The sky gradually darkened, the night temperature in the Demon Cave Mountain Range was very low, and the surroundings were extremely dark.

In the camp at the foot of the mountain, three bonfires were lit, shining brightly within a radius of more than ten feet, and four people patrolled separately every half an hour.

Wang Ye and Wuming are hidden on the opposite hillside. According to his observation, there are at least 27 or 8 people in this camp, and they are all well-trained.

Headed by Zhuque, Mo Sanniang and Huang Lin, they were divided into three teams to take turns to replace the night patrol.

Such meticulous control makes this camp a piece of iron bucket.

Wang Ye smiled with satisfaction. The ability of these people to fight alone may not be strong, but they are strong in fighting together.

And they have a wide range of training, not only Guwu training, but also various modern weapons and equipment training.

"Try it!"

Wang Ye smiled happily, quietly got up and approached the mountain, Wuming followed behind him, seemingly hidden, but transparent, his breath was perfectly converged at this moment, and his footsteps were silent. , Like a ghost!


When Wang Ye was about to make a sneak attack on the camp, his footsteps suddenly stopped, frowning and looking towards the side of the forest.

Huh, huh...

There was a slight noise there, not the sound of the night wind blowing the leaves of Buddha, but the sound of human beings' extremely clever footsteps.

"Seven people, with agility, gather fifty meters together, each should have at least two daggers in their hands." Wuming quickly identified the situation there.

Those people are not Suzaku's subordinates. What purpose do they have until late at night?

Wang Ye made a gesture, and the two of them quietly hid behind a big tree.

In the gloom, he vaguely saw seven people, who were dressed in night clothes with daggers in their hands. The reflective surface of the daggers made Wang Ye's face suddenly sink.


Those daggers were smeared with poison, and these people were obviously going to kill them.

The person in the lead is not tall, at most 1.5 meters, and even though he is covering his face, he can still see the eyebrows.

He gesticulated at several people beside him, and then everyone dispersed and quietly walked towards the camp.

"Hey, it's fun now, we don't need to try, someone is willing to help!"

Having said that, Wang Ye seemed to be smiling faintly, but there was a hint of murder in his eyes.

In this Demon Cave Mountain Range, someone secretly made enemies with Suzaku and others, and used such despicable means.

As they approached the camp, the burning bonfire was shining everywhere, and those people were hiding in hiding, with their keen skills sprinting around like a lively rat, taking advantage of the patrol gap, and approaching the wooden house.

Wang Ye and Wuming also quietly approached the camp.


Suddenly, a man on patrol suddenly turned around and at the same time pulled out a dagger from his waist.

A man in black rushed up, and the dagger went straight to the man's throat.

Fortunately, he carried the knife to block, but the man in the match made a sinister and fatal move.

The sound of fighting gradually turned on the lights in the wooden house.

However, at the door of the wooden house, there is a man in black hidden. If he opens the door and leaves without paying attention, he will definitely be injured.

After considering the pros and cons, Wang Ye intends to sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight for the time being. Although those people's daggers are smeared with highly poisonous, this kind of poison is nothing more than pediatrics in his eyes, who possesses the Divine Doctor Encyclopedia chip!

What he was worried about was that Suzaku and the others would rush out because of the sound of fighting outside the house, and they would be pregnant with the opponent.


But after a long time, knowing that the patrolling guard had killed the man in black by the knife, no one came out of the few wooden houses.

The unnamed man in black, clutching his dagger tightly, squatted outside the wooden house and was still waiting.

But at this moment, a group of people suddenly surrounded this place.

"It's you again! It's really endless!" Suzaku was the leader, and she shouted with a gloomy expression.

The five of them were scheming, and they quickly huddled together and stood back to back, with daggers in front of them.

But now, with more than 20 people surrounding them, it is obvious that it is hard to escape.

"Let us go! If you dare to move us, I promise you will not see tomorrow's sunset!"

A man in black threatened.

Suzaku gritted his teeth, his eyes filled with hatred, as did the others, but the strange thing was that after a long confrontation, Suzaku waved his hand and said, "Let them go!"

"Hey hey, count your current affairs!"

The man grinned, backed cautiously, and walked away from the crowd.

At this moment, Wang Ye, who was not far away, clearly saw that behind Suzaku and the others, the previous thief-looking man was quietly approaching.

"Suzaku should have the ability to adapt!" Wang Ye muttered in his heart.

At this moment, the man in black was gradually approaching, with two daggers in his hands tightly clasped, and he violently moved towards the Suzaku vest.


She turned around with a kick, put the man in the chest, and kicked him out.

Wang Ye smiled when he saw this, who was Suzaku, who was a hero in the army, how could he be attacked by his sneak attack tactics.

But just as the person was about to land on the ground, two daggers in his hand were quickly thrown out, like a streamer flying towards the person on both sides of Suzaku.

At this moment, the two of them were turning around, the flying dagger was approaching, Suzaku kicked a dagger away, and the other hand quickly went deep.


As soon as he grasped the blade of the dagger, the tip of the blade was only a finger away from the center of the person beside him.

A trace of blood overflowed between Suzaku's fingers, and she frowned, and scolded: "Despicable, even using poison!"

The man in black fell to the ground, got up and sneered: "What about using poison! This is just a warning. If you don't know the current affairs, you won't be so lucky next time!"

Suzaku was holding the poisoned dagger, obviously aggrieved.

"Sister Suzaku, that dagger is poisonous! They, they deceive people too much!" Mo Sanniang clenched his fist and shouted, "Let's kill!"

"Yes, Sister Suzaku! Unbearable!" Huang Lin also said sharply.

Suzaku took a deep breath. This kind of sneak attack is no longer one or two times.

"Killing? Hehehe, I think you don't want to live anymore!" The leading man was not afraid, even mocking!

At this moment, a loud shout sounded.


Just a word, but full of awe-inspiring murderous aura!

"Wang Ye?"

The dreamlike voice made Suzaku suddenly turned his head to look, and Wang Ye strode not far away!

"Wang Ye, it's Wang Ye!"

"Big Brother Wang Ye is finally here!"

Mo Sanniang and Huang Lin were extremely excited.

"He is Wang Ye! He is white and pure, and he is not very old."

"It's been more than half a year, this is the first time I saw him!"

Those present were talking in low voices, and the six people in night clothes also looked at Wang Ye curiously.

Walking in, Wang Ye looked gloomy and said angrily: "I said kill, didn't you hear it!"

Everyone was startled and looked at Suzaku together.

Suzaku smiled, she was very happy, and the dagger she was holding in her hand, she slammed at the leading man in black, and shouted in her mouth: "Wang Ye said to kill! Why are you still stunned! Kill!"


The flying dagger was nailed impartially between the head of the man in black.

Killed with one blow, the man fell backwards.

At the same time, more than 20 people swarmed up, killing the remaining five people on the spot within a few minutes.

After enduring for so long, I was finally able to vent the anger in my heart. After killing everyone, they all laughed happily.