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Chapter 467: Rumors of the Bai Family

Wang Ye sat down quietly, pinching his eyebrows with one hand.

Goodbye Qiu Xuanji, he said many things, most of which overturned Wang Ye's speculation.

From the relationship between Qiu Xuanji and the Wang family, to secretly contributing to the flames over the years, and quietly sharpening him, to that magical mobile phone turned out to be the fourth key to the secret realm.

Calculated like this, he already has the key to the secret realm!

But at this time, a more difficult thing to figure out was placed in front of them.

Who was the cramped old woman who gave him the phone?Is it related to the mother's natal family and the Bai family?

But from Qiu Xuanji's mouth, I learned that the Bai family didn't care about Bai Qingyou's death, so how could he intervene in the secret realm key, and gave him the fourth key to Wang Ye!This is illogical!

After a long time, Wang Ye raised his head and asked, "Senior, do you know where the Bai family is?"

"Do you want to figure out the cause of the matter? Then I advise you, let me die!" Qiu Xuanji resolutely said: "The Bai family is an existence above the four major families, but you have been It can also be seen that they disdain such mundane and trivial matters!"

Wang Ye knows this very well. In the eyes of those big families, a person's life and death are often like ants.

As long as they don't cause trouble to the family, they can ignore everything, even the life and death of those who don't matter.

From the time when Zhong Xiaomo’s father came to the Luo family’s concubine, he came out of Luo Yongchang, and even the Qiu Xuanji in front of him led to the fall of the Qiu family. It’s not difficult to see that life in the eyes of the strong is just ants. What they care about is more. Good stuff!

But when Wang Ye was planning to take revenge, he also wanted to figure out what was hidden behind all this.

If this mobile phone belonged to my father back then, where did he get it and how it leaked it out, which led to the destruction of the Wang family, and disappeared but many years later, this mobile phone is a coincidence. Was it just a coincidence that it fell on the only orphan of his royal family?

"If the senior knows, I hope to tell." Wang Ye arched his hands.

Captain Qiu Xuan sighed, "It's true, I don't even know where the Bai family is! He is not in the Hundred Family Alliance, such as the Celestial Clan, and I don't know where the Bai Family is, but..."

Speaking of this, he hesitated for a moment, and said: "However, it is said that the Bai family on the banks of the Baishui River is in the Demon Cave Mountain Range! In the endless Demon Cave Mountain Range, there is a snow-capped snow-capped mountain, and the Baishui River bank is under the snow mountain! But This is just a rumor, few people know it since ancient times."

"It's the Demon Cave Mountain Range again!" Wang Ye muttered secretly.

At the beginning, Liu Ruyan's words made Zhong Li leave without saying goodbye to go to the Demon Cave Mountains to experience. After learning about the dangerous and unusual place, he had asked Liu Ruyan to inform Suzaku and the others to quietly go to the outside of the Demon Cave Mountains to experience.

But now, the mother's natal Bai family is also in the Demon Cave Mountain Range!

"Not surprising!" Qiu Xuanji sighed, "The Demon Cave Mountain Range is vast and vast, and countless tribes and races live in seclusion. It is a place that many families have not dared to set foot in easily! The Bai Family can stand in the depths of the Demon Cave Mountain Range. Obviously it's not a difficult task! If the Bai family takes revenge, huh, the Luo family wants to destroy it, it's just a matter of a snap!"

Even as strong as Qiu Xuanji, he said so, which shows the strength of the Bai family.

But the more so, the more angry in Wang Ye's heart. Since the Bai family is so strong, then his mother died violently, and the Bai family stood on the sidelines, how can people not be angry!

"The Bai family! My Wang Ye will go there after all! But before that, you have to open the secret realm!"

He muttered in his heart.

In front of Qiu Xuanji, it seemed that his heart could be heard by the other party.

Qiu Xuanji reminded: "Wang Ye, although now, including the blood-drinking dagger, you have already collected four keys! But I advise you not to touch the secret realm for the time being, then it will only be done for those who are greedy. The wedding dress!"

From Qiu Xuanji’s mouth, it is known that China has a hundred-family alliance. Like the Cai family and the Liu family, such families can only be counted as second-rate families. The true four major families of China are the now-declining Qiu family, Luo family, and Ma family and Miao family!

And above it is the Celestial Clan that maintains the order of China!

If it is said that these families have no ambitions in the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain, it is impossible.

The Miao Family and Ma Family have been peeping in secret. As for the righteous Celestial Clan, Qiu Xuanji's eyes are nothing more than polite.

He suggested that after gathering the four keys, they should go to the Ma family and the Miao family. After the alliance is reached, they should go to Zhongnan Mountain to open the secret realm. Apart from the Qiu family, there are only the three prosperous families Luo family, Miao family and Ma family. Restrict each other and mix up the water before they have a chance to have the last laugh.

Otherwise, once the Secret Realm opens, it is very likely that Wang Ye will be the first to fall!

"Wang Ye!" Cai Yingxin stood up and said with a solemn expression: "I think what the predecessors said is reasonable. A family like this is not what our current strength can match. Let them contain each other is the best policy!"

"That is, fish in troubled waters, and then take the opportunity to provoke them and let them bite the dog!" Liu Ruyan also agreed!

But the final decision is still Wang Ye, and he has been silent all the time.

The Ma family and the Miao family are comparable to the Luo family. To these two families, the only bargaining chip is the secret key, but the only drawback is the secret key!

Gathering the four secret keys is the capital to talk to them, but the four keys are also very likely to cause murder.

"Wang Ye, are you worried that they will kill and overwhelm?" Qiu Xuanji asked.

Wang Ye nodded, "Yes, after all, I am just an ant in their eyes, an ant that can be crushed to death at will!"

"Hahaha, you look at them too highly!" Qiu Xuanji smiled and shook his head, "They are indeed strong, but their desires are even stronger! Even if you cultivate ancient martial arts to the virtual realm, it is said that it is prolonging your life. It’s just for prolonging one’s life! Who doesn’t want to be immortal? And in the secret realm, there are rumors that there is a way to live forever! Therefore, the stronger the stronger, the more greedy. When you come to the door with the four keys, you are the life in their eyes. Gods, I promise they will treat you respectfully!"

This is not Qiu Xuanji's boasting, if there is an elixir of immortality in the secret realm, then Wang Ye is a mobile cash machine that can withdraw the elixir!

Such a character, who is willing to offend.

"At that time, I will persuade Qiu Chan to go with you. She represents my Qiu family, those old guys, even if they want to make trouble, they have to weigh them!" Qiu Xuanji looked confident.

Wang Ye glanced at him profoundly, "You convinced Qiu Chan? Ha ha."

His smile made Qiu Xuanji's face a touch of embarrassment.

"I think you are counting on me to convince Qiu Chan!"

"You little guy, why bother to make it clear!" Qiu Xuanji smiled awkwardly: "It was my negligence in the past. I didn't handle the matter properly before leaving, which led to the Qiu family's internal chaos. Qiu Chanye hates me! But she is a kind and good girl, Wang Ye, I believe that with your eloquence, she will be able to convince her!"

"I will try my best!"

"Good, good! She's in the back room." Qiu Xuanji hurriedly said: "If I hadn't been trapped in her these days, she would have wanted to kill me. Of course, Wang Ye, after you persuade her, also give me a few words. "

Seeing his embarrassment and guilt, Wang Ye smiled and nodded.