Instead of staying in Mao's house, Mao Xun'er led Wang Ye straight to the Mao's wooden house and then went to the foot of the mountain.

There are two guards here. When they learned that the visitor was Mao Xun's childhood, they stood quietly and looked at Wang Ye from time to time.

There are few visitors from the Mao family, let alone from outside the Demon Cave Mountain Range.

Mao Xun'er pointed to the cave at the foot of the mountain and said, "This is the ancestral temple of the Mao family. The Lingyuan sword stele is in the ancestral temple. When Grandpa comes, I will explain the situation to him, and you will take seven spirits. After the stone, leave quickly."

Looking in the direction of her fingers, in that small stone cave, there was a little candlelight shining, and there were indeed seven lights shining faintly.

The seven spiritual stones are the sacred artifacts of the Mao family, and they are entrusted with the beliefs of the Mao family, but the seven spiritual stones are nothing special.

Soon a group of people came over with torches.

The leader was an old man, followed by three men, and then a group of guards from the Mao family.

"Xun'er, who did you bring here?" A man behind the old man asked before the person arrived.

Mao Hongyu, this is Mao Xun'er's father.

"Father, this is Wang Ye, Mr. Wang!" Mao Xun'er introduced: "Mr. Wang, this is my father, those two are my second and third uncles, this is my grandfather, Mao's family Patriarch!"

While they were curious to look at Wang Ye, Wang Ye was also looking at them.

The head of the family, Mao Tianming, is old, but looks tough. As for the three sons, only Mao Hongyu has a strong aura.

"Junior Wang Ye, see all the seniors." Wang Ye bowed and saluted.

Mao Tianming nodded, and immediately waved at Mao Xun'er: "Xun'er, how did you bring this gentleman to our Mao's family! Didn't you go to deal with the historian?"

"The historian has done a lot of evil, and only after his granddaughter rushed away did he learn of all his misdeeds. The culprit Shi Dahong and others have been eliminated by Mr. Wang's men!"

"What?" Everyone in the Mao family exclaimed when they heard this.

Obviously, judging from their looks, they should be aware of the crimes of the historians, but they have been shielding them for the sake of interest.

Wang Ye found that as Mao Xun'er told the matter, the expressions of those people began to look a little unkind.

"So, this Mr. Wang is just for the sake of eliminating harm!" Mao Tianming, the head of the Mao family, said solemnly.

Before he heard what he said, Mao Xun'er nodded and said: "That's it, I brought Mr. Wang here to get the Seven Star Spirit Stone!"

"Xun'er, are you crazy!" Mao Hongyu hurriedly grabbed Mao Xun'er and whispered: "That is the sacred artifact of our Mao family, how can we give it to others! Besides, he is the one who destroyed the historian! "

"Go to the Seven Star Spirit Stone, huh? Wang Ye, what do you want that thing to do?" Mao Hongwei, Mao Xun'er's second uncle, asked.

Third Uncle Mao Hongliang also sneered: "The Historian is a vassal of our Mao family. Apart from them, my Mao family has not blamed you! You still want the sacred artifact of our Mao family!"

Facing their questioning, Wang Ye stood with his hand in his hand and smiled without saying a word. All this was in his expectation.

He smiled and looked at the four people in front of him. The Patriarch Mao Tianming had a strong aura. As for the three sons, he could only be regarded as average at best. If he fought hands, he would be sure to deal with these four people even if he didn't need to make an unknown shot.

It seems that the reclusive families in the Demon Cave Mountains are not as scary as the rumors!

While thinking secretly in his heart, Mao Xun'er recounted what happened. When he heard the Lingyuan Sword, everyone was immediately shocked. After learning that the Lingyuan Sword was in Wang Ye's hands, even in the eyes of Patriarch Mao Tianming, Can't help showing a touch of greed.

"It turned out to be like this! Good, good! Xun'er, this thing is done well." Mao Tianming laughed.

He took a step forward, stared at Wang Ye, and asked, "Mr. Wang, the Lingyuan Sword is really in your hands, can the old man take a look?"

Do you treat me stupid?

For you, there is mine!

Wang Ye sneered in his heart, but his face was calm, he opened his coat and pointed to his waist, "Hey, Lingyuan Sword, see for yourself."

Mao Tianming leaned over and stared at Wang Ye's waist. The three sons behind him also looked greedy and stretched their heads.

"You, you, you, bring the torch closer." Mao Tianming shouted.

The two Mao family moved the torch in front of Wang Ye, and with the help of the light of the fire, they clearly saw the Lingyuan Sword tied around Wang Ye's waist.

"It's the Lingyuan Sword! It really is the Lingyuan Sword!"

Mao Tianming was overjoyed and almost lost his attitude, "The sacred artifact of the Mao family thousands of years ago has finally returned to the Mao family!"

"The rise of the Mao family is expected!"

"It's really not going to kill my Mao family!"

"Xun'er, it's saved, it's saved! As long as you have the Lingyuan Sword, you don't need to marry the Tang family!" Mao Hongyu shouted happily.

Facing their greed, Wang Ye just smiled at Mao Xun'er.

All this was in his expectation.

Mao Xun'er was quite embarrassed. Standing in front of Wang Ye, he said solemnly: "Grandpa, dear uncles, the spirit yuan sword was obtained by Mr. Wang, that is Mr. Wang's property. The seven-star spirit stone has been in our ancestral temple for thousands of years, Everyone knows that it's just a display and meaningless! It's better to give it to Mr. Wang to perfect the Lingyuan Sword."

"Nonsense!" Mao Hongwei, the second uncle of Mao Xun'er, scolded: "Who told you that it was just a display! The more and more intense aura near Mao's house, isn't it the effect of the Seven Star Spirit Stone?"

"That's Xun'er!" Third Uncle Mao Hongliang said: "Even if it is not, the seven-star spirit stone was left by our ancestors of the Mao family. How can it be said that they are given away."

"Xun'er, come here!" his father Mao Hongyu shouted!

Seeing Mao Xun'er standing in front of Wang Ye, Patriarch Mao Tianming's face sank slightly, and said, "Xun'er, presumably Mr. Wang is also a sensible person! The Lingyuan Sword was originally from the ancestors of my Mao family, and it fell into the hands of Mr. Wang. During this trip, Mr. Wang specially sent back the treasures of the Mao family. It was the benefactor of my Mao family and the guest of the Mao family! Come on, invite Mr. Wang to sit in the Mao family and let my Mao family treat me well."

"No!" Mao Xun'er shouted first: "You must take out the Seven Star Spirit Stone and give it to Wang Ye, so that he can leave immediately!"

But at this moment, no matter whether it was her father, two uncles, and grandfather headed by, no one responded to her, but only greed in his eyes.

Mao Xun'er was a little desperate. He didn't expect that the elders whom he admired on weekdays were all driven by greed.

She gritted her teeth and threatened: "If Grandpa does not agree to hand over the Seven Star Spirit Stone to Wang Ye and let him leave, even if Mao Xun'er is dead, I will not marry Tang's grandson!"

"Mao Xun'er!" Mao Tianming's face suddenly sank.

The greed in his eyes is even stronger. If he obtains the Lingyuan Sword and restores the peak of his ancestors, can the Tang family still oppress their Mao family!

Leaving Wang Ye and obtaining the Lingyuan Sword was something that the Mao family recognized.

Wang Ye smiled faintly, grabbed Mao Xun'er who was waiting to beg, and smiled: "Since the Mao family is warm and hospitable, then Wang Ye will stay here for a few more days."

"But Wang Ye..." Mao Xun'er was extremely worried. Tang Hao was beaten up and down, and the Tang family would soon come to Xingshi to question him.

If Wang Ye stayed here, he would not only face the looting of the Mao Family, but also the anger of the Tang Family.

But Wang Ye smiled and said, "Hospitality is hard to come by. Why is Miss Xun'er having trouble with the elders because of this incident! Don't worry, I think the elders will treat me with hospitality!"