At this point, in the huge Wang Family Mansion, only a group of people were left besides Wang Ye.

Of course there are Qiu Chan and Qiu Jian who stayed here, but their special identities, ordinary people don't dare to touch their hair, after all, there is Qiu Xuanji who is called the Venerable Mysterious Ji behind them.

In the early morning of the next day, Wang Ye stood with his hand in his hand, standing under the old locust tree in the courtyard, looking up at the locust tree on the opposite hillside.

Although there was no one there, Wang Ye could feel that the nameless old man was guarding him in secret.

"Wang Ye, Wang Ye, the Ma family outside the mansion is here first." Qiu Chan trot all the way and ran over.

"Oh, it's worthy of the surname Ma, he runs very fast!" Wang Ye grinned, "Go, come with me to meet the Ma family!"

After he said that, Yaoyao bowed and saluted the opposite hillside, and then turned and left.

Qiu Chan looked towards the opposite hillside, and it was empty.

She followed suspiciously.

Wang Ye walked to the outside of the mansion and saw two people standing outside the mansion.

Both of them are around 30, very young and handsome.

One of them looked arrogant, and the other had an easy-going smile.

"Two, are you the distinguished guest of the Ma family? I, Wang Ye, has missed a long way to welcome him, and I hope to forgive my sins, forgive me!"

Before anyone arrived, Wang Ye said with a big smile.

At this time, many people have rushed to the courtyard inside the gate.

After they heard Wang Ye's words, they all showed hopelessness.

Among the four major Chinese clans, the Ma family sent people to come. It seems that their families are hopeless, so Wang Ye is invited to go.

"Wang Ye, it is said that you have gathered the four keys of the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain. Is this true? If there is a lie, the Wang family will be destroyed, as it was 28 years ago!"

Ma Liang asked arrogantly.

The horse on the side frowned slightly, but instead of stopping, he stared at Wang Ye.

After a brief pause, Wang Ye licked his lips and looked at Ma Liang playfully. This person revealed a strong breath, but the words were not weak, rude and arrogant!

He stopped and never stepped forward, and the smile on his face gradually faded.

Upon seeing this, Qiu Chan glared at Ma Liang, and said, "The surname Ma, how do you say it! Does Wang Ye have four keys, do I need to explain to you? If you don't believe it, you can not use it in the Wang family!"

"Who are you? How can you speak here!" Ma Liang shouted.

"My mouth is quite big, who am I? I'm the Qiu family, Qiu Chan!" Qiu Chan replied with disdain, "Now, I am Wang Ye's unpassed wife, do you think I have the right to speak here!"

This matter is already well known, and the Ma family naturally also got the news.

It's just that they don't understand that Wang Ye already has a wife that Mingzhong is currently marrying. What is Qiu Xuanji's cramps? He wants to marry his granddaughter to a married man!

But what they don't know is that this is indeed a misunderstanding!

Seeing Wang Ye standing with his hands behind him, he was silent!Ma Piao just laughed.

"It turned out to be Qiu Chan. We met a few years ago! I am Ma Piao. I wonder if you have any influence?"

"When the four clans meet?" Qiu Chan asked.

Seeing Ma Zhao nodded with a smile, she shrugged, "I couldn't walk at that time! Who would remember who!"

Hearing that, the horse jab was not embarrassing, and smiled: "I was two years older than you back then, but I remember clearly that it was the last time you attended the Four Clan Conference, although Venerable Mystic, it is said that since then... …Haha, don’t say it, don’t say it!"

He turned his head to look at Wang Ye, and arched his hand politely, "Brother Wang Ye, I'm poking off the horse. How disturbing it is to come here on purpose."

In a few words, Wang Ye had already noticed that Ma Liang was arrogant, and to put it bluntly, he was a reckless man who couldn't figure out!

The real protagonist sent by the Ma family this time is undoubtedly this horse poke.

He smiled and said, "Brother Ma, you are polite! Wang Ye is fortunate to gather the four keys of the Secret Realm. We sincerely invite you to come and conspire together. It is an honor for the Ma family to appreciate the face!"

"Please, please, two, please reminisce in the hall!"

Wang Ye was kindly invited, as if he hadn't paid much attention to the matter just now.

But the horse jab walking side by side gave Ma Liang a secret glance, and his eyes motioned to him not to act recklessly.

In the reception hall, the servant brought tea, Wang Ye personally carried it and placed it in front of Ma Zhao and Ma Liang.

Such a compliment made Ma Liang even more disdainful.

"Brother Wang Ye is not telling you, you know, all ethnic groups in China have been watching this secretly. Naturally, my Ma family has always been paying attention to the secret realm. I learned that you gathered four keys and came to invite me. Be a guest of the Ma family! Discuss the plan to unlock the secret realm."

Ma Zao was very good at talking, and his words not only showed sincerity, but also secretly revealed threats.

Wang Ye heard the words, pretending to be melancholy.

"Hey, this is the honor of my Wang Ye, but... the Miao and Luo families also have the intention of inviting, which really embarrassed me!"

Upon hearing this, Ma Liang slapped the table and said angrily: "Wang Ye, don't you know how to promote it!"

"How do you say this?" Wang Ye asked with a smile.

Ma Liang contemptuously said: "If you say that the Miao family intends to invite, I will believe Ma Liang, Luo family, for what you said! Twenty-eight years ago, the eight generals of Luomen destroyed the Wang family overnight. This bloody hatred, you Did you forget? Still planning to cooperate with Luo Family? Even if you send it to the door with a cheeky face, it is a piece of fat in Luo Family's mouth!"

Facing Ma Liang's irony, Wang Ye poked a faint smile from beginning to end.

There is no objection to caring about him, but Wang Ye does not have any plans around this topic.

Because, when he went out to meet the Ma family before, he faintly noticed that there was a bad breath hidden in the forest on the side outside the mansion.

If it is not bad, it should be the Luo family!

Therefore, he deliberately brought the topic to the Luo family.

Wang Ye spread his hands and smiled bitterly: "How can Wang Ye dare to forget the enmity of the sea of ​​blood! It's just that the secret realm key is related to the secrets in the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain. This is something that all the Chinese clans have been waiting for. The secret realm opens, what is there to say? It's uncertain, so I can only put aside the grievances with the Luo family for the time being and gather everyone's strength..."

"Hahaha, foolish dreams! Shameless!" Ma Liang sneered and interrupted him.

"Who from the Luo family, don’t you have any compelling numbers in your mind? You still want to cooperate with the Luo family? That is when the sheep enters the tiger’s mouth. At that time, you don’t know why you are left with bones and scum! The Luo family’s various wolf ambitions, My Ma Jia’s sincere invitation is to show you Wang Ye a way to survive."

"Ma Liang!" Suddenly, Ma poked a glance outside the hall and stopped.

But obviously it was too late, and two people, an old and a young man, strode outside the hall.

Before people arrived, the thin man, Luo Pidu, smiled gloomily, "The Ma family juniors are getting more and more trouble! How dare you say bad things about the Luo family behind your back? I want to ask. Why is the Luo family ambitions of various wolves?"

"Luo Pidu?" Ma Liang's face immediately became alert.

The person here is not the junior of the Luo family, but the eighth general and seventh-ranked Luo Pidu!

Regardless of whether this person is thin or weak, he is a top-notch expert in poisoning!Killing is invisible.