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Chapter 549 Bai Yuan's Hatred

"Bai Yuan, when the elders speak, there is no reason for you to interrupt!" Bai Jun reprimanded.

Bai Yuan shrugged and said, "Uncle Duty, my father Bai Jinxiao is also your brother! I am Bai Yuan also from the Bai family, why don't you have the right to speak, do you think?"

"Big Brother Bai Yuan is right. This is from the Bai family, but everyone in the Bai family has the right to make suggestions!"

"That is, you can't ignore the family rules!"

"Today, make an exception. After that, everyone who is not well protected will leave the Bai family and stand on their own, just like the Bai Qingyou back then. After that, the Bai family will be torn apart!"


A group of people agreed with Bai Yuan's remarks and began to express their opinions.

Wang Ye stood with his hand in his hand, and those acrimonious words made his mouth poked with a disdainful sneer.

Bai Yuan had a deep hostility towards Wang Ye, because he himself lost the residence and the place full of spiritual energy, so he could only live in the outer courtyard, and he was unwilling to do so.

"Wang Ye, let me ask you why you come to my Bai's house?" Bai Yuan asked.

Wang Ye lifted his eyes and glanced at him, he was the most noisy from beginning to end.

"Do I need to explain to you?" Wang Ye said indifferently.

"Yeah, this temper is not small." Bai Yuan sarcastically said: "Since I'm here, let me be a man with my tail clipped! Bai Jiarong can't tolerate you, it depends on how we all feel."

Wang Ye sneered in response to Bai Yuan's words, which made him extremely angry.

"A mourning dog also has a face standing in front of my Bai family mountain! Something embarrassing, first take revenge for your mother, and then come to my Bai family to recognize your ancestors and return to your ancestry! You are here to beg my Bai family Take action and help you destroy the Luo family?"

Bai Yuan said sarcastically, "It's true that if the Bai family of the Luo family makes a move, it can be wiped out with just a few seconds! But unfortunately, you are not qualified to let my Bai family come forward!"

"I have said, did you come to ask for reinforcements?" Wang Ye asked disdainfully.

Bai Yuan sneered, "Don't pretend, if you didn't come to ask us for help, then you must be coveting the reputation of my Bai family, wanting to win the pity of my Bai family, and get a place here?"

So far, Wang Ye didn't bother to pay attention to him.

Allow him to ridicule and talk, Wang Ye always kept a disdainful smile.

The biggest humiliation is to be ignored by someone he looks down on, and Bai Yuan clenched his fists.

"You are so arrogant, don't blame me being rude to you!"

"Bai Yuan!" Bai dutifully shouted: "You know who his mother is! You dare to swear!"

Bai Dudu was furious, and a tyrannical aura rippled.

Bai Yuan shut up, but he looked at Bai Jin loyal to help!

His father Bai Jinxiao and Bai Jinzhong went out of the same school, both of whom were the sons of Bai Yuefeng, the current agent of the Patriarch. Naturally, Bai Jinxiao was protecting Bai Yuan.

He took a step forward and stubbornly committed his responsibilities, "What's more true than younger generations!"

"Wang Ye, let me ask you, what is your purpose in coming to the Bai family?"

Wang Ye looked up at him, and said word by word: "Point to and listen to one thing, the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain."

"What's the meaning of exploring it!" Bai Jinxiao shook his head and said: "The secret realm cannot be opened. Does it have meaning to exist and not exist!"

"Yes!" Wang Ye said lightly: "Because I have already collected four keys, I am hesitant to open them!"


Bai Jinxiao was shocked when he heard the words, and asked confirmingly: "Are you sure, got the four keys?"

"Yes!" Wang Ye nodded, but saw that Bai did his duty and showed a hint of panic.

"Come on, take it for me!" Bai Jinxiao shouted in a deep voice.

After the words, Bai Yuan burst out first and hit Wang Ye's chest with a punch.

In a hurry, Wang Ye raised his fist to block.


Both fists bombarded, each backing a few steps.

"Wait!" Seeing everyone eager to try, Bai dutifully said in a solemn voice: "Brother, this matter..."

"What is there to hesitate about this matter!" Bai Jinzhong said angrily: "Four keys! The Spirit of Desire is one of them. How did that thing fall into his hands? He must be captured and questioned. The seal of our Bai family!"

Bai was conscientious and speechless. The Spirit of Desire was the thick black phone in Wang Ye's hand that could be used to sign in. It was originally owned by the Bai family. The Bai family put it on a seal, but disappeared thirty years ago.

At that time, Bai Qingyou left the Bai family and soon after marrying the Wang family, it was rumored that the Wang family had obtained the fourth key to the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain.

At that time, the Bai family guessed that it was Bai Qingyou who stole the spirit of desire!

But as the Wang family was destroyed, the whereabouts of the Spirit of Desire was cut off, so the Bai family did not investigate the matter again.

Twenty-eight years later, Wang Ye came with the spirit of desire, which was sealed by the Bai family, how could it make people not suspicious.

"Don't do it, Wang Ye will definitely make it clear about this matter." Bai Jindu slowly drew back and blocked Wang Ye with his body. "Big Brother, today the Patriarch is out, he will decide everything by then! "

Bai Jinxiao was waiting to speak, and suddenly the surrounding area was filled with a strong chill.

Everyone suddenly turned their heads to look. Bai Ling'er standing beside was trembling, his body was like a piece of ice, exuding an extremely cold breath.

"Not good! Ling'er's Nine Nether Body has occurred!"

Bai Jinxiao hugged Bai Ling'er and shouted: "Go and notify the Patriarch and ask him to leave the customs as soon as possible!"

After speaking, he hugged Bai Ling'er and galloped towards the Bai family mansion.

Lying in his father's arms, Bai Ling'er, trembling, looked at Wang Ye in the distance.

In response to her gaze, Wang Ye actually saw a touch of guilt. Perhaps people are about to die and their words were good. At this moment, Bai Linger realized his recklessness and knew the pain Wang Ye suffered in the bamboo forest.

A group of people left thinking of Bai's house one after another. Bai Linger's Nine Nether Body became ill, causing them to forget about Wang Ye for a while.

Bai dutifully turned to look at Wang Ye, and sighed faintly, "Oh, you are just like your mother. You have such a stubborn temper, don't you know how to say something softly!"

"By the way, where did you get the spirit of desire? I don't believe that Qingyou stole it from Bai's house!"

Wang Ye looked at him indifferently, "If you don't believe me, why ask more."

"You child, I am doing good for you! You know, the spirit of desire is regarded as a forbidden thing! The Bai family has always sealed it, and if it falls into your hands and you unintentionally turn it on, there will be Worry about life."

Bai dutifully understood Wang Ye's feelings and also knew the reason for Wang Ye's indifference, so he told the story with all his heart.

"I think he has activated the spirit of desire, otherwise, with him, how could he have the ability to compete with me." Bai Yuan, who had never left, sneered, "Am I right?"

This frightened Bai Dudu. If this is the case, the spirit of desire will not stop. Only then will the spirit of desire return to the original when desire swallows the king.

He looked at Wang Ye with questioning eyes.

Without concealing it, Wang Ye said truthfully: "Indeed, I got it by accident more than a year ago! It was a mysterious old woman who gave it to me! No name and no surname, I don’t know who she is, but I have indeed activated the spirit of desire, so I am here to consult about the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain. Only by using it as a key to open the secret realm can the spirit of desire be stopped!"

"It's over! It's over!"

Bai dutifully heard the words, clasped his hands anxiously, and paced back and forth here.

Bai Yuan, who was on the side, smiled sarcastically, looking at the dead, glanced at Wang Yehou, turned and walked towards the Bai family.