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Chapter 528 Cold Weapon

"Rampant, dare to provoke the majesty of my Mao Family! All those present must die!"


After Mao Gang had finished speaking, he stretched out to his back, hiding a long sword under his clothes, and the sound of the sword sounded when the sword came out of its sheath.

"Wang Ye! Suffer to death!"

He glared at Wang Ye, his sword flicked.

"Mao Gang, don't be rude!" the woman hurriedly stopped.

"Miss, those people simply don't take our Mao family seriously. If we don't teach them a lesson today, what is the face of our Mao family!"


After he finished speaking, despite the woman's objection, he went straight to Wang Ye.


Wang Ye muttered in his mouth, with his hands behind him, without even looking at Mao Gang.

As he approached, Suzaku greeted him.

A dagger in his hand collided with the long sword of Mao Gang, and the two were extremely sharp when they fought each other.

Wang Ye just smiled lightly at the battle on the side, and walked slowly towards the woman.

"Girl, your tribe is a bit grumpy."

The girl was not hostile, and nodded, "You are too cruel, plus Mao Gang's impetuous heart, hey."

"Cruel? The girl might have misunderstood."

Wang Ye glanced at the bodies of several leaders of the Shijia in disdain, and said indifferently: "The girl is in a high position, maybe you don't know the despicable behavior of the Shijia! They rely on the Mao family to support them, and they did not do bad things. "

"As far as I know, three months ago, the three daughters of the Liu family outside the Demon Cave Mountain Range were taken away by Shi Dahong’s people, and they were ruined and exposed to the wilderness! Two months ago, a group of tourists stumbled into the mountains and was killed on the spot by the third of Shi’s family. , Several of the women were brutally defiled!"

"This is just a major event for human life. Poisoned in the river, attacked at night, and with the help of the Mao family, let the people who should have been peaceful and reclusive in a radius of more than ten kilometers, all like a thorn in the back, and those despicable acts are countless! Actually counted, they are. Your Mao family helped him to abuse!"

Upon hearing Wang Ye's words, the girl frowned.

"If I don't come today, I really don't know that the historian should be so extinct of humanity! It's just that the husband should preach and persuade him to reform, instead of killing him!"

Upon hearing these words, and looking at the girl's melancholy look, she knew that Miss Mao's was a kind-hearted and somewhat excessive woman.

Wang Ye shook his head helplessly. If he could persuade them to do good, then why kill them? Those people have been so bad that they are bone marrow. If you let them go today, you will only get worse revenge in the future.

Watching the battle in the field, the girl sighed and said: "The matter is over. It is the retribution of the historian. Please call your subordinates to retreat, sir. I am afraid that Mao Gang will miss her and hurt her later.

"It's okay! If it hurts her, it's because she is not good at learning." Wang Ye smiled confidently.

Mao Gang was indeed very strong. Although he didn't watch the battle on the side much, he could tell by just a few glances that Mao Gang was not Suzaku's opponent under the protracted battle.

He turned off the subject, smiled and asked, "I don't know how the girl is called?"

"Mao Xun'er." Mao Xun'er nodded.

"Oh, in the next Wangye." Wang Ye arched his hands.

This Mao Xun'er was very interesting to him. She possessed good combat power, but she had a bodhisattva heart. Compassionate and compassion may be her strength, but it could also be her fatal weakness.

Obviously, Mao Xun'er didn't have a deep life, otherwise he would definitely not let the enemy commander just stand by her side.

If Wang Ye wanted to capture her now, it would only be a matter of minutes.

Seeing the battle in the field, Suzaku was already clearly in the upper hand, and didn't want to hurt that Mao Gang's face, Wang Ye shouted, "Okay Suzaku, step back!"

The dagger passed and forced Mao Gang back, and Suzaku turned and walked towards Wang Ye.

Holding a long sword, Mao Gang's face was gloomy, and his eyes showed a fierce look.

Mao Xun'er yelled, "Mao Gang, you can withdraw too."

"I'm going to let her die!" Mao Gang suddenly unwilling to shout, holding a long sword and sneaking towards the Suzaku vest.

"Mao Gang..." Mao Xun'er was shocked.

Wang Ye's brows sank, and a murderous intent shot in his eyes.

At this moment, Suzaku suddenly turned around and drew a pistol from his waist skillfully.


After two consecutive shots, the bullets accurately hit the long sword in Mao Gang's hand. After the long sword was blown into the air, when Mao Gang was astonished, the Suzaku had already deceived and entered, and the muzzle reached between Mao Gang's eyebrows.

"This girl, please be merciful." Mao Xun'er hurriedly shouted.

Without Wang Ye's order, Suzaku would not give up, and Mao Gang's sneak attack made her feel very angry.

Seeing her deaf ears, Mao Xun'er turned around to look at Wang Ye, and said, "Mr. Wang, please let your subordinates be merciful, don't hurt Mao Gang!"

Looking at Mao Xun'er's face, Wang Ye just smiled and said, "Suzaku, spare his life!"

Suzaku closed his gun and glared at Mao Gang, turning and walking to Wang Ye's side.

"Use a gun! Hmph, if you have the ability to take your dagger, you and I will fight again!" Mao Gang shouted unconvinced.

He turned around and picked up the long sword on the side, staring at the Suzaku spitefully.

Wang Ye smiled bitterly and shook his head when he saw it, "Cold weapon?"

"What's wrong with the cold weapon! Don't look down on the cold weapon!" Mao Gang only felt his face scandalized, at this moment extremely hideous.

Smiling and shook his head, Wang Ye sighed: "I didn't look down on cold weapons. All weapons are used for winning battles! Guns have their advantages, but they also have their drawbacks! If cold weapons are superbly coordinated, It's far more powerful than a gun. It's just a pity that you lacked a solid foundation on the one hand, and on the other hand, you are too strong to win! The sword is in your hand, no different from a wooden stick."

He was originally only expounding the facts, but in Mao Gang's ears, it was more like a deliberate irony.

Mao Gang sneered disdainfully and said: "In the Devil's Cave Mountains, cold weapons are the king! Once the military, once planned to occupy the Devil's Cave Mountains and military bases equipped with advanced combat weapons, in the end it was not a humiliating departure, and never Dare to set foot in the Demon Cave Mountain Range again!"

"Does that have anything to do with you?" Wang Ye said, making Mao Gang speechless.

With a diamond glaze body, he has a deep understanding of ordinary guns and bullets, and can't hurt him at all!

But it is not as useless as Mao Gang said, a powerful sniper rifle, even his diamond glass body is unbearable.

But in the Demon Cave Mountains, there are countless powerful people living in seclusion. Those are the existences that even the four big clans dare not easily provoke. It is indeed reasonable to be able to force the army back, but it has nothing to do with Mao Gang's sword.

After being scolded, Mao Gang squeaked his sword tightly.

He pointed his sword at Wang Ye suddenly, and shouted: "Don't just slap your mouth, if you have the ability to deal with you and me!"

"Follow me?" Wang Ye pointed to himself in surprise.

The Suzaku on the side sneered dismissively, "The defeated man! And dare to challenge him!"

"Yes, I'm going to challenge him! Wang Ye, dare you! Just use cold weapons, but I want to see if you really have the ability to fall in the sky!" Mao Gang shouted provocatively.

Lost his face in front of Suzaku, Mao Gang thought that if he could defeat that Wang Ye, he would be able to win his face in one round, and as long as he was killed, these crowds Long Wushou would be defeated!

But he obviously overestimated himself.

After hesitating a little, Wang Ye looked at Mao Xun'er and said, "Shall I learn from him?"

"Mr. Wang..."

"Don't dare not, don't pretend to be in front of my lady!" Mao Gang provocatively said: "If you can beat me, I will guarantee that Mao Gang will not pursue it for the history of the family!"

"It seems to be a lesson for you!"

Wang Ye smiled bitterly and shook his head, then turned and walked towards Mao Gang.