Qiu Xuan's body trembled, and a majestic coercion spread.

The group of people was shocked when they saw it, this was comparable to the existence of the Luo family, who would dare to make a mistake in front of him.

Wang Ye swaggered like this, passing by everyone, and leading a group of people down the mountain.

"Venerable Xuanji, I have waited for a few days and I should say goodbye!" Luo Qing said with a fist, and was about to leave.

As long as you get out of Qiuxia Mountain, there is no excuse for the Qiu Xuanji again.

But Qiu Xuanji stopped him, "Stop, I haven't finished speaking yet, who will let you go!"

Gritting his teeth, Luo Qingchu could only watch Wang Ye and others as they walked down Qiuxia Mountain and gradually disappeared into the darkness.

"Venerable still has orders?" Luo Qing asked patiently.

Qiu Xuanji looked disdainful, "I know, you are eager to catch up and kill Wang Ye to snatch the secret key! This is your Luo family and Wang family's business, I can ignore it! But, this is Qiuxia Mountain, not what you want to come. Come, just leave if you want!"

When Qiu Xuanji made clear his position, Luo Qingchu secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

He apologized: "Please forgive me for my sins. I am indeed annoyed when I came here, but I waited outside the gate in an orderly manner and did not presumptuously! Please also respect the face of my Luo family!"

Smacking his lips, Qiu Xuanji sat down on the spot, and immediately beckoned to Luo Qing.

"Come on, sit down and talk!"

"But the Lord..."

"Why, do you have to force me to take action?" Qiu Xuanji's face sank and angrily said: "I just abolished you today and killed them. Old ghost Luo dare not blow his beard and stare at me, do you believe it or not?"

"I believe, of course I believe." Luo Qingchu was anxious, but he did not dare to offend.

Not to mention it was just a waste. Even if Qiu Xuanji killed him today, the Luo family would consider the overall situation. For the time being, he chose to forbear, and he died in vain.

Seeing that Luo Qingchu had all walked over and sat down, everyone in the group dared to move arrogantly, standing aside obediently.

Qiu Xuanji said something to say, obviously he was deliberately delaying time for Wang Ye and others.

But Luo Qing dared not speak out.

At this moment, Wang Ye and his party had already descended quickly. With the help of Qiu Chan and Qiu Jian, they passed through the minefield without incident and headed straight for the barren ridge.

Standing on the mountain, looking back in the direction of Qiuxia Mountain, you can only see the dense dark clouds in the ravine in the minefield.

"Wang Ye, what are your plans?" Cai Ying asked in a deep voice.

That Luo Qingchu is very strong, far more terrifying than Luo Yongchang, even if they join forces, they are not Luo Qingchu's opponents.

Wang Ye smiled confidently, and pointed to the barren village under the mountain, which was slightly lit.

"Enter the village!"

"Into the village?" Liu Ruyan exclaimed.

Qiu Chan on the side frowned, and said: "Although the old village chief has rules, no fights are allowed in the village, otherwise they will kill without mercy, but if they are surrounded by Luo Qingchu, we will undoubtedly die. !"

"Yeah! At that time, Luo Qingchu will definitely send someone to Luo's house to increase the number of people! It will only make our situation more dangerous!" Cai Ying looked at Wang Ye suspiciously.

But Wang Ye's heart was decided, and he looked like he was holding the winning ticket.

In desperation, everyone can only follow him towards the barren village.

On Qiuxia Mountain, counting that the time had passed by almost an hour, Qiu Xuanji waved his hand and signaled that Luo Qingchu and the others could leave.

After bowing and saluting, Luo Qing turned around Huo Ran and led a group of people quickly towards the bottom of Qiuxia Mountain.

Luo Qingchu, who was anxious and scorched, did not take any precautions when he crossed the minefield, so that three of his men corpses in the minefield.

"It's only an hour, they can't run far!" On the barren ridge, Luo Qingdu gritted his teeth and said: "Chasing!"

The crowd whizzed down, Luo Qingchu had never thought that Wang Ye would stay in the barren village, because that was the stupidest decision.

But the reality is that when they galloped past the village, a shout made Luo Qingchu and others' footsteps abruptly stopped.

"Hi, I am here!"

"Wang Ye?" Luo Qing removed his face, and a sneer appeared immediately. After looking for a sound, he saw a person standing at the entrance of the village, it was Wang Ye.

He stepped forward and stood outside the village, staring at Wang Ye with a playful smile, and finally couldn't help laughing.

"Stupid, what a stupid! Qiu Xuanji took great pains to get you an hour to escape. I didn't expect that you didn't escape, but you are here instead!"

Wang Ye shrugged and said, "It's safe here. You have the ability. Come in and kill me!"

Hearing that, Luo Qing smiled even more sinisterly.

He knows the rules of the barren village, and he also knows the horror of the old village chief. Naturally, he won't be included in the village and will fight Wang Ye!

As long as he stays here and guards the barren village, Wang Ye will not escape.

"There is a way to heaven, you don't go to hell, you have no way to break in! Wang Ye, your death date is here!" Luo Qingchu sneered.

"If what I expected is not bad, you will all die in half an hour!"

Wang Ye smiled mysteriously, then turned and walked towards the village.

His words fell in the ears of Luo Qingchu and others, more like a joke.

After returning to the village, he entered an abrupt room. Looking at the dignified expressions of the people, Wang Ye chuckled, "Everyone, please be happy. Soon Luo Qing will be the ration of the old gentleman's three Tibetan mastiffs!"

"Hey, I don't know, who gave you the confidence!" Liu Ruyan sighed.

Wang Ye disagreed, and waved at Qiu Chan.

Now that Wang Ye was determined to be her man, Qiu Chan walked forward obediently.

He whispered something in Qiu Chan's ear, making Qiu Chan's face uncertain, and finally asked suspiciously, "Are you sure?"

"OK! I'm pretty sure." Wang Ye said, patted his chest.

"Okay!" Qiu Chan gritted her teeth and opened the door and walked out.

The confused Liu Ruyan and others hurriedly stepped forward to dissuade him, but Qiu Chan said: "I believe Wang Ye, you will go there later, don't go out."

"Well, Qiu Chan is right, you can go and don't go out to make me mess, remember!"

Wang Ye shouted behind everyone.

At this time, Qiu Chan strode out of the village, while Wang Ye turned and walked towards the old man's room.

After a while, he led the old man out of the room and walked towards the entrance of the village.

Outside the village, Qiu Chan stood in front of Luo Qingchu with hands on hips, looking at him provocatively.

"Qiu Chan! It's none of your business here, don't cause trouble!" Luo Qing said.

Qiu Chan curled her lips and said, "I'm asking for trouble, so how can I drop it? Do you dare to fight against my man? You are against my Qiu family!"

"You man?" Luo Qing was stunned, "Qiu Xuanji, did you marry Wang Ye?"

Seeing Qiu Chan nod arrogantly, a murderous intent appeared in Luo Qingchu's eyes.

"No wonder that Qiu Xuanji clearly wanted to help Wang Ye! It turns out that there is still this relationship. It seems that Qiu Xuanji is also rushing to the secret realm! If this is the case, it is the enemy of my Luo family! Qiu Chan, Give you one last chance and disappear from my sight, otherwise I will never show mercy!"

What Wang Ye told Qiu Chan was to make him irritate Luo Qingchu, and then act on her!

He believed Wang Ye a hundred, so Qiu Chan had no fear.

What he said was full of sarcasm and provocation, and he did not put Luo Qing in the slightest, which made Luo Qingchu's face increasingly gloomy.