Tian looked at Wang Ye with a kind smile on his face.

"Every time I see you, you will give me a different shock. Since the last time I was in Tianmu Mountain, how long has passed since then, you are much stronger!"

Wang Ye smiled and arched his hands, "This is all thanks to the bumps of seniors."

"I don't dare to take credit." Tian shook his head and said, "Everything is your fate, Wang Ye, do you believe in fate?"

Wang Ye, who was slightly suspicious, replied: "I only believe that my fate is my responsibility."

Tian Wenyan laughed.

"I have a single name for heaven, but I also have to believe in heaven, faith in fate! All things in the world have a causal cycle, and there is a definite number in the world, and all gains and losses are cause and effect."

"Twenty-eight years ago, the Dragon King Mountain King's family was destroyed, and the king's family was killed. Twenty-eight years later, Wang Ye, you have four keys to the secret realm, and you get the secret! This is also cause and effect."

Wang Ye frowned and said nothing. Could it be that he really looked at the sky high, and they were just paying attention to the secret realm?

As if seeing through his mind, Tian smiled bitterly and shook his head.

"The secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain was inherited from the time of King Qin and was created by Xu Fu who returned from looking for the elixir of elixir. , The implication is that King Qin can only look at Changsheng in front of him forever, but cannot get it!"

Wang Ye knows a lot about the rumors and initials of the secret realm, and he knows everything the sky said.

"But Wang Ye, have you ever thought that if there is really a pill of immortality in the secret realm, what will happen after it is taken out? The world yearns for longevity, and the big clans are also the same. Those who know this rumor are not only the four big clans, the magic cave All the hundreds of tribes are hidden in the mountains, but why, for thousands of years, the hundreds of tribes have not come out of the Demon Cave Mountain Range, ask about the world, and don't see the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain?"

This stopped Wang Ye.

It is as strong as the hundred races in the Demon Cave Mountain Range. Take the Bai family as an example. The Bai family got the spirit of desire thousands of years ago, but what?The Bai family showed it weak and evil, and kept it in dust.

This is the supreme treasure to the world, but the Bai family would rather cover it in dust than use it to strengthen the Bai family. Why?

Wang Ye looked solemn, and he folded his hands and asked: "Senior, please tell me."

"You are so smart, so why do I need to say more." Tianku smiled, "but I kindly advise you not to open the secret realm! The seal there may not be the coveted elixir, but will bring disaster to the world. Harm!"

"The five thousand years of Chinese civilization has been inherited and experienced from generation to generation, enterprising transformation and innovation. Its existence must have its superiority to the first. It is true that I know that, and that is what I can tell. So, I only hope that you will act cautiously and act carefully!"

"By the way, aren't you going to the Bai family in the Demon Cave Mountain Range! You can also listen to the Bai family's opinions at that time."

After the day, he clasped his fists and said, "Wang Ye, goodbye!"

He resolutely turned and walked away, and disappeared without a trace in a few breaths.

What must he know?

It's about things in the secret realm!

What's the reason to persuade me not to open the secret realm?

Wang Ye touched his chin with one hand, and shook his head repeatedly.

No matter what is in the secret realm, it is necessary to open the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain, because the spirit of desire has been activated. If it is not used to open the secret realm, it will follow him like a tarsal maggot until there is One day I was swallowed by the spirit of desire.

So, no matter what is in the secret realm, in order to survive, he must open the secret realm!

Before thinking about it, Wang Ye turned and left.

During this trip, he did not directly take Qiu Chan to the Demon Cave Mountain Range, but sent him back to the Imperial Capital Longwang Mountain.

And after staying here for two days, after negotiating a thorough plan with Cai Yingxin and others, they took the nameless and the two to the Demon Cave Mountain Range.

The Devil's Cave Mountain Range is extremely dangerous, and it is inconvenient to carry the Qiu Cicada, and there are also Suzaku and others on the periphery of the Demon Cave Mountain Range.

After that, everyone must be gathered to return to the imperial capital to prepare for a decisive battle with the Luo family.

Three days later, Wang Ye stood on a mountain col with his hands in his hands and looked out at the forest sea in front of him, standing with his hands down and his nameless behind him.

In front of you is the Demon Cave Mountain Range, and you can see a vast and endless sea of ​​forests. There are few people here. It is rumored that there are hundreds of people living in the Demon Cave Mountain Range. What is different from the Chinese hundreds of people is that the hundreds here are extremely powerful and strange.

Their existence has exceeded Fan Tao that ordinary people can imagine.

According to rumors, the people here are all powerful ancient martial artists, who can open mountains and rocks with gestures, and kill beasts in the mountains in seconds.

It is even more rumored that in the depths of the Demon Cave Mountains, in those places where people are rare throughout the year, there is a very special kind of beast. That kind of beast has a long life. They have powerful attack power and can be like people. Continuously practice in the long life to make it more powerful.

Therefore, the world gave this beast a name, called Monster Beast!

It's just that no one has seen what a monster beast is, at least no one has seen it in the past thousand years. They seem to have disappeared on the land of China with the exhaustion of aura as the ancient Wu prosperous generation.


Taking a deep breath, Wang Ye regained his mood. It is still unknown whether this trip to the Bai family is a blessing or a curse.

But if I didn't try hard, I felt a little regretful. After all, if the Bai family helped to destroy the Luo family and avenge the extermination, it would be like trying to get something.

"Nameless, let's go."

Wang Ye stepped into the Demon Cave Mountain Range.

As soon as he entered the deep mountains, he smelled a rare sense of decay, which was difficult to smell in the rest of the mountains and forests of China.

Here, high mountains and dense bushes soar into the sky, even in the periphery, beasts are rampant.

However, with Wang Ye's strength now, those wolves, tigers and leopards couldn't help him.

As he walked forward, looking down at the coordinate locator in his hand from time to time, he was gradually approaching the camp of Suzaku and others.

According to the coordinates, turning over the mountain in front of him, there is a plain under the mountain, which is the place where Suzaku and others experienced.

He looked up at the sky, and it was almost dark in another hour.

"Anonymous, let's take advantage of the darkness to explore the bottom of Suzaku and the others, to see if they have made progress here during this period of time!"

Wuming heard that, just nodded.

This little-spoken, but extremely powerful old man has been alone with him for a long time. Wang Ye is really uncomfortable. No matter what he says, Wuming agrees unconditionally, and he rarely chats with him, which makes Wang Ye feel Somewhat boring.

Before the night came, Wang and Ye had already climbed the top of the mountain and quietly looked down at the mountain.

There are more than a dozen wooden houses there, and you can vaguely see that some people are training in the training ground, and there are also people on alert!

Towards the evening, Wang Ye finally saw Suzaku. Under her leadership, a group of people walked back and gathered in front of the wooden house. It should have been during the day to go out for practice.

Wang Ye was very pleased and grateful for these people who worked for him, especially Suzaku, who was supposed to be the soul of the army, but was willing to help him train a group of forces belonging to him in this deserted place. .

Lying quietly in the woods, Wang Ye waited for the silence of the night, then appeared quietly, first to try the results of their training, and secondly, to give Suzaku and others a surprise.