Outside the reception hall, there are many people looking at it from a distance.

It was the children of a big family from all over the world. They came to invite Wang Ye to go to their clan, and the reason was the same because Wang Ye possessed four secret keys.

If he can win over him, his family may have a chance to get a share in the future.

But they, seeing this scene at this moment, all of them were completely disappointed.

China’s top four tribes were pinched when they met, and it was a matter of life and death.

They didn't pay attention to each other, so who would care about their life and death!

Some timid people have already retreated to leave.

In the living room, Ma Zhen stared at Luo Qingzhi who was smiling coldly.

Ma Liang's situation is getting worse and worse. Although he doesn't like him, he is the Ma family after all. If he falls here, then his Ma family's face will not exist.

At this point, Ma poked his fist tight, and a cold murderous intent went straight to Luo Qingzhi.

Immediately afterwards, he suddenly walked towards Luo Qingzhi.

Luo Qingzhi stood with his hands down, but Wang Ye, who had a vicious eye, discovered that venom had been smeared on his hands quietly.

Seeing that a fight was about to unfold, a careless voice came from outside the living room.

"What are you doing here? No one came to welcome my Miao sisters!"

After the conversation, a woman ran into the living room bluffing.

Behind him, another woman who looked exactly like her was much calmer.

Miao Yue and Miao Xing, these are twin sisters of the Miao family.

The appearance of Miao Xing interrupted Ma Zao's approach to Luo Qingzhi.

"The Miao family?" Ma Zhao seemed to see the savior, and Huo Ran turned and stared at Miao Xing.

Looking at the four major clans, the Miao family is the real master of poisoning and using gu. With her, Ma Liang will be saved.

"This lady of the Miao family, don't know how to call it?" Ma poked his fist and asked.

"Miao Xing!" Miao Xing smiled, and then ceremoniously introduced: "This is my elder sister who is both talented and beautiful, Miao Yue!"

"Oh, it turned out to be sisters of Miao Xing Miao Yue. It's polite to get off the horse!" Ma Zhao finished, pointing to Ma Liang, and said: "I heard that the Miao family is a master of poison, and I asked the two girls to take action and save one. Save my brother!"

Looking in the direction of his fingers, Ma Liang, who was paralyzed on the stool, turned purple and black, with black blood flowing out of his mouth and nose.

But the clever Bingxue Miao Yue could see the clues at a glance. She quietly glanced at Luo Qingzhi who was sneered, and Luo Pidu who was sitting on the sidelines watching.

Obviously, this is what the Luo family intends to give to the Ma family.

If the Miao family blended into it, it would not be good for them!

But Miao Yue, who was not as witty as her, screamed: "Yeah, poisoned! It looks like a seven-inch heartbroken poison, this person is very ruthless!"

She ostentatiously showed off her superiors and introduced: "Seven-inch bowel poison is made from thirteen kinds of poisonous weeds. Once poisoned, the liver and intestines will be painful, and within five minutes it will be enough to shock people, and within seven minutes the internal organs and six organs Will be corroded and festered and die!"

"The Miao family deserves to be a master of poison! But Miao Xing can only be seen!" Wang Ye muttered in his heart. He had already seen the seven-inch heartbroken poison as early as when he picked up the teacup, but the tea was not only A poison!

With the Divine Medical Encyclopedia chip, what he has is not only to heal people, but also to be proficient in all kinds of poisons, if he doesn't know how to save.

"Miss Miao Xing, look to help!" Ma Zao pleaded.

With a slap on the chest, Miao Xing said, "A little thing, wrap me!"

Ma Piao was overjoyed when he heard this.

Seeing Miao Xing walking towards Ma Liang, Wang Ye's brows sank, and he secretly said: "This nosy fellow, the contradictions that have finally aroused, I am afraid that she will be lost because of her!"

At this point, he quickly stepped forward and reminded: "Girl Miao Xing still needs to be cautious. This seven-inch heart-broken poison is extremely poisonous. It was personally handed down by Luo Qingzhi, the lover of Luo's family poison master Luo Pidu, girl... "

"What a mere seven-inch heartbroken poison is worth." The careless Miao Xing said disdainfully.

Upon hearing this, Wang Ye dropped a cold sweat on his forehead.

Xindao, am I talking about poison?I'm talking about the contradiction between the Ma family and the Luo family!This silly child, is there any water in his head!

She walked to Ma Liang's side and took out a dagger in her hand. The sharp dagger cut a blood port on Ma Liang's wrist. She immediately took out three silver needles and pierced them into the three major acupoints in Ma Liang's chest.

Suddenly, the poisonous blood flowed out quickly along the wrist.

Clapping his hands, Miao Xing smiled and said: "In a minute, he will be fine!"

"Sanhua Fengxue!" Wang Ye sighed.

"Hey, you actually know the Sanhua Sealing Acupoint?" Miao Xing looked at him in surprise, "Do you know how to use poison?"

What she perceives is that Wang Yeshi sighed lightly, not that she was surprised by her detoxification technique.

Hearing this, Wang Ye just gave his hand a smile, "Understand a little!"

"Really! Then I have a chance, I will teach you some." Miao Xing laughed.

Don't tell me, this girl is very nervous and caressed, but she smiles very beautifully.

"Miao Xing, you still teach others! Don't be a fool, and step back!" Miao Yue, who had never spoken before, whispered.

Miao Xing curled his lips, and this was returning to Miao Yue's side.

"Miao family, Miao Yue! Your Excellency is a descendant of the Wang family, Wang Ye?" Miao Yue clasped her fist.

"Exactly." Wang Ye also politely clasped his fist and said, "The Wang family welcomes the Miao sisters."

Miao Yue nodded, glanced at Ma Liang with some concern, then turned her head and said, "Uncle Luo Qi is here too!"

Luo Pidu ranked seventh in the Luo family, so Miao Yue called him Uncle Luo Qi, but he just nodded and ignored them. In his opinion, these were just juniors.

But Miao Yue went on to say: "I also ask Uncle Luo Qi to forgive me. Either my Miao family will not be saved, or they will have to be saved, otherwise it will tarnish my Miao family's reputation!

She turned to Ma Liang and said, "Fen Xin San and Qi Cun Duochang Poison are complementary to each other. Both are highly toxic substances, but when mixed with each other, the toxicity of Fen Xin San can keep the poisoning under Qi Cun Duochang Po. A person’s heart vein has suffered from the pain of corrosion of the internal organs, but it will not die!"

Hearing this, Luo Pidu just showed a smile, seeming to be extremely satisfied with the technique of this apprentice Luo Qingzhi.

According to the Luo family's order, Wang Ye wants to live. If Luo Qingzhi tried to poison Wang Ye before, Luo Pidu would definitely stop him.

"Yeah! Sister, I just looked away, I didn't expect that there would be Burning Xinsan! This poisoned person is too cruel..."

"Okay, shut up!" Miao Yue glared at her, "Just your two sons and threatened to teach others!"

Miao Xing shrank his neck and stuck out his tongue at Miao Yue.

Miao Yue was also very helpless for her sister, the troublemaker. As she judged the situation and judged the situation, she knew very well that this was what the Luo family wanted to give to the Ma family.

But if there is something wrong with her own action, she turned to look at Wang Ye, "Mr. Wang, you are also a master of general poisoning. Now that you have seen Burning Xinsan, I wonder if Mr. Wang has a countermeasure?"


This Nizi is a hundred times smarter than her sister!

Wang Ye smiled secretly in his heart, but his face was calm, and asked: "This is Miss Miaoyue, do you compare with Wang Ye?"

"No, no, it's asking for advice." Miao Yue said modestly.

"I didn't dare to ask for advice, Miss Shicai Miaoyue said that, this is my reaction, but there is indeed a detoxification method!"

Despite what Wang Ye said, he didn't do anything when he finished speaking. Since Miao Yue finally pushed the matter to him, he could only take this opportunity to make Ma Jia owe him a favor, and he was waiting for Ma Poke to speak.