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Chapter 538 Ling Yuan Sword

Holding the seven-star spirit stone, he knocked hard on the body of the spirit yuan sword, Wang Ye frowned and looked at Mao Tianming.

The look in his eyes was obviously asking him, it was not fake, how could there be no response?

Mao Tianming, with a sad face, was also at a loss. He had never seen the Lingyuan Sword before, so how could he know what was going on!

If it weren't for Wang Ye's strength, he would want to ask if the Lingyuan Sword in your hand is fake!

For a while, although this question was silent, they were all thinking that way in each other's hearts.

Wang Ye felt that the spirit yuan sword rewarded by the system would not be fake, it must be a problem with the seven-star spirit stone.

The Mao family felt that the seven-star spirit stone inlaid here by the ancestors had never been touched by anyone, and it must be an imitation of the spirit yuan sword.

At this time, the atmosphere was extremely embarrassing.

"Maybe it's the wrong way." Mao Xun'er said.

As soon as this remark came out, the Mao family agreed.

"Lingyuan sword is a very mysterious thing, it should be the wrong way!"

"It's very likely that you need strong spiritual support."

"Yes, the Lingyuan Sword can attract aura around, so it should require an introduction."

Everyone in the Mao family speculated wildly. There was only one purpose, and the Seven-Star Spirit Stone was fine.

Listening to the noisy discussion, Wang Ye smiled bitterly: "Finally, don't guess at random, I believe this seven-star spirit stone is really not good!"

"This seven-star spirit stone is indeed real!"

At this moment, a voice came from behind everyone outside the Ancestral Temple.

Mao Tianming was startled, and he thought that a dog with no eyes would dare to talk to Wang Ye like this at this juncture.

He turned his head angrily, but saw an old man walk in.

The visitor was unknown. He walked in front of Wang Ye, arched his hand at him, and immediately said, "Let them leave here first."

"Then everyone, please wait outside first!" Wang Ye raised his head.

Bingxue's smart Mao Xun'er, without Wang Ye speaking, went out first, and everyone gradually moved away from the ancestral temple with doubts.

Mao Tianming grabbed Mao Xun'er, "Who is the old man? What is his relationship with Wang Ye? I felt an extremely terrifying breath in him."

Mao Xun'er shook his head and said, "I don't know, I've seen him for the first time. But it should be Wang Ye's friend."

"This person has been following Wang Ye, but I didn't even notice it! What a great guy!"

Mao Tianming slammed his chest a little, knowing that Wang Ye was so tough, he shouldn't be betrayed by greed in the beginning.

If he was drawn to him, it would be enough to destroy the Tang family and make his Mao family the overlord of this side.

Thinking of this, Mao Tianming felt that it was not too late. He squeezed a gentle smile and said, "Xun'er, how is your Wang Ye?"

"Very good, upright character, neither humble nor overbearing." Mao Xun'er said.

Mao Tianming smiled and said, "Then do you think he will accept you betrothed to Wang Ye?"

Mao Xun'er's face immediately turned gloomy, she looked up at Mao Tianming and said word by word.

"Grandpa, I'm a descendant of the Mao family, not a tool of the Mao family! It's not that you can betrothed to anyone you want! Please don't say this again in the future!"

After she said, she walked towards the village angrily.

Mao Tianming sullen his face, dragged Mao Hongyu, and said, "Hongyu, you can do this ideological work for her! Then Wang Ye is different from Tang Feihu. He is a person of very good personal character. The key is that he is too strong. If our Mao family Able to climb him, that will become a giant in the Demon Cave Mountain Range!"

Mao Hongyu rejected this behavior in his heart, especially after being accused by Wang Ye.

But this time the target was Wang Ye. He nodded and said: "Xun'er listens to his mother the most, I will go and tell his mother now."

"Why are you still stunned! Hurry up!" Mao Tianming urged.


In the ancestral temple, namelessly looked at the spirit yuan sword and the seven-star spirit stone, and said: "I saw the spirit yuan sword back then..."

He opened his mouth and immediately surprised Wang Ye, and he was shocked in a cold sweat.

"You, are you sure, have seen the Lingyuan Sword?" he asked hesitantly.

Anonymous nodded and said: "I have seen it, the Lingyuan Sword can indeed, autonomously attract the spiritual energy of the world within a hundred miles, and gather towards the sword..."

Wang Ye couldn't hear what he said afterwards, just staring at him with wide eyes.

The Lingyuan Sword was accidentally obtained by the Mao family thousands of years ago. After helping him gain a foothold in the Demon Cave Mountains, he mysteriously disappeared. Only the seven-star spirit stone on the sword was left in the Mao family. What the nameless saw was the complete spirit. Yuan Jian.

That is to say, he saw it thousands of years ago.

"Fuck..." Thinking of this, Wang Ye's heart couldn't help but burst out vulgar words, "Wuming, how many years have you lived?"

Thousands of years ago, Wuming had seen the Lingyuan Sword, so he had lived for at least a thousand years.

A living person for a thousand years, standing in front of him, how could he not be afraid? This is a moving history!

Wang Ye had seen the world, but this namelessness really scared him.

"How many years I have lived, I really don't remember." Wuming said, even a little innocent.

Wang Ye poked his nose, I am afraid that only the strong in the ancient martial realm who enters the virtual realm can live so long!And it's still under the barren ridge, where there is no aura.

But obviously, Wuming didn't want to mention his past, but pointed to Lingyuan Sword.

"Like this kind of treasure, it requires a drop of blood to recognize the master. I guess that the ancestor of the Mao family should have fallen, so the Lingyuan sword became an unowned thing, but the essence and blood of its ancestors remained in it, so it could only be artificially removed. One is divided into two, and the will in it is gradually obliterated in thousands of years."

"Wait, wait, I'll stroke it."

It is extremely difficult for Wang Ye to believe that the plots that only appear in the fantasy novels that he has ever read have actually appeared on him.

Recognize the Lord by a drop of blood?A weapon is just a dead thing. Can a drop of blood have any effect?

With Wuming's encouragement, Wang Ye finally did so.

He pierced his finger with the sword, and a drop of blood fell on the Lingyuan Sword.

Immediately afterwards, he was surprised to find that the sword body of the Lingyuan Sword was like a dry sponge, swallowing blood in an instant.

"Hi! It's amazing." Wang Ye exclaimed.

The ring finger pointed to the seven spirit stones, and Wang Ye did the same as the blood dripped from his fingers and dropped them on the seven spirit stones.


When the last drop of blood fell on the spirit stone, a humming sounded and a strange scene happened.

The seven spirit stones, without external force, fluttered up, circling around the spirit yuan sword, and then one by one fell into the holes of the sword body independently.

The seven spirit stones are like hot red molten iron, which begins to melt quickly and then dissolves in it.

All this happened in just one minute.

At this moment, there were seven spots of different colors on the body of the Lingyuan Sword, which looked like seven stars.

When the thin blade of the sword shook, the seven stars seemed to flicker.

"Huh?" Wang Ye, who was holding the Lingyuan Sword, said in surprise.

He actually felt a very subtle connection with Lingyuan Sword, and it became clearer.

He closed his eyes and perceived it carefully, and there was a sense of oneness, like that Lingyuan Sword, like his own hands and feet, with obvious feelings.

And he clearly felt that there was an extremely mysterious power in the Lingyuan Sword, which seemed like a bottomless black hole. The swallowing suction that it emitted was seemingly weak, but it was able to quietly gather the aura around it. Come.