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Chapter 494 Bloodthirsty Ant Colony

The innumerable bloodthirsty ant colonies are coming in fast.

Don't look at this bloodthirsty ant being small, but if you get a bite from it, you will lose a piece of meat on your body. The irony fangs are as scary as a meat grinder.

Coupled with the countless number, there is no doubt that within a few breaths, bloodthirsty ants will climb over, leaving them with no bone residue.

"Wang Ye, hurry up and call the unknown senior to help!" Qiu Chan urged.

Wang Ye smiled bitterly, "When I left the Wang family, I was worried that the Luo family would wait for the opportunity to break their promise, so please stay in the imperial capital temporarily to make sure that the Luo family is not dissatisfied before coming to reunite!"

"Ah? Then we are dead!" Miao Xing said in amazement.

Seeing a group of bloodthirsty ants approaching, Qiu Jian held a long sword and killed more than a hundred bloodthirsty ants with one stroke, but this was only a drop in the ocean and could not stop the bloodthirsty ant army.

Not only that, they saw an even more creepy scene.

The bloodthirsty ants that came after them climbed up, and the bloodthirsty ants that were split in half by Qiu Jian were eaten instantly by the way.

"It's over! I'm going to die!" Qiu Chan was a little desperate.

Wang Ye took a step forward, holding Miao Yue with one hand, and waving his other big hand. Under the influence of the fire, a flame burst out and burned on the ground in front of them.

"Fire, haha..."

These things are the ones who fear the flames the most. Qiu Chan felt like he was left behind and couldn't help laughing.

But soon, her smile stiffened and her eyes widened instantly.

The bloodthirsty ants that followed, dared not fear life and death, rushed to the flames, crackling sounds continued to sound, a scorching smell filled.

But that's the case, the bloodthirsty ants who came forward are gradually breaking through the flame barrier.

Wang Ye frowned. This was not accidental. Even insects and ants have a perception of danger. If no one controls them, they would not rush forward if they knew they would die.

Waved his hand again, strengthening the flames, and a circle of flames temporarily surrounded them.

"Qiu Chan! Miao Xing! Qiu Jian! Are you more reliable than me?" Wang Ye asked in a deep voice.

"Of course I can trust it!"

The three replied in unison.

"Then jump down." Wang Ye turned and looked at the cliff behind him.

As soon as these words came out, the three of them were stunned.

Jump down?

Below that is an abyss of hundreds of feet, under which you can hear the sound of rushing water faintly, there is no life when jumping down!

"There must be someone secretly making trouble, believe me, I will catch you one by one if I jump down!"

After Wang Ye said, his shoulders shook, a pair of ice and fire bone wings spread out, jumped under the cliff, and shouted: "I will catch you below!"

He swooped down and went straight down the cliff.

The rushing river bed under the cliff is more than ten feet long, with steep mountain walls on both sides. Fortunately, there is a huge rock beside the river bed.

He landed on the boulder, lay Miao Yue on the boulder, and immediately shouted at the cliff: "Hurry up, come one by one! The flame will not last long!"

A voice full of breath came from under the cliff, and Qiu Chan and the three of them stomped.

But this circle of flames really couldn't resist for too long, and soon the bloodthirsty ant colony would break through the barrier, and once they climbed for a few breaths, their bones would disappear.

"Speaking lightly, you have wings, but we don't!" Miao Xing mumbled depressedly.

Qiu Chan grabbed Qiu Jian and said, "You go first, I believe Wang Ye will catch us!"

"No! Miss, you go first, after I break it!" Qiu Jian insisted.

In desperation, Qiu Chan turned around and jumped, her eyes closed and she jumped off the cliff.

Just listening to the whistling of the wind in her ears, her weightlessness made her blood pressure soar.

Under the cliff, Wang Ye's wings shook, and he flew away in the air, holding Qiu Cicada in his arms, and then fell towards the boulder.

Qiu Chan opened her eyes and let out a long sigh of relief, "I thought I was dead!"

Wang Ye smiled slightly and said, "No! If you really intend to escape, the bloodthirsty ants will not be able to catch up with us, but escape is not the best choice."

"You mean, someone deliberately targeted us?" Qiu Chan's eyes widened, "This is already the boundary of the Miao family, is it the Miao family?"


At this moment, Miao Xing jumped down with the screaming sound from far to near.

Wang Ye, who was too late to answer, jumped up to catch Miao Xing, and then landed smoothly.

Qiu Jian followed immediately.

A group of them stood on this huge rock protruding from the cliff, frowning and looking up at the rock above it.

The dense bloodthirsty ants began to crawl down the cliff.

"This place, I know." Miao Xing suddenly pointed to a hole on the cliff. "When I was young, my sister and I often played in grottoes. There was a dark river at the bottom of the mountain with many caves. I remember this very clearly. A stone and a hole."

"For a while, my sister and I walked here along the stone cave and played on this rock. My doll fell into the river. If it wasn't for my sister to stop me, I almost jumped into the river to find it! Just because of this, my grandma beat me fiercely, and very severely ordered my sister and me not to play in the dark river grottoes again!"

Since this cave can lead to the Miao Family, and Miao Xing is very familiar with it, it couldn't be better!

"Miao Xing, lead the way!"

Wang Ye pointed to the entrance of the cave and said.

Miao Xing nodded and quickly ran towards the entrance of the cave. Wang Ye picked up Miao Yue and glanced at the bloodthirsty ant colony that was climbing down quickly and followed.

The opening of the hole is not too big, so I can only get in with a bowed body, but as soon as I enter it, it suddenly opens up.

There are grottoes more than five meters high in the mountains. The grottoes are dark and wet, and there are some moss on the ground.

Obviously when the water is rising, the water in the river channel will pour into the grotto as it flows over the entrance of the cave.

There is also a dark river in the grotto, and Miao Xing relies on his childhood memories to walk all the way along the river bed of the dark river.

Along the way, Wang Ye looked around. On both sides of the grottoes, there would occasionally be a cave. It is easy to get lost in the intricate intertwining.

The bloodthirsty ant colony was chasing after him, and the sound of slurping and the sound of the river flowing echoed here.

About a hundred meters ahead, the grotto here presents a very regular circular shape, with four openings on each side of the stone wall.

Miao Xing hesitated.

"Where are you going, you mean? The bloodthirsty ant colony is coming soon." Qiu Chan urged.

"Don't rush me!" Miao Xing scolded anxiously, "I came to play a few times when I was a kid. The time when Jiji was beaten to death by grandma, I never came again. I have to look for it slowly after many years. Go wrong, those caves are intricate, and there are a few dead ends. If you walk into a dead end, it's over!"

Wang Ye, who was holding Miao Yue, bumped Qiu Chan on his shoulder, beckoning her not to interrupt Miao Xing's thoughts.

After all, they had come here to play when they were very young, a long time has passed, and the shapes of the caves here are basically similar, which is difficult to distinguish!

But the bloodthirsty ant colony behind them is still fast approaching. If they can't find the entrance to the Miao family before they arrive, they can only be forced to move forward.

But going forward, according to Miao Xing, it was a dead end, where there was only a bottomless pool with river water constantly popping out.

Time passed by one minute and one second, and the crisis was fast approaching.

Wang Ye, who was holding Miao Yue, stared at the way he came. He wanted to find the man who secretly manipulated the bloodthirsty ant colony.

As for leaving here, he still has a killer in his hand!