With the technique of the four elephant steamers, Miao Yue was saved from day to night.

For a time, Wang Ye's superb medical skills were widely circulated among the Miao family, and thus won unlimited admiration and admiration from everyone.

After recovering, Miao Yue was fine. After washing, she followed the rules and went to the patriarch as soon as possible to ask for peace.

At this moment, Wang Ye was sitting alone in the tree house, looking at the direction of the Miao Family Holy Land.

"How sullen?" Qiu Chan approached with a smile, "You have been sitting here for three hours! You are now an idol worshipped by the Miao people! Many people want to see you!"

"Not interested." Wang Ye replied casually.

He curled his lips. Although Wang Ye was in a bad mood, Qiu Chan wouldn't mess with him at this time, so he slowly got up to leave.

At this moment, Miao Xing climbed up the tree house and ran over anxiously.

"It's over, it's over, Wang Ye, this will be over!" She grabbed Wang Ye's arm and said, "Wang Ye, I tell you one thing, you, don't be angry."

"What's the matter?" Wang Ye asked, frowning.

After swallowing her throat, Miao Xing glanced at Qiu Chan subconsciously, she opened her mouth and stopped talking.

Seeing her stumbling, Wang Ye raised his head and said, "Qiu Chan, please go out first, I will say a few words to Miao Xing."

"Mysterious, and deliberately carrying me! All right, I'll go!"

Qiu Chan mumbled, walked out of the tree house, and went down.

At this time, Miao Xing said nervously, "This is over. I overheard outside the house just now that my grandma wants my sister to marry you! No, I want you to join my Miao family."

Wang Ye had no expression on his face. He had known about this a long time ago and had already rejected the Miao Patriarch.

However, Miao Xing's next words made him suddenly look murderous.

"Grandma is afraid that you won't agree, so she has quietly gushed Qiu Chan! She said, if you don't agree, you will kill Qiu Chan first, and then you will do something with Zhong Xiaomo and Liu Ruyan!"


Wang Ye stood up abruptly, his expression gloomy.

This Miao Patriarch used such despicable means to force marriage.

"You, you, don't be angry." Miao Xing took his wrist and said, "In fact, it's not a bad thing. Now your medical skills have been admired by the people, and you have a life-saving grace for my sister. You can marry her. No problem, it just sounds a bit awkward to be added."

"Is that an ugly question?"

"That's a matter of character!"

"As the head of the Miao family, how is it different from thirty years ago using such despicable means!"


He slapped the table and angrily walked under the tree house.

"What thirty years ago? Oh, oh, Wang Ye, you must never say that I told you, I just overheard it by accident..."

Miao Xing was anxiously like an ant on a hot pot, he had never seen Wang Ye so angry!

When he walked out of the wooden house, he grabbed Qiu Chan by the wrist, staring at her slightly!

The pulse is steady, there is nothing unusual in the body!

"Qiu Chan, have you felt any discomfort in the past two days?" Wang Ye asked in a deep voice.

"Uncomfortable, no?" Qiu Chan was startled first, and then jokingly said with a smile: "The only uncomfortable thing is that you care too much about Miao Yue!"

No obvious discomfort?

Wang Ye frowned and thought hard. He couldn't see what kind of Gu was in Qiu Cicada. The old lady Miao had poor medical skills, but he was extremely good at using Gu.

He must find Mrs. Miao, let her remove the poison in Qiu Chan's body and give up the threats against him.

But at this moment, Miao Zhen ran over with a look of excitement.

"Congratulations, brother Wang Ye, grandma is going to let you marry Miao Yue. This is what everyone expects."

Qiu Chan was taken aback by Miao Zhen's words before he arrived.

"Miao Zhen, what did you just say?" Qiu Chan asked with a cold face.

"The patriarch wants to marry Miao Yue to Wang Ye."

"Does she know that Wang Ye already has a wife?" Qiu Chan's voice became colder.

"I know." Miao Zhen shrugged indifferently. "Man, isn't it normal for three wives and four concubines?"

"Is it normal?" Qiu Chan's face was already gloomy, she said angrily: "I don't agree!"

Miao Zhen stared at her with a slight anger, "What do you disagree with? Brother Wang Ye already has a family, but your Qiu family is different and you betrothed to Wang Ye brother? How can you allow you Qiu family, we Miao Home is down?"


Miao Zhen's words made Qiucan speechless.

"No way is no way, anyway, I don't allow it."

"It's not that you marry a wife, what use is your permission." Miao Zhen muttered.

At this moment, Wang Ye was already in anger. If they were to know what happened in the Miao family thirty years ago, I am afraid Miao Zhen would not agree with Wang Ye marrying Miao Yue.

Miao Cangyan, the former owner of the Miao family, and her husband Bai Yueyang are the envy of many people in the Miao family.

Miao Cangyan is good at using Gu, and Bai Yueyang is exquisite in art. The husband and wife learn from each other and help each other. This is a good story from the Miao family.

However, Bai Yueyang suddenly disappeared thirty years ago.

As everyone knows, there is a big conspiracy hidden behind this disappearance, Wang Ye only guessed half of it, and the other half was the old lady Miao, who personally said to the unconscious Miao Yue.

It turned out that back then, Bai Yueyang and Miao Cangyan already had a son under their knees, and they were married. They should have had a happy life, but Bai Yueyang discovered that Miao Cangyan had two sides in those years.

One of them is proficient in medical skills, and the other is proficient in general Gu, saying they learned from each other and instructed each other, but Bai Yueyang later discovered that what Miao Cangyan had handed him was nothing but flashy things, and he really gave it.

This is not a big contradiction at first, after all, the two have lived for decades and are already old couples.

But that day, Bai Yueyang was angry, and after quarreling with each other once again mentioned the matter, Bai Yueyang wanted to leave the Miao family. He wanted to go out for a walk. He didn't want to be fooled by Miao Cangyan to breathe, and went out to breathe.

However, Miao Cangyan refused!

Between the two disputes, the angry Miao Cangyan awakened the Gu poison in Bai Yueyang's body.

It was not until this time that Bai Yueyang realized that he had been poisoned by Miao Cangyan. If he didn't obey Miao Cangyan's words and stayed at Miao's house and continued to teach her medical skills, he would kill him!

Bai Yueyang, who was full of thoughts, temporarily endured it, but secretly used superb medical skills to get rid of the poison in his body.

Bai Yueyang asked Miao Cangyan in the sacred land of the Miao Family, the place of ancestor worship. He hoped that Miao Cangyan would face up to this relationship and stop taking advantage of him.

But at that time, Miao Cangyan was at the peak of admiration. She was extremely arrogant and refused, and claimed that Bai Yueyang would obey her unconditionally.

During the dispute, she unexpectedly pushed Bai Yueyang off the Five Poison Altar!

The Five Poison Altar is the dead place in the Miao Family Holy Land. Falling into it is dead or dead, so Miao Cangyan fabricated the disappearance of Bai Yueyang, and since then, people are not allowed to set foot in the Miao Family Holy Land.

But this was only the cause of the matter, not because Wang Ye was so angry. Even if Miao Cangyan tried to make Miao Yue follow her past, it was not enough to make Wang Ye so angry.

What he was really angry about was that the matter about Miao Yue’s parents was that five years after the incident, the Miao Yue sisters had just been three years old. Miao Yue’s parents went to the holy place to pray and overheard the words of repentance from their mother.

And the cruel Miao Cangyan, in order to conceal the truth of the year, even pushed his own son and daughter-in-law into the altar of five poisons.