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Chapter 459 Barren Ridge

"Qiu Xuanji knows you own this magical phone? But you have no intentions?"

Cai Yingxin and Liu Ruyan glanced at each other, their expressions were rather solemn.

Seeing that they were silent, Wang Ye smiled bitterly: "This is where I have been wary of Qiu's mystery! It is not surprising that he knows where the secret key is. After all, he has left Qiu's house to search for more than 20 years, but this mobile phone I had never told anyone before, but he not only knew it, but he knew it well."

"Wang Ye, in fact, I think it's not Qiu Xuanji that you should worry about." Cai Yingxin frowned and frowned.

"Oh?" Wang Ye was puzzled.

Liu Ruyan on the side explained, "Sister Yingxin thought of going with me. You should be worried about the person who gave you your phone!"

"The old lady?"

Wang Ye's initiation instantly reacted.

The old lady met when his adoptive mother was hospitalized. The old lady had no relatives and no reason, and was not very sane. He had always helped take care of her during the hospitalization.

When he was discharged from the hospital, he gave the phone to him!

However, he has never doubted the identity and purpose of the old lady, nor has he found relevant clues.

Looking back at this time, everything is indeed too weird. The mysterious old lady, the magical phone, is it just to thank him for his care?

With the reveal of his life experience, the old name Huazi Qiu Xuanji appeared, obviously all this is not that simple, there is definitely a terrifying conspiracy behind it.

The more he thought about it, the more heavier he was, and the more he thought about it, the more complicated he became.

"I don't want to do that much, let's take one step at a time! Now the purpose of Qiu Xuanji is still unclear! There is also Luo Yongchang, a vicious dog on the way to Qiuxia Mountain. We should plan and plan how to get rid of this cancer! "

Putting down the doubts about the phone for the time being, the three people discussed the next countermeasures on the mountain.

Then they repaired on the top of the mountain, and when the sky gradually darkened, the three of them continued to head towards the barren ridge.

Two brilliances passed through the void, under a high mountain in the middle of the night, Wang Ye and the three fell behind.

It was dark all around, with the sounds of insects and birds calling one after another. There was a small village at the foot of the mountain not far away, with lights faintly lit. This was the only village in the Barren Mountains.

It is said that this place is only called Barren Ridge because there is no grass around the mountain, but this village has existed for a long time under the Barren Ridge.

The three of them looked at each other, and quietly lurked towards the village.

You can see clearly when you get close. The village is actually very rudimentary. There are only two rows of earthen huts. One earthen hut is built from door to door. There are hundreds of houses at a glance.

"How to find so many houses?" Liu Ruyan frowned.

The two rows of houses under the barren ridge were built door to door, just like two long dragons lying side by side under the mountain. There are more than a hundred houses on both sides. It is really difficult to find Luo Yongchang's residence.

"Let’s start looking for the lighted room! But remember, once you find him, you only need to lead him to the minefield. You must not fight against him. That guy is very strong!"

Wang Ye reminded.

The three of them worked separately and began to quietly search for Luo Yongchang's whereabouts in these rooms.

Luo Yongchang came here for two purposes. One was to support the Luo family to go to Qiuxia Mountain and take the blood-drinking dagger; second, it was expected that Wang Ye would also come, waiting here to set up an ambush and prepare to attack. Kill Wang Ye to avenge his son.

After looking around, Wang Ye finally saw Luo Yongchang sitting cross-legged in an earthen house through the window.

There were six people in this small room, and they all sat cross-legged.

The faint light in the room shone on Luo Yongchang's familiar cheek, and Wang Ye's mouth raised a smile.

I finally found it. Although this guy is strong, if he is led to the minefield, with his ice and fire power coupled with the gossip universe umbrella, he can take advantage of the power of lightning.

He looked around, no one was around, and he beckoned to Cai Yingxin and Liu Ruyan who were not far away.

The three gathered outside the house, after exchanging their eyes, they were ready to make a move to attract Luo Yongchang's attention.

"Do the three guests from afar need to stay here?"

Suddenly, a voice of inquiry shocked Wang Ye's trio.

Huo Ran turned around and looked at them. Under the dim light, a gray-haired old man, slumped, was looking at them.

The three Wang Ye didn't speak, but they all felt the same in their hearts. This old man was not simple.

The three of them are strong, and they are in a state of high alert, but none of them noticed the arrival of the old man.


Just when they were puzzled, the door behind them opened.

Luo Yongchang came out!

The three Wang Ye became more vigilant in an instant, and moved their steps to one side.

But what is even more strange is that Luo Yongchang, whose eyes were resentful, just clenched his fists, and did not move his hands to Wang Ye.

"Humph, you really are still alive." Luo Yongchang said coldly.

Wang Ye smiled faintly, "You are not dead, how can I die!"

"Okay! Very good, then I will send you on the road then!"

After Luo Yongchang finished speaking, he turned around and walked into the room.

Abnormal, too abnormal!

According to Luo Yongchang's hatred of him, it is incompatible with fire and water. Once they meet, they will definitely fight!

But the strange thing is that after only a few harsh words, he went back to the house!

Wang Ye looked at each other, and then subconsciously looked at the old man.

The old man smiled, his wrinkled face full of folds, looking a bit horrible.

"Three, it's late at night, so let's stay here. There are still empty houses in our barren village." The old man tried his best to show kindness.

But, to be honest, his appearance, no matter how kind his tone is, it makes the hair creepy.

It seems that Luo Yongchang didn't make a move because of the existence of this old man. Wang Ye and the three were full of curiosity about the barren village under the barren ridge.

"Then thank you old gentleman!" Wang Ye said politely with his fists in both hands.

"No thanks, no thanks, the one who came is a guest. Three, please come with me."

The old man hunched over, staggered, turned and opened the door of the opposite room.

I don't know if he accidentally or deliberately, this room is facing the room where Luo Yongchang lives.

The old man walked in, the house was still the old-fashioned switch cord, pulled it, and the light bulb in the house lit up.

As if the old man had known that the three of them would come, there was a big bed in the room with three neatly folded beddings.

"Three, it's late at night, just stay here for one night." The old man finished speaking and turned to walk outside the house.

Looking at his back, the trio of Wang Ye's brows have been frowning.

From the old man, they did not feel any dangerous aura, but the strange thing was that when they searched for Luo Yongchang earlier, they searched for those rooms, and the inside was empty.

In this strange village, it seems that there is only the old man, and in this barren village, even Luo Yongchang has endured not taking action against them.

What is he afraid of?

Is it the enthusiastic old man?

Wang Ye and the others don't know, but it is certain that tomorrow, all the answers will be revealed.

This night, out of caution, the three of them took turns to take a rest, beware of Luo Yongchang in the opposite room.