The dim stone cave was horrible, and there was only the sound of their footsteps all around.

In the darkness, it seemed as if there were a pair of eyes staring at them.

"I feel like someone is here, as if he has been observing us in the dark!" Miao Yue subconsciously tightened Wang Ye's hand.

It felt strange, as if I was in a dark room, and someone outside the room could see through the darkness and was staring at me.

Wang Ye quietly felt that there was no strange aura around him.

"I haven't felt the human breath yet, but I don't rule out this possibility! This Five Poison Altar is very strange, if I don't expect it badly, its end should be an underground crater!"

The wise Miao Yue reacted in an instant, "You mean the end of the underground river, because of the environment in which the half-life grass grows?"

Wang Ye nodded. The half-life spirit grass must grow in extremely hot soil. Only half-life spirit grass can grow there. It must be because of the hot volcanic rocks.

"and many more!"

Suddenly, Wang Ye stopped, his brows frowned slightly and he turned his head to look.


After a slight pulling sound, there was a tangled sound.

Although it was dim all around, he could still see clearly with Wang Ye's eyesight.

Two meters away from the gathering, the previous poisonous snake chased it, but it was entangled with a strange vine on the ground, tightly entangled, and the vine was shrinking towards the side of the rock wall.


When the snake's body hit the rock wall, Miao Yue could also see clearly.

Those vines with weak hair were violently entangled, and the skin of the poisonous snake's body began to be cut, and scarlet blood flowed.


It is like a watermelon with countless rubber bands wrapped around it. When the last rubber band that can squeeze the bursting watermelon is put on, the watermelon bursts. The body of the viper is strangled into countless small pieces, one by one. of!

"Fuck, it turned out to be a blood vine!"

Thoughts flashed in his mind, flipping through the records in the Divine Medical Encyclopedia chip, when a strange plant information came to mind, even Wang Ye couldn't help but explode.


Before he could explain more, he clasped Miao Yue's hand and quickly rushed towards the depths of the hole.

Hh hh...

On the ground and on the stone walls, there are slender hairs of blood cannibalism, and when the blood of the poisonous snake radiates, the vines begin to squirm quickly.


A vine entangled Miao Yue's ankle. As she was running, she fell to the ground with an unbalanced body, almost dragging the weak Wang Ye and falling down.

She had just fallen to the ground, and the vines on the ground were like tentacles, quickly entwining her and dragged her towards the stone wall.

The blood vines entangled very fast, almost for a moment, Miao Yue's body seemed to be entwined with countless gray-black hair strands, layer by layer, and finally looked like a silkworm cocoon.

Her body can no longer move, and the tight restraint makes her feel that the bones and internal organs are being squeezed.

"Go, Wang Ye, leave me alone, go!"

Wang Ye also grabbed her wrist, trying to pull her out of the cannibal blood vine.

The previous venomous snake is the best example. If you don’t quickly untie the vine's entanglement, Miao Yue will soon fall into shock due to the huge entanglement force, and then the huge entanglement force plus the thin hair of the cannibal blood vine, will Cut her body into pieces!

"Go away, Wang Ye, go..."

After letting her die, Wang Ye never let go, even at this moment, even his entire wrist was entangled by the cannibal blood vine.

A breath of death enveloped her heart, and the roaring Miao Yue laughed at herself.

"I wanted to find the corpse flower to save you. Who would have thought, but I am dragging you down here! I'm really useless."

"Miao Yue hold on, I won't let you die!" Wang Ye said solemnly.

He clenched his teeth, worked hard to keep his mind stable, concentrated his mind hard, controlled the fire in his body, and released the flames to disperse those terrifying blood vines.

Huh boom!

In a moment, the sound of Miao Yue's bone squeezing was heard, which made Wang Ye even more anxious.

Because of the colorful butterflies in the body, the fire is out of control.

"Go, Wang Ye, go..." Miao Yue's sobbing voice could only be heard from her throat. She couldn't even move her mouth now.

"Fuck, it's just a mere gu poison, can it get me Wang Ye! Burn it!"

Wang Ye gritted his teeth, his roar echoed in the cave, and they raised their heads and howled.


Accompanied by an angry roar, a scorching flame suddenly swarmed out of his body.


In an instant, the flames illuminated the entire cave, and the scorching heat radiated, and the blood vines around him crackled and burned.

Hh hh...

The blood cannibal vine entwining Miao Yue quickly dispersed, and then withdrew.

"Cough cough cough..." Miao Yue coughed violently, looking at the flames on Wang Ye in surprise.


He took Miao Yue and walked forward quickly. The miasma in the cave gradually churned under the flame, feeling like an explosion.

Seeing that he had already rushed out of the range of the cannibal blood vine, Wang Ye hurriedly withdrew the flames from the fire.

Forcibly invoke the fire to make the blood churn in the body.


He opened his mouth sharply, and a mouthful of blood came out.

"Wang Ye, are you okay!" Miao Yue hurriedly helped him.

But when she saw the blood sprayed by Wang Ye on the ground clearly, her face suddenly changed.

"You just used that flame to intensify the growth of the colorful butterfly mealworm eggs in your body! No, let's go quickly and find the corpse flower as soon as possible!"

In the pool of blood on the ground, you can clearly see the worm eggs that are as small as the tip of a needle and are constantly squirming. They are the worm eggs of colorful butterfly powder. They exist in Wang Ye’s blood and are rapidly moving. Growth and division.

The stench and miasma are intertwined, permeating the cave, it is hard to breathe here.

The two of them can only hold on and keep moving forward.

About ten feet later, a larger grotto appeared in front of you. The poisonous miasma here is more dense, and there are bones everywhere. Some of the bones of some animals, some of which are black and purple, and some are as dark as ink, apparently died of poisoning. .

The bones were piled up, like a hill, Miao Yue, who was holding her mouth and nose, finally laughed.

"This is the Altar of Five Poisons, the deepest place, where there are bones of countless poisons, there must be corpse flowers! Wang Ye, you rest and I will look for corpse flowers."

She was about to rush to the pile of bones, but was caught by Wang Ye.

He pulled a piece of cloth from his clothes and walked towards the edge of the grotto, the puddle.

The puddle is small, only one meter in diameter, but the water in it is very clear.

Wet the cloth and handed it to Miao Yue, Wang Ye reminded: "Cover your mouth and nose with a damp cloth to prevent poisonous miasma."

Miao Yue nodded and took the wet cloth and said: "The poison in your body is intensified now, don't move around. I will look for that pile of bones. This place is very suitable for breeding corpse flowers, and there will definitely be some."

Wang Ye nodded and smiled, and saw her rush to the pile of bones, like a hill.