The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 497 Patriarch Miao Cangyan

The setting sun slanted west, and the reddish sunlight poured down through the cracks in the branches and leaves, and fell on the cheek of the old man under the tree house.

The old lady slumped and looked up at the tree house. The sunset fell on her face, making her wrinkled face glowing red, but it made her look even more gloomy.

When the old man looked up at Wang Ye in the tree house, Wang Ye was also looking at her.

Inexplicably, he thought of the old woman who gave him the mobile phone when he was in Luochuan when his adoptive mother was outside the hospital.

She is also so old, her figure huddled, but the old lady seems to be more kind than this person.


Miao Xing's rapid footsteps upstairs pulled Wang Ye back from his thoughts.

"Wang Ye Wang Ye, grandma went out to see you in person." She ran forward, showing an extremely excited look.

Since she remembered her, grandma rarely came to Miao Village, almost a two-point line of life, not her hut, or the woods in the back mountains, rarely came to Miao Village, let alone an outsider.

Wang Ye stood up, nodded at the old man under the tree, and immediately walked under the tree house.

"Junior Wang Ye, meet the head of the Miao family." When he walked to the old man, Wang Ye bowed and saluted.

"It's rude, you are here for two days before I find time to see you."

"Senior is polite, you are busy curing Miao Yue..."

"Are you free now? Can you walk with me?"

The old lady Miao interrupted him, and before he could answer, she raised her head and pointed to the direction of Miao Village.

Wang Ye thought this old lady was weird, but before thinking about it, the old lady walked forward with a cane, and he could only quickly follow.

Miao Xing also planned to follow, but was stopped by the old lady.

"I want to chat with Wang Ye alone, you go with Qiu Chan and the others, don't let them run around in order to avoid being bitten by the poison around the cottage!"

Listening to her grandma, Miao Xing pouted. She was used to grandma's nagging look.

Walking behind the old lady Miao, following her all the way forward, passing by the hut where she lived, Wang Ye turned his head and glanced at the three simple huts.

As the Patriarch of the Miao family, he lives in such a simple and simple way that he really admires such a breeze with two sleeves.

Silent all the way, walked towards the back mountain of the cottage.

The mountains and forests reflected by the sunset glow slightly crimson.

"Wang Ye, you are a descendant of the King's family of Longwang Mountain. It is said that you have gathered four keys in the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain. Is there such a thing?"

Mrs. Miao finally spoke, and the exit was about the secret key.

Wang Ye's brows frowned slightly, "Don't hide it from Senior, I have indeed collected the four keys to the secret realm."

Granny Miao paused in her footsteps, seeming to ponder something, and sighed after a long while: "What are you going to do?"

She asked directly, and Wang Ye answered more directly.

"Until the three, after eradicating the Luo family, open the secret realm to explore treasures."

Mrs. Miao was not surprised. He nodded, pointed his stick at a boulder in the forest, staggered over, and sat down immediately, beckoning Wang Ye to also sit down.

"This is the place where I usually meditate." Miao said, and then said: "I want to destroy the Luo family, is it to avenge the family?"

"Yes! It is also for the three clans and for the world!"

"It's about the people of the world? Haha." Miao Miao smiled disdainfully.

But Wang Ye is still serious, with a solemn expression, "It does sound like he has lifted Wang Ye too high, but that's the truth! The Luo family's wolf ambition has long been eye-catching to the three clans. Just imagine if the Luo family was in the secret realm. Zhongzhibao, how can you let the three of you go?"

"What's in that secret realm?"

This Wang Ye asked. In the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain, no one is sure about what is hidden. The rumors are the elixir of life, and there are also rumors that the ancient supreme martial arts and martial arts are hidden, but everything is just rumors.

Old lady Miao smiled, turned her head to look at Wang Ye, the Wang Ye who looked at him was a little panicked.

"Like, it's so alike..."

"What are you talking about? What is it like?" Wang Ye asked suspiciously.

Old lady Miao concealed something hurriedly, shook her head and said, "I mean, you are very much like an old friend of mine! Not to mention that, you have to join the Miao family and the Ma family to fight against the Luo family. I agree with this matter."

Wang Ye was startled when he heard this, and he started to look at Granny Miao in surprise!

The victory or defeat of this matter. Regarding the life and death of the Miao family, she didn't even question too much before agreeing?

"But I have one condition." The old lady Miao said, she shook her head and said, "To be precise, there should be two conditions."

"Senior, please tell me, as long as Wang Ye can do it, I will definitely..."

"You can definitely do it." Old lady Miao interrupted him again.

This made Wang Ye feel a little uncomfortable. What he didn't like most was being interrupted when speaking, and this old lady Miao was already the second time.

It can be seen faintly that this old-fashioned Miao Patriarch is a very domineering person.

"You helped remove the seven-star blood poison in Miao Yue’s body. The blood seals the throat of the seven-star blood poison. Even if I was on the scene, I couldn’t ensure that Miao Yue could survive until now. This shows that you are exquisite in art. I hope you can help me and save Miao Yue!"

"Senior hasn't fully understood the seven-star blood poison in Miao Yue's body?" Wang Ye stared at her in surprise.

The seven-star blood poison in Miao Yue's body has little remaining poison. According to the strength of the old lady Miao, two days should be enough to completely remove it. Why do we need his Wang Ye's help?

This obviously hidden suspicion made Old Lady Miao's face sink.

"The residual poison is the most difficult thing to remove. In addition to the long time, you are rushing along the way, causing the residual poison to gradually invade Miaoyue's bone marrow. It is not easy to completely remove it."

Wang Ye knows this, but it doesn't seem to be difficult, right?

After all, this is the Miao family, whose medical skills and Gu skills are well-known all over the world.

But since the old lady Miao invited, it was about Miao Yue's life and death, Wang Ye naturally agreed.

"The second thing that senior wants me to do?"

"After Miao Yue is cured, I will be in charge of my Miao family, and I will marry you and Miao Yue."

"What?" Wang Ye's eyes widened, "Senior, this junior has already married..."

"Stop!" This is the third time that Old Lady Miao interrupted Wang Ye, and she was extremely tough.

"Divorce his wife?" Wang Ye smiled faintly, his face was calm, but there was much contempt in his heart.

Divorce!This old lady Miao said too easily.

But her dominance didn't stop there, she continued: "After marrying Miao Yue, you will be my Miao family and the husband of the next Miao Patriarch! At that time, it will be logical to rely on the strength of the Miao Family to deal with the Luo Family. !"

There was a smile at the corner of Wang Ye’s mouth. Although he had communicated with Miao Yue’s soul recently because of his healing, there was indeed a subtle emotional change between each other, but he wanted him to divorce his wife and marry Miao Yue so as to use the Miao family to target the Luo family. He Wang Ye couldn't achieve the goal.

Besides, Mrs. Miao said that this was obviously for him to enter Zuo Miao's house, regardless of Qiu Chan, how Cai Yingxin and Liu Ruyan explained.

Huo Ran stood up, Wang Ye clasped his fists in his hands and said, "Senior, it's okay to help Miao Yue, but I ask Senior not to mention the matter of divorcing his wife and marrying his wife. I will definitely not agree to it!"

"It's my granddaughter Miao Yue, not good enough for you?"

Old lady Miao also stood up suddenly, her eyes gleaming with threat.

That fierce aura had already locked Wang Ye, it seemed that if he didn't agree, he would kill him without hesitation today.