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Chapter 479: Ten Thousand Poison Heart Devouring Gu

"Ten Thousand Poison...heart-biting Gu!"


Luo Pidu could no longer sit still, he suddenly stood up, staring at Wang Ye with a pair of stunned eyes.

As a descendant of the Miao family, Miao Yue, who has inherited the technique of poisonous use from generation to generation, also changed his expression immediately.

As for Luo Qingzhi, although he was confused, his body was very itchy. Like countless ants, he began to crawl under his skin frantically, gnawing at his muscles, bones and even internal organs.

He kept fishing on his body, and his sharp nails grabbed blood grooves on his skin, but the more he scratched, the more itchy his body became.

"Hold it, don't scratch!" Luo Pidu shouted.

But Luo Qingzhi didn't have that self-control, he couldn't help scratching his body, blood holes appeared, and the blood stained his clothes.

"What a subtle technique." Luo Pidu's face was gloomy, and he stared at Wang Ye who was poking his smile. "Just now, when you handed the teacup to Luo Qingzhi, you quietly put the Gu on the teacup?"

"It's a tooth for a tooth!" Wang Ye smiled faintly, "Of course, I don't mind if you, as a senior, rid the younger generation!"

These words made the corners of Luo Pidu's mouth twitch even more, it was Wan Zhongxin Heart Devouring Gu.

At this moment, Miao Xing said a big truth, "Wang Zhongxin Eater Gu! Wang Ye, you really value him, let alone his Luo family half way, even if my sister inherits the Miao family's true heritage, I am afraid it will be helpless. !"

Halfway, this is the biggest insult to Luo Pidu.

He suddenly turned his head and glared at Miao Xing, "Don't forget, who are you talking to!"

"Miao Xing is right!" This time, Miao Yue supported Miao Xing, staring at Luo Pidu tit for tat, and said, "Uncle Luo, you tricked my senior Miao family back then and learned how to use poison from the Miao family. Surgery, at best, it can only be regarded as a half way! Is Miao Xing wrong?"

Looking at Luo Pidu's gloomy face, Wang Ye grinned. He didn't expect Luo Pidu and the Miao family to have this kind of relationship.

Obviously, he was also hostile, and Miao Yue told the story in person.

Luo Pidu was weak since he was a child, and did not have the talent to practice ancient martial arts, but when he was young, Luo Pidu was also somewhat of a physical appearance.

At a meeting of the four races, he met Miao Yue's aunt, Miao Fengli!

It was a woman with deep affection, and soon fell in love under Luo Pidu's rhetoric, and under his deceit, gave him all the methods of using poison that the Miao family had never passed down!

But after using her, Luo Pidu relied on the ability to use poison and Gu to rank among the eight generals of Luomen, and was given the name by his father as one of the eight kings, Luo Pidu!

From then on, he kicked Miao Fengli away. The gloomy Miao Fengli knew that he was sorry for the Miao family and eventually died of hatred!

This scandal has now been mentioned by Miao Yue, and Luo Pidu said nothing with a gloomy face.

"Since the matter of the year has passed, I shouldn't mention it as a junior! It just so happens that I'm talking about it now!" Miao Yue arched his hand at Luo Pidu, "The poisonous heart-biting Gu is here. My Miao family are all top-level Gu poisons, and there are only a handful of people in the Miao family who can cure this Gu. Looking at China, no one can cure this poison except for a few members of my Miao family."

"Ten Thousand Poison Heart-Biting Gu is only refining, and it takes three years to trap hundreds of poisons in the tank, let them fight and swallow each other after being hungry, and then replenish the poisons every other month! So after three years , The only remaining poison is extremely poisonous! Then it will be refined with secret methods to become dusty eggs!"

Listening to Miao Yue's narration, everyone felt uncomfortable.

She turned and looked at Wang Ye curiously, "I don't know how you have Ten Thousand Heavy Heart Devouring Gu?"

Wang Ye smiled dryly. Wanzhong Heart Biting Gu was given by the system, and it was not useful at all, so it was kept in the warehouse. Before seeing that Luo Qingzhi was poisoned secretly, he took it out and gave it to Luo Qingzhi. Body.

But this matter cannot be said clearly, he smiled and said, "If I say yes, I usually do some research, and what I refine in my free time, I wonder if Ms. Miao Yue is credible?"

"Of course I believe!" Miao Yue said without hesitation: "Mr. Wang's previous initiation and channeling are comparable to the masters of my clan. It is reasonable to be able to refine this Gu."

When she looked at Wang Ye again, there was a little awe in her eyes.

But the most painful thing at this time was Luo Qingzhi. He kept scratching, and his skin was scratched wherever he could reach.

Unable to endure this kind of itchy torture, Luo Qingzhi wailed in pain: "Uncle Qi, help me, help me...I, I want the antidote, I want to kill Wang Ye and kill him."

Luo Pidu secretly clenched his fists under his sleeves, this ten thousand poisonous heart-biting Gu was not something he could solve!

"Wang Ye! Hand over the antidote!" Luo Pidu shouted.

Smacking his lips, Wang Ye said, "I said before that if you want an antidote, Luo Qingzhi must kneel and apologize to me!"

"You do it!" Luo Pidu clenched his fists and walked towards Wang Ye step by step.

Looking at this posture, if Wang Ye didn't hand over the antidote, I'm afraid he would have to do it today.

However, Wang Ye didn't care about Luo Pidu, he was only good at using poison, and Gu Wu was vulnerable.

"Believe it or not, I can keep you Wang's chickens and dogs overnight!" When he walked to Wang Ye, Luo Pidu threatened.

"Don't tell me, I don't believe it!" Wang Ye smiled provocatively with his arms folded.

Luo Family Patriarch Luo Motuo, after careful consideration, finally chose Palo Pedu and Luo Qingzhi to come, because they seem to have little combat power on the surface. After all, they have to face a junior, but Luo Family sent it. An elder.

However, Luo Motuo, who was wise himself, didn't know that Luo Pedu, who seemed to have no combat power but was actually extremely dangerous, was nothing short of a witch in front of Wang Ye.

Relying on the Divine Medical Encyclopedia chip and the treasures in his hand, the trick of using poisonous gu can't be compared with Miao Yue, at least he didn't put Luopi Du in his eyes.

If it's about fighting, Robbie Du is even more vulnerable.

After seeing Wang Ye's methods, Luo Pidu knew this in his heart.

So he just showed extreme anger and threats, but still dare not do anything.

Ma Liang, who suffered a loss, sneered at this time: "Uncle Luo is going to slap himself in the face? You said earlier that Wang Ye is a member of the four great clans. The elders do not interfere with the grievances between the younger generations. Yes! Besides..."

"Ma Liang, don't say a few words!" Ma Zhao reminded.

Ma Liang said with a sullen face, "A few words? When Luo Qingzhi almost killed me just now, why didn't I see him say a few words! Anyone with a discerning eye can see that you are not Wang Ye's opponent if you are weak. You are inferior to poisoning. After you don't want Luo Qing to get rid of it, the only option is to make him kneel down and apologize to Brother Wang Ye!"

Miao Xing raised his chest and stood up and said, "Although I am a daughter, Miao Xing also knows that a manly man counts! People Wang Ye said first, now you jump out to threaten, what are the meanings!"

At this time, the Ma family and the Miao family were on Wang Ye's side.

Although Luo Pidu was extremely angry, there was nothing he could do.

He gritted his teeth and grinned, "Okay! Look at this, the Ma and Miao families are prepared to desperate for the secret key! Then don't blame the Luo family for not reminding you, as one of the four clans The Luo family is not easy to mess with."