After a brief silence outside the gate of the Wang family mansion, a group of Luo family members exploded.

Pairs of scared eyes stared at Ronin's body.

"Brother Ning is dead?"

"Isn't it just fine, just like a okay person!"

"It is said that this is the result of a powerful dark energy that instantly shattered the internal organs."

"I also heard that the power is too strong, causing the internal organs to shatter, but the body function has not yet received feedback, that requires extremely terrifying power!"

Following the discussion of the Luo family group, a pair of eyes began to move, falling on Wang Ye one after another.

The young man standing with his hand holding his hand and poking a light smile, unexpectedly possessed such terrible power.

Perhaps this is the tip of the iceberg of his true power!

Thinking of this, except for Luo Feng, the others shudder.


A series of applause sounded from the back of the crowd, and everyone in the Luo family hurriedly stepped aside.

"San Ye!"

"San Ye!"


Luo Mun eight will be the youngest, Luo Dingchi came slowly.

Seeing him appear, those who were still afraid at first finally took a reassurance.

Before Luo Ding walked to the crowd, he glanced at Luo Ning's corpse indifferently, and immediately asked: "Luo Feng, if you are replaced by you, can it be done?"

Luo Feng hesitated for a moment, and said: "If you make a sneak attack, you can do it without the other side's defense!"

"Yeah!" Luo Ding nodded appreciatively.

He turned his head to look at Wang Ye, and after looking up and down, he sighed disdainfully: "The descendants of the Wang family, it's nothing more than that! This year is twenty-eight, right? It's a pity that the cultivation of ancient martial arts is still in the qi state six Heavy!"

"It turns out that he is only six-fold cultivation base!"

"It seems that just now, it was indeed Ronin who was careless and never watched out!"

"It should be said that that kid is too despicable, he even took advantage of his preparations to make a sneak attack!"

Upon hearing Wang Ye's cultivation base, a group of Luo family members began to whisper in sarcasm in the sixth layer of the qi realm.

"Luo Dingzhu?" Wang Ye asked with a smile.

"Well, it's me! Any enlightenment?" Luo Dingchu smiled jokingly.

In his opinion, a mere six-layered qi realm kid couldn't make any waves in his hands.

Wang Ye smiled faintly, "I really have to enlighten you, so that you don't look too bad at others! Since the evolution of ancient martial arts, the division of realm has been extremely vague. It is the most stupid behavior to judge the opponent's strength based on breath alone! One of the eight generals of Solomon, you made such a low-level mistake, do you think I should enlighten you?"

He hadn't finished speaking yet, and the court had already been silent, staring at him in amazement.


This is too crazy!

A person with only the strength of the Qi state, dared to make an axe in the face of Luomen's eighth general and the third-year-old, this powerful powerhouse.

"Wang Ye! Don't think that if you succeed in a sneak attack and kill Luo Ning, you can show off in front of my third uncle!" Luo Feng took a step forward and shouted coldly, "If you want to fight, I will accompany you Luo Feng!"

With his head sideways, Wang Ye glanced at Luo Feng and his gaze went around Luo Dingchu.

He shook his head silently, and said lightly: "You? Not worthy!"

"What?" Luo Feng was furious.

He took a few steps forward, only one step away from Luo Dingzhu, standing behind him, shouting: "Do you know how my cultivation level is? Before my Qi Huan eightfold cultivation level, you dare to do this. Times!"

Luo Feng was in the Luo family's junior generation, and that was a first-class existence.

No one has ever dared to look down upon him.

But Wang Ye chuckled, "You Luo family, are you just so mad? Without a little strength, your mouth is bigger than one! Or your Luo family, too mentally retarded! I said just now, the realm of Guwu Can't be divided like that!"

"What a bunch of idiots!" Qiu Chan sarcastically said: "What age is it, standing in front of them gives me a feeling of being in an ancient world! These idiots still live in their own world!"

Being ridiculed by Wang Ye and Qiu Chan one after another, not to mention Luo Feng's cheeks twitching, even Luo Dingchu's heart could not help but the corners of his mouth twitched at this moment.

Although they live in seclusion, they are not isolated from the world. The ancient martial art handed down is the capital they are proud of.

But now, in Wang Ye's eyes, he was trampled so much.

"Wang Ye, is this your understanding of Gu Wu?" Luo Ding asked with a smile.

"Is there a problem?" Wang Ye also asked with a smile.

After spreading his hands, Luo Ding said, "Don't be self-righteous, those things need to be evaluated by practice!"

Upon hearing this, Luo Feng finally couldn't help, and stepped forward again, stood side by side with Luo Dingchu, and bowed and said: "Uncle San, please allow me to go to war so that he can see what a real Guwu is. !"

"Yeah!" Luo Dingzhu nodded and said: "But remember, don't miss him to death! He still has what we want!"

For Luo Feng, he has great confidence.

In other words, Luo Ding has great confidence in the classification of Gu Wu. In his opinion, any gap in one level is huge.

What's more, there is a double gap between Wang Ye and Luo Feng, which is insurmountable!

Luo Feng squeezed his fist and walked slowly towards Wang Ye, "Don't worry, I won't kill you!"

"But I will!"

"Hmph, don't be ashamed!" Luo Feng disapproved, contemptuously said: "Within ten moves, I will make you kneel and beg for mercy!"

"Brother Feng! Teach that kid!"

"Brother Feng! Let him see and see, we are the real Guwu of the Luo family!"

"Let that Yiye Biaomei suffer a bit!"

A group of people cheered for Luo Feng, which made Luo Feng full of confidence.

Wang Ye smiled faintly, turned his head to look at Qiu Chan, "From your perspective, how long can I solve him?"

"One move!" Qiu Chan stretched out a finger.

"Well, then one move will solve him!" Wang Ye nodded and smiled.

The people of the Luo family not far away could hear the conversation between the two clearly, and the clamor continued.

Damn it!

one move?!

I also thought of a trick to solve Luo Feng, what a fantasy!

Not only those people, but even Luo Ding laughed out loud except when he heard the words.

This is not a desperate fight, but more like a madman, one mad at a time!

Luo Feng stopped one foot away in front of Wang Ye, his body shook, and the breath of ancient martial arts exuded.

He looked at Wang Ye contemptuously and shouted: "One move? Wang Ye, the wind is not afraid to flash his tongue! Come on, let me see if you solved me with one move, or if Luo Feng taught you to be a man!"

Wang Ye smiled slightly, took a step forward, and asked, "Luo Feng, are you ready this time? Don't die later, and blame me for sneak attack or something."

"Fuck, you are so crazy!" Luo Feng couldn't help but explode when he heard the words.

Living over 30 years old, today I have seen what arrogance is.

"I hope you are more than just good at talking! Take me!"

After Luo Feng finished speaking, he stepped on the ground, like an arrow from Lixian bursting towards Wang Ye. The clenched fist clearly saw this layer of light white air!

That is the perfect performance of Li Huaqi.

But in the face of Luo Feng coming fiercely, Wang Ye still stood with a smile on his face.