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Chapter 536: The Power of Reiki

Everyone in the Mao family is afraid, and everyone in the Tang family is joking.

Tang Feihu, the eldest grandson, has a very high status in the Tang family, and even the third uncle Tang Gaoxuan on the side is respectful of him.

Only because Tang Feihu had a very good root and good bones, he was an ancient martial artist who practiced ancient martial arts, and his talent was the hope of the Tang family, so he also sheltered and indulged the Tang family for evil.

Not to mention the same age, even some of the elders in the Tang family are not Tang Feihu's opponents.

So everyone in the Tang family is confident!

"Boy, don't you talk about Reiki? Then I will let you know what Reiki is!"

Tang Feihu smiled playfully, shaking the long sword in his hand, and a faint white brilliance lingered on the surface of the sword.

He leaped and rushed over quickly, "One move can kill you!"

"There is aura on that sword, Wang Ye, be careful..." Mao Xun'er shouted.

Wang Ye had discovered the strange pale white brilliance on that sword long ago, and his gaze was staring straight. This was the first time he had seen real aura, and it was an exuded aura.

This time I came to Mao's house in the Demon Cave Mountain Range, and on the way I asked Mao Xun'er a lot about Guwu.

Let him know that only some long-established families in the Devil Cave Mountains, possessing the ancient martial prosperity and their special cultivation secrets, can truly absorb the spiritual energy into the body for cultivation, and can release the spiritual energy, greatly improving Combat effectiveness.

As for families such as their Mao family, there are still many in the middle and outer parts of the Demon Cave Mountain Range. They can only rely on the richer aura here to extend their lifespan a little longer than the average person.

With the long sword approaching rapidly, countless thoughts flashed through Wang Ye's mind.

Tang Feihu thought Wang Ye was frightened by his aura, poked and grinned, and the tip of the sword went straight to Wang Ye's throat.

As the long sword approached, everyone was surprised to see that Wang Ye made an astonishing move, which was more than astonishing, it was a stupid move, and he stretched out a hand and grabbed the sword.

"Fuck, idiot!"

"Is this looking for death? Take it empty-handed?!"

"Just this IQ can beat Tang Hao like that?"

Tang Gaoxuan glared at the unobstructed Tang family, and hurriedly shut up.

He looked at Wang Ye with frowned eyebrows, already aware of the other party's special.


With his bare hands, Wang Ye grabbed the sword's body with his palms, and he was sensing the so-called spiritual energy.

Starting from the start, the restless energy on the sword was something he had never touched before. It was like a tossing river, sea and lake, which would rush out at any time, causing devastating damage.

"What a weird feeling! This is the so-called aura? No wonder, those families would rather live in seclusion in the mountains."

While Wang Ye was enjoying the subtlety of the spiritual energy, Tang Feihu, who was slightly surprised, suddenly smiled.

"Stupid guy, go to hell!"

His arm shook his sword.

Suddenly, the aura attached to the sword, as if it burst open, exuding an extremely terrifying force.

Wang Ye only felt his fingers numb, and he was shaken away uncontrollably, and the long sword quickly went straight to his throat.

Mao Tianming's eyes shone brightly and he determined that Wang Ye would die.

Mao Xun'er clenched her hands tightly, her palms sweating.

But when the mortal blow was approaching, Wang Ye didn't even dodge, and there was an imperceptible faint purple golden brilliance in his throat.


The tip of the sword was nailed to his throat, but it made a metal clashing sound, and the diamond glass body perfectly resisted the sword.

The grinning Tang Feihu's smile froze, "Sure enough, there is a bit of strength, no wonder Tang Hao is not your opponent! But in my hands, you will definitely die!"

With that said, his sword tipped and turned into a thorn to sweep towards Wang Ye's neck.

Facing Tang Feihu's attack, most of Wang Ye chose to resist, with bare hands.

In the eyes of everyone, the seemingly stupid behavior gradually made their eyes widened.

Just imagine, if you change to yourself, can you hold it?

Mao Gang's eyes were almost staring out. If you had known that Wang Ye was so tough, you shouldn't have made trouble in front of him yesterday.

That Tang Feihu's aura can block, this guy is too abnormal!

After fighting for a while, Tang Feihu was shocked to find that he couldn't help but found that Wang Ye seemed to be playing cats and mice.

He was angry, holding the long sword tightly and roaring: "Die me!"

The body of the sword was instantly covered by a layer of white light visible to the naked eye, and he thrust his sword into Wang Ye's chest.

"Aura is really mysterious, but it's a pity that you are too weak to use its power!" Wang Ye shook his head and sighed, "I won't play with you!"


Everyone was stunned, and Shi Cai seemed to be fighting desperately. Wang Ye was actually playing?!

This kind of irony made Tang Feihu feel humiliated for the first time. He gritted his teeth and tried his best to strike.


But his long sword was caught by Wang Ye's two fingers, and he didn't move at all.

The spiritual energy rippled out, as if the clay cow disappeared into the sea.


With a flick of his hand, the long sword in Tang Feihu's hand came out, and was thrown out by Wang Ye.

He stretched out his hand and strangled Tang Feihu's throat.


The sound of cold breath from the sidelines one after another, everyone's eyes widened.

Tang Feihu lost?!

That talented Tang Feihu lost so thoroughly!

So strong, this Wang Ye is too strong!

Whether it was the Tang family or the Mao family, they were all shocked.

"Now, can you apologize?"

Wang Ye's faint voice broke the dead silence in the field, and Tang Feihu, who was strangling his throat, smiled grimly.

"Apologize? It's never possible to apologize! I, Tang Feihu, never told anyone..."

"The mouth is hard!"

After Wang Ye finished speaking, his other hand snapped Tang Feihu's wrist.


He didn't hesitate, and with a strong twist, Tang Feihu's hand was directly attached to his arm.

The pain made Tang Feihu wailing, his cheeks twitching.

"Now? Don't you plan to apologize!" Wang Ye poked a faint smile.

"You dare to abandon my arm, my Tang family let you..."


Before he finished speaking, Tang Feihu's other leader was also dismissed by Wang Ye!


Until this time, the Tang family outside the village, and the Mao family inside the village, had reacted and gasped.


Tang Feihu's arm was scrapped?!

Tang's grandson, Tang Feihu, a martial arts genius who has been rare in a thousand years, has his arms abandoned?!

This fact makes it difficult for everyone to accept.

Tang Gaoxuan finally recovered, he rushed forward to Wang Ye.

But Wang Ye didn't lift his eyelids. He just strangled Tang Feihu's throat with his hand slightly harder, and immediately said calmly, "Do you want him to die?"

Although the voice was flat, it blasted in Tang Gaoxuan's ears like thunder, causing his footsteps to abruptly stop.

"Don't move obediently, or he will die!"

Wang Ye turned his head, smiled at Tang Gaoxuan, then looked at Tang Feihu again, and asked, "Aren't you ready to apologize? Next, it's your legs!"

Tang Feihu was finally afraid!

He had no doubt that the lunatic in front of him would abolish his hands and then his legs.

Then Tang Feihu's whole life is really over!

"I was wrong, I was wrong! I apologize..."

"Not with me!" Wang Ye raised his head and pointed at Mao Xun'er, who was shocked. "I apologized to her! Do you know how to apologize?"

"Know, know, I know."

After his arms were scrapped, Tang Feihu no longer possessed such things as integrity and arrogance, and now he only wanted to survive.