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Chapter 506 Five Poison Altar

Miao Lili was silent.

She has already married, and the man who joined her is an ordinary man from a rural area outside Guishan.

She knows how happy it is to marry a loved one, even if the other party does not have the wealth, even if the other party is useless, but love should not be restrained, and they also have it. That is the Miao family's rules. Leave the Miao family!

As a woman, Miao Lili felt distressed. She met Miao Yue's pleading gaze, bit her teeth and turned around.

"Life and death depend on fate and success or failure! Miao Yue, since you have decided, I won't stop you!"

The two people holding Miao Yue released her after hearing this.

"Thank you." Miao Yue thanked him, looked at Wang Ye, and said: "Wang Ye, wait for me, I will definitely find Wanshihua to save you!"

"Miao Yue don't be impulsive, maybe I can think of other ways..."

Before he finished speaking, Miao Yue had tears on her cheeks and smiled, she turned and ran towards the holy land.

"Let go of me! Let go of me!"

Wang Ye struggled, but the colorful butterfly and mealworm eggs in his body not only blocked his meridians, but also made him weak.

"Take it away!" Miao Lili waved her hand.

"Miao Lili! If you are really good for Miao Yue, just let me go and let me go with her. If you can live with her, if you die, at least you can't make her alone! Don't worry, you have Miao Xing in your hands. If we were alive, we would definitely not leave Miao Xing alone!"

Miao Lili frowned, "Go to the Five Poison Altar, that's a dead end, aren't you afraid?"


When Miao Lili heard this, and was waiting to sneer, Wang Ye continued.

"Because of fear, I can't let Miao Yue go alone! Let me go. With my medical skills and Miao Yue's Gu technique, perhaps we can work together to survive in the Five Poison Altar!"

Miao Lili hesitated, she stared at Wang Ye, looking at his eyes that looked like death.

"Hey, go, go!"

"Sister Lili, if he runs away, we have to lose our heads!"

"Yes, Sister Lili, let Miao Yue go, he is the patriarch..."

"Stop talking!" Miao Lili waved her hand and said coldly: "Let him go, I will bear all the consequences, Miao Lili!"

The two men hesitated for a moment, then they let go of Wang Ye with a long sigh.

"Don't worry, Wang Ye will be back! Miao Xing will ask you!"

After Wang Ye said, he turned and ran towards the Holy Land.

The current Miao family gathered inside and outside the thatched hut. The Miao family’s holy land was not guarded at all. Near the stone wall, Wang Ye saw the broken lock and the opened stone door from a distance.

He rushed all the way into the wide stone cave with some murals carved on the stone walls on both sides. This is the main entrance of the Miao Family Holy Land.

"Miao Yue, Miao Yue..."

Stumbled all the way and rushed past, but did not see the shadow of Miao Yue.

At the end of the cave, there is a huge grotto. In the center of the grotto is a huge stone stele on which the names of the ancestors of the Miao family are carved. This is where the Miao family worships.

Wang Ye didn't dare to be interested in these things, and his forward pace came to an abrupt end after detouring the stele.

Behind the stone stele is a three-meter-long hole. Looking down, there is no bottom, and a rancid breath gushes out from the cave.

Five Poison Altar!

On the edge of the cave, the small inscription recorded here.

Wang Ye looked at it with one eye and ten lines. The inscription records that the Five Poison Altar was the ancestor of the Miao family. It was used to raise Gu. After generations of captivity, poisonous Gu attracted more and more poisons, which made it all over. The remnants of the poison are specific after death, so it is not suitable for re-cultivation of Gu, so it is abandoned.

Become a place for the descendants of the Miao family to admire the outstanding achievements of their ancestors.

"Miao Yue..."

Wang Ye bowed his head and shouted at the Five Poison Altar, his voice echoing back and forth in the cave.

After a while, a voice came back from the hole, "Wang Ye, don't come down, I will help you find the Flower of Myriad Corpses...Ah..."

In the end, the sound became a scream.

Wang Ye's heart was tense. There were many poisons in the Five Poison Altar, plus the miasma, it was extremely dangerous.

Before he could think about it, he clasped his hands between the cracks in the rock and climbed down.

If it weren't for the poison in the body, using the Ice Fire Bone Wing could quickly land to the bottom, but now his strength could not be displayed, and the painful stinging pain gradually increased in his body.

Holding it back, Wang Ye climbed down quickly, the rancid smell becoming more and more intense.

The hole seemed to be bottomless, and there was an extremely dangerous atmosphere in the darkness.

After climbing down for more than ten meters, Wang Ye saw the previous traces of Miao Yue's fall.

"I hope the bottom of this cave is not too high!"

He muttered and continued to climb down. Fortunately, he reached the bottom by about two feet down.

In the darkness, he saw Miao Yue squatting in the corner at a glance.

"Miao Yue, are you okay? Are you injured?"

Wang Ye rushed over, and Miao Yue turned around and plunged into his arms, crying loudly.

It turned out that she saw the bones in front of her, which should be his father and mother.

Wang Ye stroked her waistcoat lightly, not knowing how to comfort her, and looked around cautiously.

The bottom of the Altar of Five Poisons is not a dead end. On one side, there is an equally spacious hole, dark and quiet, without knowing where it leads.


In the silence, except for Miao Yue's choking sound, Wang Ye heard the sound of the poisonous snake vomiting the letter child.

Looking at the sound, there was a nest of poisonous snakes entwining each other not far away. After seeing them, it was like seeing the food of preserved fruits, and they began to swing their bodies and come quickly.

"Let's go Miao Yue, it is dangerous here, be careful!"

Miao Yue wiped a tear. She leaned over and picked up a white bone, picked up the poisonous snake that rushed forward, and immediately took Wang Ye's hand and walked towards the cave.

"This is the place where the ancestors of the Miao family refined Gu. There should be a lot of poisonous corpses in the depths. The corpse flower grows on the poisonous corpses."

Listening to her words, Wang Ye smiled bitterly.

"Hey, you are really stupid. The Miao family here knows that there is no life, but you are desperate for me."

"Aren't you the same." Miao Yue smiled, "You saved my life. If you find Ten Thousand Corpse Flower, it's me repaying your life-saving grace."

"What if you can't find it?" Wang Ye asked.

Miao Yue was stunned, and then smiled for a while, "I will find it! Even if I can't find it, there must be other ways to detoxify. Since grandma can wake up the poison, there must be a way to save lives. It's true, it won't work for you. Just ask for everything and promise her for the time being."

"You are thinking of going with me!" Wang Ye Cancan smiled, "Man, can you bend and stretch! This trick was originally my trump card at the bottom of the box, but now we are trapped here, if we can't find the corpse Flowers, I'm afraid I can't get out even if they are out!

"Oh, I blamed me for being reckless!" Miao Yue apologized.

Wang Ye smiled indifferently, sometimes with empty hands, it's easy to want to leave here!

It's just that since it's here, it must be to try your luck. If you really find the Ten Thousand Corpse Flower, you don't need to be restrained by Miao Cangyan!

While chatting, they gradually moved forward and did not notice that some vines had gradually appeared on the bare ground.

Those vines have thin and weak hair, and it's hard to find them if you don't look carefully in the dark.

The strangest thing was that the vines were creeping at an extremely slow speed.