Wang Ye wasted, if he chooses to enter it, Miao Yue will definitely agree, and will enter it without hesitation to accompany him on the adventure.

"Wang Ye, you're going to die anyway, why not take a chance!"

Miao Yue grabbed Wang Ye's wrist, her eyes hot and said, "There must be people here, and they have passed through this waterhole to another place! Look here."

She turned and pointed at the mountain of bones.

"Those are bones of highly poisonous things. They are piled up here, and the environment here is the best place to grow corpse flowers. And here, there is not even a corpse flower. There is only one possibility. Every time the corpse flower grows, it is picked by that person!"

Wang Ye naturally knew this too. Taking the body of poisonous flesh and blood as the nourishment, the corpse flower that grew out of it was not only an elixir, but also a great tonic.

Miao Yue guessed that there were nine out of ten, but he couldn't bear to gamble on Miao Yue's life and death.

"Don't hesitate Wang Ye, this is our only chance! Otherwise, I will come first!"

As she said, she was about to plunge her head into the pool, and Wang Ye hurriedly pulled her.

"I'll come first." He smiled and said: "You have to promise me that no matter how long you wait, you will wait until I come back to find you, otherwise you must not go down. Can you guarantee it?"

He sometimes has empty hands, even if they miscalculate, the depths of the pool are a dead end, he can use the time and space bracelet to instantly return to Miao Yue, and then take her out of here, to Miaojiazhai to give Miao Cang The mad woman Yan admitted.

At most, it is the opportunity to consume two time and space bracelets.

Miao Yue nodded her head when she heard the words, "Don't worry, I'll wait for you here, as long as you pass, come back to pick me up."

"Okay! Remember, wait for me!"

Wang Ye exhorted again and gave her a deep look.

Climbing into the pool, Wang Ye dived into the depths of the pool with both hands on the stone wall. He didn't need to breathe because of the needle, but he silently calculated the time during the dive.

Moreover, the more the water pressure goes up and down, the greater the water pressure, and it seems a bit difficult to continue sinking.

One minute……

After diving for a minute without seeing the end of the pool, Wang Ye hesitated.

After continuing to sink for about thirty seconds, Wang Ye was almost desperate. According to Miao Yue's situation, she could at most last about two and a half minutes underwater.

And with her physique, sinking under such a large water pressure will consume more physique and shorten the time of holding breath.

Suddenly, the underwater backflow made Wang Ye see hope.

He speeded up the sinking speed, and as expected, there was a horizontal passage under the water pool. He followed the path to the front, and the water pressure began to flow up three meters away.

Pushing on the ground with both feet and pushing up a string of force, the speed of rising due to the water pressure is obviously increased.

He was floating up quickly, and now three minutes had passed since he was launched into the water, and a bright red light appeared above the water.

Wang Ye was overjoyed, and as expected, there was another grotto on the other side of the pool.


One head came out from the water, Wang Ye wiped his face and looked around vigilantly.

This underground grotto is very large, with a diameter of more than twenty feet. You can see the whole view of the grotto at a glance. There is no figure here, only the boiling magma in the center, as well as some food and dryness that are baked around. Herbs!

"The corpse flower!"

Wang Ye's eyes flashed brightly, and the dry herbs were just the flowers of ten thousand corpses.

But what about the people here?

Obviously, there are people here, but at first glance, no one is seen.

The water flows along the edge of the grotto to another pool. The whole view of the grotto can be seen, but the person living here is not seen.

"I can't see both places!"

He looked to one side, there were a few animal bones, and there was a line of handwriting on the stone wall. It was the poem: Shangqiongbi and Huangquan, both are missing!

It seems that the people living here are already discouraged and desperate!

"Calculating the time, according to Miao Yue's physical fitness, it will take at least four minutes to get here, she can't do it at all!"

Wang Ye crawled out of the pool, and walked towards the corpse flower roasted on the ground not far from the lava in the center of the grotto.

Only a corpse flower is needed to remove the colorful butterfly and mealy gu poison in the body, and if you leave here, you don't need Miao Yue to take risks.


Just as he leaned over and was about to pick up the corpse flower, suddenly a cracking sound rang out.

He suddenly turned his head to look, a stone came quickly, he instinctively avoided to one side, but his current body couldn't react so sharply.


The stone hit his shoulder, and a huge impact directly lifted him up.

"Hahaha, finally came alive, came alive."

In another pool, a figure rushed out, a hoarse laughter came, and the man approached quickly like a ghost.


As light and shadow flickered, Wang Ye's throat was strangled, and he was lifted up.

This person has white hair and a long gray beard. Although he is old, he looks very energetic. It should be because of the long-term use of Wanshihua.

"Senior, the junior has no intention of offending, just want to take a corpse flower to detoxify!" Wang Ye, who was strangling his throat, spoke extremely fluently, because he didn't need to breathe.

The old man didn't seem to hear what he was talking about, but laughed with excitement.

"Thirty-one years and fifty-six days, hahaha, I finally saw a living person, and finally there is a living person who can talk to me...No, you are not a living person!"

The old man stared at Wang Ye suddenly, his hand strangling Wang Ye's throat, did not notice his pulse.

Observing intently at this time, I was surprised to find that the other party had no pulse, no breathing, or even a heartbeat, but the other party was able to speak, just like a living person.

"Senior, please let me go. My friend is still waiting for me across the water pool. If I wait for a long time, I am afraid of her..."

"Seven ghosts draw souls, seal veins and distractions!" The old man suddenly widened his eyes and exclaimed: "A young queen who knows the long-lost method of drawing needles, says, where do you learn from?"

The other party could see the seven ghosts attracting souls at a glance, and Wang Ye was slightly surprised.

"By chance, I got a true pass from a senior."

"Give it to me, give it to me, give me these seven ghosts, the method of drawing the soul, sealing the veins and distracting the needle, I can leave here, leave here, I am I, I am trapped here three Eleven years and fifty-six days!"

The old man screamed in madness and joy.

Thirty-one years?!

Could it be that he is Miao Cangyan's husband Bai Yueyang?!

Wang Ye was startled, and asked in astonishment, "Senior is Bai Yueyang?"

"Bai Yueyang?" The old man was startled, as if recalling his own name, and then nodded, "I am me, do you know me?"

"Yes, of course you do! You are Miao Cangyan's husband, Miao Cuishan's father, and Miao Yue's grandfather! Oh, when you were pushed down from the Five Poison Altar, Miao Yue hadn't been born yet!"

"Who are you? Who are you, how do you know these?" Bai Yueyang asked loudly.

The ins and outs of the matter are a long story, and it cannot be said clearly in a few words.

Wang Ye hurriedly said: "Senior, if you don't let me go anymore, your granddaughter across the water pool will jump into the water pool to find me. Her physique is not strong enough to hold her breath and hold on here! She will die in the pool."