With one hand slowly tied the Lingyuan Sword to his waist, Wang Ye glanced at Mao Xun'er and sneered inwardly.

Do you treat me as a fool?

The Lingyuan Sword is the property of the ancestors of the Mao family. I took the Lingyuan Sword with you to the Mao family. Will Wang Ye still have his life to leave?

Besides, the vassal historians of the Mao family were all destroyed by me. Now that the Mao family saw my teeth have grown, wouldn't it be boring if I went there!

This trip is not to meet the hidden families in the Demon Cave Mountains, but to go to the Bai family on the banks of the Baishui River.

First, let’s get to know your relatives, and second, try to see if you can get help from the Bai family!

Without necessary risks, Wang Ye definitely wouldn't ask for trouble.

Thinking of this, he shrugged and was waiting to refuse, but Mao Xun'er continued.

"Mr. Wang, do you know the purpose of the spirit yuan sword and the seven holes in the sword?"

Wang Ye glanced at it and said with a smile: "This is not right, it can be used as a belt hole!"

Mao Xun'er was a little surprised when he heard the words, and immediately chuckled, and said: "This is not a soft sword, sir, I don't know it. There are seven spirit stones on the sword, and the spirit stones are inlaid in it. Bring the complete Lingyuan Sword!"

"The seven spirit stones correspond to the seven Big Dipper stars above the sky! Inlaid on the spirit yuan sword, it can automatically draw the spiritual energy between the heaven and the earth, and the sword holder can be supported by the spiritual temperature!"

"Aura? Does the Lingyuan Sword still have some other effects!" Wang Ye suddenly became interested.

The aura of Huaxia Continent is thin and almost exhausted, he still doesn't know what aura is.

In addition, the seven spirit stones that Mao Xun'er said, perfected the magical effect of the spirit yuan sword, and he was already moved.

"Mr. Wang, you are the nobleman of my Mao family by fate. It is true that the seven spirit stones are on top of my Mao family's Ling Yuan sword monument and are worshipped by the Mao family! But there are only seven of them! Lingshi is meaningless! I sincerely invite Mr. Wang to the Mao's house, hoping that the two will be perfect."

Seeing Wang Ye's silence, Mao Xun'er hurriedly added: "Don't worry, Mr. Mao Xun'er guarantees! The Mao family will never covet this sword, but just wants to fulfill the long-cherished wish of the ancestors and bring the complete Lingyuan Sword back to the world. ."

Mao Xun'er Bodhisattva was heart-hearted, and Wang Ye would naturally not doubt her intentions, but the Mao family would not be sure.

The ancestors of the Mao family reappeared in the Mao family, how can the Mao family not be moved.

But Wang Ye was caught in a stumbling block. If he didn't go, he wouldn't be able to get the seven spirit stones. If he lost it, he would lose his wife and break the army.

He was silent for a long time, and finally gritted his teeth, so he won't get into the tiger's den!

Moreover, behind him, there is an unknown secretly protecting him.

"Okay!" Wang Ye grinned, "Girl Xun'er was kindly invited, but Wang Ye was disrespectful, so I followed the girl to Mao's house! But..."

When he said this, he smiled slyly.

"What are your concerns, sir?"

"However, I know that girl Xun'er is a good person, but I can't ensure that the Mao family is like a girl. If there is an accident then..."

"Mr. Don't worry." Mao Xun'er clasped his fists and said with a firm look: "If there are people in the Mao family who are greedy and unruly, trying to snatch the Lingyuan Sword, I Mao Xun'er promised to protect him to the death!"

"If you have these words, I'm relieved!" Wang Ye said with a smile: "Then please wait, girl, let me tell my friends a few words."

"Good!" Mao Xun'er nodded.

Turning around and walking towards Suzaku, Wang Ye beckoned and everyone gathered.

After telling everyone that he was going to Mao's house, everyone opposed it, no surprise.

"That's a sheep into the mouth of a tiger!" Suzaku frowned.

Mo Sanniang sighed: "There will be no return to this trip. If you want those seven spirit stones, just leave them to me. I can definitely get them!"

"Yes, Big Brother Wang Ye, think twice before you act!" Huang Lin was also comforting.

But Wang Ye has already considered the pros and cons, and he smiled and indicated that you don't have to worry.

Firstly, I am not weak, and secondly, if there is no name secretly assisting, if it is really impossible, then move out of the Bai family on the banks of the Baishui River in the Demon Cave Mountain Range!Presumably it can also act as a deterrent.

"I've made up my mind, you don't have to persuade you anymore! Anyway, I'm going to enter the Demon Cave Mountain Range. Now that the historian is abolished, you can experience this with peace of mind. After I return, you will return to the imperial capital with me."

"Then I will accompany you." Suzaku said.

Wang Ye shook his head, "No need, don't worry, even if the Mao family is dissatisfied, I can't beat it, can I still run away!"

With a time and space bracelet, he is confident.

After an explanation, everyone knew that Wang Ye's decision could not be changed, but as Suzaku left here, as for the remaining historians, they must be obedient and honest in the future!

After dismissing everyone, Wang Ye smiled and said, "Miss Xun'er, please."

The two smiled at each other and walked towards the top of the mountain. Mao Gang silently followed behind them, even afraid to look directly at Wang Ye's eyes.

This mountain range is like a giant dragon lying on the periphery of the Demon Cave Mountain Range, which clearly divides the mountain range.

Ascending to the top of the mountain range, Wang Ye raised his eyes to see that it was an endless sea of ​​forests. As the mountain wind blew through the trees, the sea of ​​forests was ups and downs like the waves on the sea. How spectacular!


Feeling relaxed and happy, Wang Ye stretched his arms, took a long breath, and then slowly exhaled it.

The air here is exceptionally fresh, giving people a very comfortable feeling.

Mao Xun'er on the side smiled and said, "Mr. Wang feels different?"

"Well, it's refreshing."

"That's because, here is the real Demon Cave Mountain Range, with thin auras lingering around it. The deeper you go to the Demon Cave Mountain Range, the stronger the aura there!"

"Reiki? It's the first time I feel Reiki!" Wang Ye laughed.

Mao Xun'er nodded and said, "According to legend, thousands of years ago, when King Qin never ruled the six kingdoms, the heavens and the earth were full of aura, and it was the most prosperous time of ancient martial arts! The existence of aura can make people live longer and more effective. Help others to practice! There is no shortage of Taoist masters!"

"But unfortunately, after the king of Qin ruled the six kingdoms, the strange thing was that the aura gradually dissipated and became thinner, leading to the end of the glorious Guwu generation. From then on, the big families began to search for habitats, and finally the Devil Cave Mountains were discovered, so the ancient inheritance His family gradually migrated to the Demon Cave Mountain Range, seeking a place with strong spiritual energy."

"According to people in the clan, when the Mao Family entered the Demon Cave Mountains a thousand years ago, the aura was still very strong, but now it is quite thin. It seems that the aura in this last pure land of China is also dissipating with the passage of time! Hey, I am afraid that one day, the aura will completely disappear, and the Guwu journey will also become history!"

Listening to her long sigh, Wang Ye's mind connected the matter to the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain.

After King Qin unified the six kingdoms, his aura began to dissipate, and it was at that time that the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain appeared. There seems to be a close relationship between the two!

But this is just a guess. As for what secrets are in the secret realm, no one in the world knows.

After a bit of emotion, the three of them walked towards the Demon Cave Mountain Range and shuttled between the dense forests.

As the sky gradually darkened, Mao Xun'er suggested camping in this forest and starting on the road tomorrow morning.

The terrain of the Demon Cave Mountains is weird, and it is easy to get lost when driving with high winds at night, so a campfire is raised here, and you sit around and rest in front of the campfire.