"I go!"

"I am willing to personally send her to the Five Poison Altar!"

"I am waiting to obey the Patriarch's order and imprison him on the Five Poison Altar, so that she will think about it!"

For a time, the Miao people were excited and all reported their courage.

The four elders stepped forward and bowed to Bai Yueyang in salute.

"The Miao family can't be without a leader for a day, and I ask you to be qualified as the head of the Miao family."

"You used to be highly respected when you were old, but nowadays, being competent as Patriarch is what everyone expects!"

The four elders all expressed their opinions and asked Bai Yueyang to take charge of the Bai family.

"Grandpa, please agree." Miao Yue begged with a smile.

Rubbing Miao Yue’s head, Bai Yueyang nodded and signaled, “Well, since you trust me, then Bai Yueyang will preside over the Miao family for Miao Cangyan for the time being. After she has thought about it, she will give up her obsession. She is in charge."

"Bai Yueyang, when you came back this time, you deliberately retaliated against me, Miao Cangyan will never give up..."

Before she finished her angry words, two elders stepped forward, helping her from the left and the other, and walked towards the Miao Family Holy Land.

Waiting for her will be the dark days of the Five Poison Altar. With her mind, I am afraid that the rest of her life can only be spent in the Five Poison Altar!

The audience supported Bai Yueyang as the helm of the Miao family.

Only when Medical Gu went with him, he had truly fulfilled the expectations of the ancestors of the Miao Family.

All the dust settled, and in that tree house, Wang Ye stood with his hands and looked at the Miao Village.

There was some worry in his heart. It has been four or five days since he left Longwang Mountain. According to the agreement, the nameless should come to Miao's house three days ago.

But so far he has not arrived. There is only one possibility. In the imperial capital, he is entangled in trivial matters, and the so-called trivial matters are nothing more than Luo Family harassment.

Seeing it was getting late, Wang Ye was anxious.

"Qiu Chan, clean up and we leave overnight."

"Ah? Did you leave in such a hurry? There will be a dinner for the Miao Family to celebrate the new Patriarch tonight!" Qiu Chan said in surprise.

"If you are playful, you can stay!"

After Wang Ye said, he walked outside the tree house.

"It seems that you have something on your mind!" At this moment, Bai Yueyang walked in and followed Miao Yue and Miao Xing beside him.

"Master uncle." Wang Ye bowed and saluted.

With a wave of his hand, Bai Yueyang said: "Don't be polite, sit down and have a chat."

He took Wang Ye to sit down and asked, "But because of the Luo family, you have concerns?"

Wang Ye nodded and informed Bai Yueyang of the fact that Wuming had been here for a long time.

After learning about this, Bai Yueyang nodded and said: "In that case, I will stay with you soon. Regarding the uniting of the three tribes and dealing with the Luo family, you can rest assured here, you don’t need to talk about the support of the Miao family. They are all very high! At that time, I will definitely lead the team personally to support you!"

"Thank you, Master Uncle! I'm afraid I will have to wait a little bit later for the Luo Family. After going to the Ma Family, I am going to go to the Demon Cave Mountain Range to the Bai Family by the Baishui River."

"It is best for the Bai family to come forward and help each other." Bai Yueyang hesitated slightly and reminded: "But there is no need to report too much hope, it must be the Bai family! Your mother left with the spirit of desire, and she should have been a sinner of the Bai family. I'm afraid that you won't be so smooth on your trip to the Bai family. But remember that even if you don't mention blood and affection, interests will always be the best stepping stone to a good relationship."

Although his words were cryptic, Wang Ye could hear the meaning clearly.

It seems that Grandpa’s Bai family is obviously not good.

"There is one more thing, Wang Ye, you have to think about it."

"What's the matter?" He looked at Bai Yueyang suspiciously.

With an awkward smile, Bai Yueyang glanced at Miao Yue and Miao Xing who were aside, "Their sisters are twins. You are kind to both of them, and they both care about you..."

"Grandpa, what are you talking about!" Miao Yue's face flushed to the back of her ears.

Miao Xing said carelessly: "I said long ago that as long as Wang Ye can save my sister from Qixing blood poison, I am willing to serve him as a cow and a horse."

"You girl, you're welcome." Bai Yueyang smiled and asked tentatively: "Wang Ye, you can consider it. For men, three wives and four concubines are especially normal, and they are like you as a talented person. It’s also a blessing for a confidante to follow willingly."

After experiencing life and death disasters, living together and dying together, Qiu Chan no longer rejects the Miao Yue sisters, but opens up to make a deal.

"Yeah, Wang Ye, although we are monogamous in this age, my family is not bound by it. Moreover, although you already have a wife like Zhong Xiaomo who is currently married, you still have Cai Zhangxin and Liu Ruyan as evidenced by the marriage certificate. , And Han Ruoxue who was pregnant for you..."

Looking at Wang Ye's tight brows, Qiu Chan said in a focused manner: "I mean, sisters Duomiaoyue, not too many."


There was a drop of cold sweat on Wang Ye's forehead, and now in their eyes, he was a special case.

A confidante, a beauty, a lot less, and not much more, seems to be acceptable.

The current situation is indeed the case. There are indeed many women who love him stubbornly, but the Miao Yue sisters are special, and Wang Ye can't be bent.

As if seeing what Wang Ye was thinking, Bai Yueyang smiled and said, "Hey, don’t worry about those things. I used to be the same father and half mother from your mother’s parents, and only have a blood relationship with your mother. If you came together, you can't be regarded as close relatives!"

Hearing what he said, even Wang Ye's face thick as a city wall appeared a little blush.

Looking at Miao Yue and Miao Xing, the former is very shy, while the latter is full of expectation.

Wang Ye finally sighed, and he admitted: "Indeed, I also have a good impression of the Miao Yue sisters, but you all know that Wang Ye, who bears a sea of ​​blood, is on the cusp of the storm and cannot give it to anyone. Commitment! In desperation, people such as Cai Yingxin, Liu Ruyan, and Han Ruoxue have already suffered through hardships and owe them a lot in their hearts, so they dare not drag others down..."

"I am not afraid of being dragged down, and I am willing to share the same hatred with you."

At this moment, Miao Yue and Miao Xing said in unison.

The atmosphere suddenly became embarrassing, and Wang Ye smiled bitterly, not knowing how to answer.

"Hahaha, okay, okay! Young people dare to love and hate, this is a good thing." Bai Yueyang matched it up and said: "This matter, the uncle master is in charge of you, wait until everything calms down and let sister Miao Yue How about even following you?"

Bai Yueyang was still considerate and determined the relationship first, so that each other was at ease.

Bai Yueyang has already said this, and Miao Yue and Miao Xing have already expressed their opinions. As Qiu Chan said, there are not many more. If you refuse to decline, it will be artificial.

Wang Ye got up and said, "Thanks to the love of the two girls, my Wang Ye is honored! It will be over after the day, Wang Ye will definitely live up to the love of the two girls."

"This matter is finalized, this matter is finalized!" Bai Yueyang hurriedly said: "Miao Yue, Miao Xing! Since Wang Ye is eager to leave because of something, you two will send him off for me."

"Everything is arranged by Grandpa."

Miao Yue stood up and responded.

The moonlight was dim. Accompanied by the sisters of Miao Yue, Wang Ye and the three walked away from Miao’s village. They were silent and the atmosphere was a little awkward. Only Qiu Chan could reconcile and talk and laugh, looking forward to one day. When gathered around Wang Ye, the warm and harmonious scene.