"Aura, it's aura!"

Wang Ye shouted excitedly, feeling the wonderful energy aura greedily.

But Wuming's next sentence was like a touch of cold water, which instantly awakened Wang Ye.

"That's not real aura!"

Opening his eyes abruptly, Wang Ye asked in surprise, "Isn't it Reiki?"

"No!" Wuming shook his head and said, "That Mao Xun'er was right. After King Qin ruled the Six Kingdoms, his aura disappeared! It disappeared, not gradually."

Wang Ye listened intently and nodded heavily.

"What followed was not the real aura, at best it was qi! It was the yin and yang of the heavens and the earth. The real aura is the evolution of the five elements of the power cycle between heaven and earth."

"Have you heard that Tai Chi produces two yis, two yis produce four images, four images produce gossip, and gossip produces everything!"

"I've heard of it." Wang Ye asked for advice and asked, "What is the so-called real aura? What exactly is the current qi?"

"When ancient Wu prospered, the so-called aura was the power of reincarnation in which the four images gave birth to the eight trigrams and the eight trigrams gave birth to all things, and became the aura! With its existence, it can make all things circulate, regenerate and never cease To put it bluntly, just like the current climate warming, the destruction of the natural environment, and the frequent extinction of species, it is because of the lack of spiritual energy that everything is going to be destroyed."

Wang Ye swallowed his throat, this aura has something to do with the current state of the world.

Although I heard a little understanding, I also feel that there is an inevitable relationship.

"And the so-called auras are the yin and yang qi that I just mentioned. They are the qi that evolved when yin and yang were born in the early days! They were supposed to be a cycle, but the cycle was interrupted and could no longer be derived. It's not really aura."

Touching his chin with one hand, Wang Ye muttered for a long time, and said, "Probably understand. What you mean is a ring, and Tai Chi to gossip is the whole ring. Will they repeat?"

Wuming nodded in relief, Wang Ye's understanding satisfied him.

"And in this ring, whether it is between Taiji producing two instruments, or between two instruments producing four images, or between four images producing eight trigrams, and between eight trigrams returning to Tai Chi, there is a breath of energy between each link. , It is equivalent to lubricant, which can make this ring run more smoothly."

"The current surviving qi is the qi between the two forms of Taiji, and the spiritual qi belongs to the qi between the four images and the eight trigrams, right?"

Nameless and rare smiled happily, "Exactly."

"Then there are two more breaths, what are they?" Wang Ye asked.

"It is the so-called semi-aura, that is, the power in the transformation from yin and yang to aura! They do not distinguish between high and low, but a process of transformation, and this process cannot continue, so the aura between heaven and earth does not exist!"

"Then what can I do to revive the spirit?"

"Promote the cycle! It is impossible for humans to do" Wuming shook his head, "Why did the aura disappear and how the cycle broke? This is a mystery more than two thousand years ago, and it is not what I care about! Wang Ye, although this qi is not spiritual qi, but it is close to spiritual qi, so it will be attracted by the spirit yuan sword. After the blood drops and recognizes the master, the spirit yuan sword already belongs to you, you can try to control it with your mind, and you can It’s in the body."


This time Wang Ye was not surprised, but pleasantly surprised.

He has already experienced the ability to put objects into his body, and the spirit phone of desire exists in his body.

He closed his eyes slightly and tried slowly, as if he had received the spirit of desire in his body.

With previous experience, Wang Ye was familiar with the road this time, and his mind changed in a moment, and the Lingyuan Sword in his hand disappeared without a trace, but he could clearly feel that the Lingyuan Sword was in his body!

As soon as the mind moves, the Lingyuan Sword will appear in the hand, and the mind will be controlled, and the Lingyuan Sword will disappear and be incorporated into the body.

After repeated attempts like this several times, Wang Ye smiled brightly.

"Your savvy is very strong. If you were full of aura and the ancient Wu prosperous period, you would be regarded as a cultivating genius with unique talents!"

Wuming has never had such a high evaluation of anyone.

Wang Ye smiled slyly, "You have existed for thousands of years. You must have a lot of treasures in your hands, right? Give me two copies of those cultivation techniques and martial arts?"

"Those vulgar things are not good for you," Wuming said.

Wang Ye curled his lips, and didn't give it if he didn't give it. This kind of deceitful words made people feel comfortable.

Wuming explained: "Incorporating the Lingyuan Sword into your body, it will always pull the so-called spiritual energy into the body, and will no longer temper your physical body all the time. There is no need for those exercises at all. The function of the exercises is the method of breathing, breathing, and absorption. It's just aura, how can I be with the Lingyuan Sword? The Lingyuan Sword is the top technique!"

Listening to his explanation, Wang Ye finally showed a satisfied smile.

I have also obtained exercises from Cai Zingxin. They are indeed some methods of breathing, exhalation, and when practicing, you need to meditate cross-legged and concentrate on breathing to absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth!

With the Lingyuan Sword in his body, Wang Ye seemed to have opened a plug-in, and his body no longer absorbed spiritual energy all the time.

It's just a pity that the current aura is not the real aura.

And from the nameless mouth, I learned that the strength of the technique depends on how fast it absorbs the spiritual energy, and the strength of the martial arts depends on the power of the spiritual energy.

It is a pity that there is no real aura now, and the aura recovery cannot be achieved by humans.

In this Mao family's ancestral temple, Wuming talked a lot to Wang Ye.

This undead old man who usually speaks little and rarely shows up, even with Wang Ye, rarely communicates these things.

But today, because of the Lingyuan Sword, he said a lot.

Looking outside the ancestral temple, Wuming said, "The people of the Tang family are coming."

Wang Ye nodded his head and smiled. It was inevitable. The eldest grandson whom the Tang family regarded as hope was abandoned by him. How could the head of the Tang family swallow that breath.

"The incoming person is very strong, you can't deal with it! Should we leave or stay?" Wuming asked.

"Is that strong?" He was a little surprised, but he didn't expect Patriarch Tang to be so strong that even he could not handle it.

"I have to stay." Wang Ye sighed, "I have caused this disaster. Although the Mao family is not worthy of pity, Mao Xun'er is innocent. If we leave, the Mao family will die, and Mao Xun'er will undoubtedly die. ."

"Then let me come!" Wuming raised his head and asked, "Kill or stay?"

His self-confidence made Wang Ye laugh bitterly, really wondering how powerful he is.

"Just give it a lesson, no need to kill! After all, there is no deep hatred with his Tang family, I have already taught him the Tang family!"

Wuming just nodded silently, followed Wang Ye, and walked outside the ancestral temple.

"Wang Ye! Everyone from the Mao family! Come out and die!"

At this moment, an angry roar outside Maojia Village echoed through the forest.

The sound alone makes people creepy.

Not far away, Mao Tianming and others, like frightened mice, ran towards Wang Ye one by one, screaming bluffing.

"I'm coming!"

"Then Tang Zhanxiong, the head of the Tang family, is here!"

"Wang Ye, that's a very strong existence. This time, it's all up to you. The life and death of our Mao family is all about you!"