Bai Yueyang held Wang Ye's throat with his hand, slightly loosened, but then tightened again!

"You lie to me, you must be lie to me, you want to escape, right?"

"Fuck!" Wang Ye couldn't help but explode when he heard the words. If he was in his heyday, he would definitely kick him away.

This Bai Yueyang has been trapped here for more than 30 years, and coupled with the fact that he was deceived by Miao Cangyan at the beginning, he obviously doesn't believe anyone anymore.

But time is limited. Whenever the waiting Miao Yue will jump into the pool, the consequences can be disastrous.

But now there is nothing but to convince Bai Yueyang first.

"Senior, listen to me, I really didn't lie to you! After you were pushed down from the Five Poison Altar by Miao Cangyan, within a few years, your son Miao Cuishan's daughter-in-law gave birth to twins, named Miao Yue and Miao Xing!"

"Then who are you? How did you enter the Five Poison Altar? That is the death place of the Miao Family. No one can reach the end alive! Even if I was trapped in the Five Poison Altar, I was lucky enough to pass through the cannibal blood. Fujigo was unable to leave anymore, and almost died after many attempts..."

"I tried to bring the magma here and burn the damn blood vines with them, but I failed..."

Isn't this nonsense!To get to the other end of the grotto, you have to pass through a pool. The magma is soaked in the water for three minutes, so it can keep the high temperature!

But now, Wang Yetou is as big as a fight, there is no time to accuse him of his stupidity, Bai Yueyang has been trapped for a long time, he is stupid!

"Senior, my name is Wang Ye, a descendant of Longwangshan Wang's family!"

"Longwang Mountain King Family, I know, but I don't know you." Bai Yueyang frowned.

With a drop of cold sweat on Wang Ye's forehead, he said that you definitely didn't know me. When you were trapped, I was not born yet!In your time, my father is probably only in his thirties!

"How can you believe me?" Wang Ye asked.

"Blood test, if it is really my descendants, the blood test can be done."

"Then you have to have blood to test, right! You have to go first, take her blood, and then test again!" Wang Ye was about to collapse.

To reason with a person who has been trapped for more than 30 years is definitely unreasonable. Bai Yueyang needs at least a few days. In constant conversation, perhaps he can smooth his thoughts and distinguish the current situation.


While Wang Ye was still wandering about how to explain to Bai Yueyang, a person appeared in the pool.

"Miao Yue!" Wang Ye shouted.

On the surface of the water, Miao Yue lay motionless in the water.

At this time, Bai Yueyang ran fast, let go of Wang Ye, and appeared in the pool in a flash, lifting Miao Yue out of the water.

But now she was fainting with water in her lungs, and she was out of breath.

"Shortly after drowning, she is still saved, let me save her!"

Wang Ye rushed over, but was pushed away by Bai Yueyang.

"You save? You mean, my medical skills are not as good as yours? If you are worse than me, how could you be poisoned by colorful butterfly worms?"

Wang Ye was almost out of anger.

You said that Bai Yueyang has been trapped for a long time, and his thinking is a bit silly!He speaks now, but he is methodical and very annoying!

But you have to say that he is not stupid. He is staring at Wang Ye with questioning eyes, waiting for his answer. It seems that if Wang Ye doesn't answer, he won't save him.

"I'm very convinced!" Wang Ye cursed in his heart, clasped his fists, bowed and said: "Senior, you are exquisite in art, and the junior is ashamed!"

"It's pretty much the same! Thinking of me, Grandmaster Bai Yueyang, how can I be compared to you little brat!"

After he finished speaking, he lifted Miao Yue upside down, slapped Miao Yue's vest with a palm, and then buckled the acupuncture point three inches below Miao Yue's stomach.


There was a nausea, and with the stomach churning, the water in the lungs was also vomited out by her.

Miao Yue, who was gradually regaining her sanity, first saw the Ten Thousand Corpse Flower not far away. After a violent cough, she shouted: "Ten Thousand Corpse Flower, Wang Ye, dried Ten Thousand Corpse Flower..."

Wang Ye's heart warmed. This silly girl walked before the ghost gate, and was still worried about him as soon as she woke up.

"Are you my granddaughter?" Bai Yueyang's question made Miao Yue react. She was lifted upside down.

She raised her head and glanced at Bai Yueyang, then looked at Wang Ye with a questioning look.

Nodding his head, Wang Ye said, "His name is Bai Yueyang!"

"Bai Yueyang, Lord, Grandpa..." In an instant, Miao Yue's tears came down.

This grandpa also made Bai Yueyang tremble all over, and hurriedly put her down.

"Are you really my granddaughter? Is your father okay now? The old witch didn't make things difficult for him, right?" Bai Yueyang asked hurriedly.

Miao Yue rushed into his arms, already crying.

"Father, my father is dead..."

"Cuishan, is dead?" Bai Yueyang couldn't return to his senses in a daze, "Why, how did you die?"

Miao Yue, who was choked in Bai Yueyang's arms, was telling the story of the year. Bai Yueyang's teeth were clenched, and an extremely fierce aura exuded from her body.

Those household trivial matters can't be finished in half a day. Wang Ye touched his chest with one hand, and the long time seven ghosts led him to feel the damage to his internal organs.

Turned around and walked towards the corpse flower, picking up a flower directly into the mouth and chewing.

This bitter medicinal liquid spread along his throat toward his body. Wang Ye pulled out the silver needles in his body one by one, and the liquid medicine began to spread to every meridian, with a tingling warm feeling.

There are dried corpse flowers everywhere here, which can not only detox the poison of colorful butterfly powder, but also have the effect of nourishing.

The current Bai Yueyang didn't care about him, so Wang Ye picked up one more easily, put it in his mouth and started chewing.

Soon he felt the heat all over his body, and immediately afterwards, he was very itchy in his body. In about five minutes or so, blood stains began to appear on his skin, accompanied by severe tearing pain.

One by one, the eggs, as small as the tip of a needle, were squeezed out from the open pores.

After this detoxification lasted for nearly a quarter of an hour, Wang Ye suddenly felt that the blood in his body was unblocked, and the gu worms with colorful butterfly powder were completely eliminated from his body.

The open pores all over his body, the overflowing blood dyed the clothes red, accompanied by a stench.

Wang Ye simply jumped into the pool and washed his body.

After he finished taking a shower, Bai Yueyang seemed to be a different person.

He got up and said, "Little friend Wang Ye, thank you for your life-saving grace to my granddaughter."

"Senior, you are polite!" Wang Ye arched his hands and walked towards the center of the grotto, where the magma was going to dry his clothes.

Bai Yueyang asked: "The little friend is exquisite in art. I heard that you are a descendant of the Wang family of Longwangshan. I don't know which descendant of the Wang family?"

Wang Ye said heartily, after seeing Miao Yue, Bai Yueyang had recovered like a normal person so quickly.

He casually replied: "My father's name is Wang Cangshan, and my mother's name is Bai Qingyou."

"Niece Qingyou?" Bai Yueyang was startled and asked, "But in the Demon Cave Mountains, Bai Qingyou from the Bai Family at the Baishui River?"


Baijia by the Baishui River?!

Wang Ye staggered and almost fell in the magma. He stared at Bai Yueyang in amazement and asked, "Do you know my mother?"

"More than knowing, she is my niece! I am Bai Yueyang, and I am the third son of the Bai family! Bai Qingyou is the youngest daughter of my second brother. She had just turned ten when I left the Bai family!"

This relative made Wang Ye and Miao Yue stunned at the same time, so that he and Miao Yue still have some relatives, isn't the relationship between the two people completely impossible!

Miao Yue couldn't help writing disappointment on her face, and Wang Ye also secretly regretted.