"Autumn Chan, you...that's mean!"

Wang Ye said very weakly, and he crawled towards Qiu Chan's feet.

But Qiu-chan stepped on his hand, and Qiu-chan's face showed undisguised hatred.

"Despicable? Wang Ye, I'm saving you! Reined from the cliff! Don't you want to know my purpose as an enemy and what is the relationship with your old friend! Okay, I will tell you now!"

Holding a blood-drinking dagger, she squatted in front of Wang Ye, and said very angry.

"I said, this is actually a problem! Is your old friend a dirty and extremely annoying beggar?"

Wang Ye, who was unconscious, his eyes widened when he heard this, "Do you know the old beggar?"

"Always called Huazi? Hahaha, the real name really suits him!"

Qiu Chan laughed bitterly, "Did he even forget his name! Still never told anyone his name, then I will tell you today, his name is... Qiu Xuanji!"

"Are you surprised?"

After Qiu Chan finished speaking, her heels slammed hard, increasing the strength on the back of Wang Ye's hand, increasing the pain and keeping her awake.

"Who is he from your Qiu family?" Wang Ye asked.

"He is my grandfather! No, he is no longer the Qiu family! He is the Qiu family's enemy, the Qiu family's sinner!"

Qiu Chan looked extremely angry when she mentioned the old beggar Huazi Qiu Xuanji.

"Back then, my Qiu family was one of the four major tribes of China. Patriarch Qiu Xuanji was honored as the Venerable Xuanji! The Qiu family's powerful situation covered the sky with only one hand! However, when he left the Qiu family again, he inadvertently touched After the secret realm guarded by the Zhong Nanshan Zhong family, he seems to be crazy!"

"Since then, Qiu Xuanji has retired, ignored the affairs of the Qiu family, looking for the four keys of the secret realm! Because of him, the Qiu family is in chaos, and the family is killing each other in order to fight for the position of the head of the family. So decadent! My parents, uncles, brothers! Dying in the internal changes of the family!"

"The Chinese four clans, the Qiu family no longer exists, and only the old, weak, women and children are left! By relying on the prestige of the Qiu family many years ago, concealing the current situation of the Qiu family, and collecting annual sacrifices from vassals like the Murong family, can they survive! All this is because of Qiu Xuanji, because of that secret realm!"

Qiu Chan's tears burst into tears, and tears are already raining down.

Wang Ye was astonished. Because of Qiu Chan's special medicinal fragrance, he had guessed that there must be a relationship between her and the old beggar Huazi, or a relationship of the same family, but he never expected that she was the granddaughter of Qiu Xuanji.

And Qiu Xuanji brought such a huge disaster to the well-known Qiu family.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Qiu Xuanji is obsessed with secrets!In order to find the four keys to the secret realm, he gave up his position as the head of the Qiu family and was left in China.

The secret realm seems to have a special magic power!

Now think about it, how could Qiu Xuanji care about Jiang Long's tragic experience back then? He didn't even care about his own family, how could he care about the lives of others!

"Then what does this matter have to do with me?" Wang Ye raised his head and asked Qiu Chan, "I'm looking for my key, what does it have to do with his Qiu Xuanji?"

"He's using you!" Qiu Chan shouted, "I won't let him succeed! I won't let him collect the four keys of the secret realm! I want him to regret the whole life and pay for the disaster he brought to the Qiu family. cost!"

"So, I'm just an innocent soul?"

Qiu Chan wiped tears when he heard the words, "I won't kill you! It really has nothing to do with you, but I need this dagger! He will soon know that the blood-drinking dagger is in my hand and will go The Qiu family will come to fetch it! At that time, I will use this dagger to pierce his heart! Let him pay for the disaster of the Qiu family!"

Qiu Chan stood up after speaking, turned and walked towards the ancestral hall.

"Don't worry, it's just a specially made scented incense, it will make you feel weak and unconscious, and it will disperse automatically after ten hours!"

After speaking, she disappeared with Qiu Jian.

"Hey, this old beggar is really okay! If you don’t sit down with a good mystery, you have to look for the four keys of the secret realm. If you look for it, you have to find the family. At least you have to settle the family! Now it’s good, he is gone. , The greed and desires of the children of the Qiu family have all exploded, causing a dignified Qiu family to burn jade and stone! Why is it too anxious to be suffering from the same root!"

A moment after Qiu Chan left, Wang Ye lay on the ground and muttered. After the words fell, he actually got up like an okay person and patted the dust on his body.

"Qiu Xuanji, hehe!"

He smiled slyly, stepped forward to help Cai Yingxin who was fainted, and then slapped her acupuncture points with skillful techniques.

In a moment, Cai Yingxin woke up!

"What about Qiu Chan? Where's the dagger?" Cai Yingxin asked, pinching his eyebrows.

"She took it away!" Wang Ye spread his hands indifferently.

"It's really despicable, even using Mixiang!" At this point, Cai Yingxin frowned and said, "Are you okay?"

Wang Ye grinned slyly, "When Qiu Jian brought the joss stick to light it, I already found that the joss stick was not right! It is not an ordinary scented incense, it only works when it is mixed with corpse qi, which is me. When prying open the coffin."

"Then you know, why don't you expose her?"

Cai Yingxin was a little angry, and Qiu-chan was calculated by Qiu Chan when the gutter capsized.

"If she exposes her, how could she tell me that the old beggar is actually the owner of the Qiu family, Qiu Xuanji!"

"Qiu Xuanji! It turns out that they are the Qiu family, one of the four big clans. The Qiu Xuanji is said to be called the Venerable Xuanji, and the Luo family is vulnerable in front of them!" Cai Yangxin muttered in a little astonishment.

But Wang Ye smirked, "Now the Qiu Family, only Qiu Chan and Qiu Jian are left, let alone the Luo Family, even our Wang Family can easily destroy it!"

In Cai Ying's suspicious eyes, Wang Ye recounted the story of Qiu Xuanji's departure from the Qiu family.

After hearing what he said, Cai Yingxin felt a little sympathetic to Qiu Chan.

Her tragic life experience is almost the same as Wang Ye's, except that the Wang family was destroyed by the Luo family, but the Qiu family was destroyed by her own hands.

Twenty-eight years ago, it was rumored that the Wang family had obtained the fourth key of the secret realm, which led to the disaster of extermination. At that time, Qiu Xuanji also left the Qiu family and went to various places in China to find the secret realm key.

However, it inadvertently caused the destruction of the Qiu family.

"That's right! You let them go, what should I do with the blood-drinking dagger?" Cai Yingxin suddenly reacted, "The Qiu Family is extremely mysterious, no one knows where it is!"

"Hey, is your man such a stupid person! Then there is a thousand miles of soul chasing incense smeared on it, and she will take us to Qiu's house, but before that, we have to let the news go out and attract the old begging Huazi, which is Qiu Mystery returns to Qiu's house!"

Wang Ye smiled slyly. He has the Divine Medical Encyclopedia chip, and he can see that there is a problem with the incense candle. How can he not leave behind.

When he handed the blood-drinking dagger to Qiu Chan, his muddy hands rubbed vigorously on his body. At that time, he had quietly smeared the incense of the soul chasing thousands of miles on the blood-drinking dagger.

Putting a long line to catch a big fish, the blood-drinking dagger is still in his grasp, and he wants to use this to draw out the mystery of autumn!