to leave again!" Qiu Chan walked out, walking in the Murong Mansion.

She wants to know what Wang Ye's real purpose is!

This extremely smart person, every step of the layout, made her feel terrified and extremely curious.

It’s like a gambling agreement that seemed to be arrogant at first, but in fact it was to mislead them, tying the Murong family and the Qiu family together and letting them relax their vigilance; everything they did against the three major families was just to secretly force the Murong family to fall into him The trap.

However, back to the starting point, Wang Ye wants to expel the Murong family from the imperial capital. Why?

Seeing her walking out, Wang Ye hurriedly followed out.

"It happens to be walking together, and I am also familiar with it!" Wang Ye walked side by side with her.

Qiu Jian is always vigilant, this man who can smell danger.

There were no fewer than thirty or forty people in Murong's family, packed up their bags and walked out of the mansion crying.

Only Murong Aotian, holding the incense, headed towards the ancestral grave behind Murong's residence.

"Please stop!" Cai Yingxin stopped him.

Murong Aotian raised his head and roared: "There is the cemetery of the Murong family's ancestors! Can't I, Murong Aotian, worship the ancestors before leaving!"

"This is already the property of the Amano Group!" Cai Yingxin rejected him with a strong attitude.

With a thump, Murong Aotian knelt down.

He lit the incense and confessed in tears.

"I am incompetent, Murong Aotian is not filial! Murong family has hundreds of years of inheritance, and it has been ruined in my hands. I really have no face to go to Jiuquan to see the ancestors!"

He knelt on the ground and wept loudly.

Qiu Chan saw this scene clearly.

She looked at the cemetery behind the ancestral hall, and then at Cai Yingxin, who was determined.

Appearing to realize something, she turned to look at Wang Ye.

To meet her gaze, Wang Ye shrugged, "I'm not a charity! Besides, Murong Aotian didn't treat me like this a moment ago! Just imagine, if I lose, I will never set foot in the Imperial City. The Murong’s family will probably celebrate with gongs, drums and firecrackers!

"Really?" Qiu Chan said with a charming smile.

Although Wang Ye didn't change his expression on his face, he still complained in his heart.

Murong Aotian, this old fellow, came to the scene but found his conscience that he wanted to worship his ancestors. The thoughtful Qiucic must have doubted it.

No way!You have to do it as soon as possible to get the blood-drinking dagger!

"Let's go! I can't see this kind of crying, you and I will go back and talk slowly, when we finish the dinner, our bet will be cleared!" Qiu Chan turned around and said, "Qiu Jian, help some Murong Aotian, after all, Murong's family has fallen into this field, and it is my responsibility!"

Qiu Jian nodded and turned towards Murong Aotian. At this time, Wang Ye also winked at Cai Yingxin.

In the hall, Wang Ye and Qiu Chan seemed to have forgotten about Murong's family, chatting with each other without a word, waiting for the arrival of the dinner time.

The wages of those who stayed doubled, and none of the servants of Murong Mansion left!

Everything was business as usual, plus Wang Ye had already prepared, and the chef from the Imperial Capital invited, two hours later, a table of sumptuous meals arrived.

It's just that Wang Ye and Qiu Chan are the only two at the table for this delicious meal.

"Will Qiu Jian be here?" Wang Ye asked with a smile.

Qiu Chan pursed her mouth and smiled, "Then invite Cai Yingxin to join us!"

After the conversation, the two smiled at each other, got up and walked outside the restaurant.

At this moment, two figures rushed in from outside, it was Qiu Jian and Cai Yingxin. It seemed that they had already fought each other.

"This is still fighting! Yingxin, are you okay?" Cai Yingxin Wang Ye asked with concern.

With a Yanran smile, Cai Yingxin shook his head and said: "He still can't hurt me! But this Qiu Jian is nowhere to be seen, and he rushes in my palace!"

"If you don't do anything wrong, how can you be afraid of ghosts knocking on the door! I can't enter the Murong family's ancestral hall!" Qiu Jian asked.

"Where is the Murong family ancestral hall, everything here now belongs to Wang Ye!"

"The ancestor of the Murong family is also your ancestor?" Qiu Jian said coldly.

These words made Wang Ye's face sink, and immediately sneered: "If it weren't for you, you are Qiu Chan's servant! Just say to you, now you are a corpse!"

Seeing Wang Ye was really angry, Qiu Jian restrained a lot.

Wang Ye smacked his lips, the matter had reached this point, and any further concealment would only make Qiu Chan more suspicious.

This person is the heir of the Qiu family, but he has the same faint smell of medicine as the old beggar. It is certain that she must be related to the old beggar, or that the Qiu family must be related to the old beggar!

That being the case, there is no need to hide the secret world key from her!

But just tell her with such a big fanfare, isn't it too bad!

Wang Ye's eyes turned to his heart, he spread his hands, and said, "Since Miss Qiuchan really wants to know why I acted on Murong's family, I can tell you! But Miss Qiuchan also has to answer my two questions."

"Which two questions?" Qiu Chan asked with interest.

"One, what does your hatred of me come from? Two, what is your relationship with a friend of mine?"

"Haha, Wang Ye, you don't even care about the origin of the Qiu family!" Qiu Chan laughed sarcastically, but agreed, "The problem you said is actually a problem! Okay, I agree, then, shall we eat first or dig the corpse first?"

At this point, Qiu Chan guessed that it was related to Murong's family ancestor's grave, which was no surprise.

Wang Ye Cancan smiled and said, "Listen to Miss Qiu Chan!"

"Then I suggest that this meal should be eaten, and I will see a piece of bones later. I have just eaten the meal. You still have to vomit it!"

"This is reasonable, then please!" Wang Ye smiled and made a gesture of please.

The four people walked towards the cemetery behind the ancestral hall.

The night is black and the wind is high, and this cemetery looks a little gloomy.

Wang Ye, who was holding a shovel, looked around and calculated that the time for the treasure map should have been left by the earliest ancestors of the Murong family, so he went straight to the headed ancestral grave.

"Throwing people's ancestral graves, you can get incense sticks!"

When Qiu Chan finished speaking, he cast a look at Qiu Jian, who walked away quickly, and soon brought a stick of incense, lit it and inserted it here.

"Miss Qiu Chan is so superstitious?" Wang Ye glanced at the lit incense candle.

Qiu Chan smiled upon hearing the words: "There are some things in this world that we don't believe in, they don't exist. Maybe it's just us, we don't have the qualifications to see it!"

Listening to her fascinating words, Wang Ye curled his lips, picked up the shovel and began to plan the Murong family's ancestral grave.

As for Cai Yingxin, she stood aside and watched Qiu Jian vigilantly. This person's strength was not weak, and she faintly felt that Qiu Chan and Qiu Jian seemed to want to play some tricks.